Prakhov, Adrian Viktorovich (1846-1916)

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Art historian, archaeologist, art critic, professor at St Petersburg University. In 1875-78 Prakhov taught art history at the Academy of Arts. Although initially conservative, his views became more democratic and critical of the Academy from 1877 onwards. After criticising the Academy in several articles published in the journal The Bee (Pchela), of which he was one of the editors from 1876 until 1878, Prakhov was dismissed from the Academy. In 1887-97 Prakhov was a professor at Kiev University and supervised the decoration of Kirillovskaia Church and St Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. In 1903-08 Prakhov was the editor of the journal Artistic Treasures of Russia (Khudozhestvennye sokrovishcha Rossii).

Pseudonym: Profan.
[Source: Bespalova N.I., Vereshchagina, A.G., Russkaia progressivnaia khudozhestvennaia kritika vtoroi poloviny xix veka. Moscow: Izobrazitel'noe iskusstvo, 1979.]

'Inaugural lecture read by Professor of Art History A.V. Prakhov in the Imperial Academy of Arts, 16 October 1875'