Mikhail Larionovich Mikhailov(1829-1865)

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Poet, translator, art critic. Mikhailov was closely associated with both Chernyshevskii and Dobroliubov and contributed to The Contemporary (Sovremennik), in which he edited the foreign literature section, and The Russian Word (Russkoe Slovo). In 1861 he was arrested and sent to Siberia for producing and smuggling into Russia a revolutionary proclamation published by Herzen in London.

Pseudonyms: M., etc.
[Source: Bespalova N.I., Vereshchagina, A.G., Russkaia progressivnaia khudozhestvennaia kritika vtoroi poloviny xix veka. Moscow: Izobrazitel'noe iskusstvo, 1979.]

'Art Exhibition in Petersburg, May and June 1859'