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The taxatio database contains the valuation, plus related details, of the English and Welsh parish churches and prebends listed in the ecclesiastical taxation assessment of 1291-2. The information currently available is as follows: the line(s) of text from the printed edition of the assessment concerning a specific church or prebend; and the modern identification of the church or prebend, with a list of its parts (for example, vicarage, portion, pension), each given a value, and the dedication and the grid reference for the church where these are available, with basic information concerning identification, dedication and patronage where the patron of the church was monastic or ecclesiastical.

Work on the database is complete or virtually complete for the dioceses of Canterbury, Rochester, London, Lincoln, Norwich, Chichester, Exeter, Hereford, Salisbury, Bath and Wells, Winchester, Worcester, Ely, St Davids, Llandaff, St Asaph and Bangor. The information available from the database is currently affected by a few inadequacies in other dioceses, especially in relation to patronage.

To find out more about the taxatio and the database, go to the Taxatio information page.

To search for information concerning a church or prebend you must have either the modern name or the medieval name as used in the printed Taxatio. If there is any doubt about the spelling of the medieval name you should select the "either" option.

In cases where a name ends or begins with an apostrophe, the apostrophe should be omitted. Apostrophes in the middle of words should be preserved.

Taxatio name modern name either