Apollon Aleksandrovich Grigor'ev (1822-1864)

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Poet, art critic and literary critic. From 1848 until 1855 the leading Neo-Slavophile art critic of the journal Muscovite (Moskvitianin). In 1858-61 he criticised the concept of 'pure art' in the articles published in Russian Word (Russkoe slovo) and The Torch (Svetoch'). He subsequently shared the ideas of the pochvenniki (Nikolai Strakhov, Fedor Dostoevskii, Mikhail Dostoevskii, the 'Native-Soil Conservatives'), and from 1862 until 1864 he published the journal The Anchor (Iakor'). His major works include A Critical View of the Bases, Significance and Devices of Contemporary Art Criticism (Kriticheskii vzgliad na osnovy, znachenie i priemy sovremennoi kritiki iskusstva), (1858 and translated here); A Few Words on the Rules and Terms of Organic Criticism (Neskol'ko slov o zakonakh i terminakh organicheskoi kritiki), (1859); and Paradoxes of Organic Criticism (Paradoksy organicheskoi kritiki), (1864).

Pseudonyms: A.G.,, Ap, etc.
[Source: Bespalova N.I., Vereshchagina, A.G., Russkaia progressivnaia khudozhestvennaia kritika vtoroi poloviny xix veka. Moscow: Izobrazitel'noe iskusstvo, 1979.]

'A Critical View of the Bases, Significance and Devices of Contemporary Art Criticism' (1858)