true Number of Children that the Howse is charged with: Aswell those that are harboured in the Howse, as alsoe those that are found at the Charges of the same in the Countrie; for fear that you not knowing the true Number, shall exceade in burdeninge and charginge of the Howse.

Also ye shall enquire of their Diet and Entertainment; and of the Quietness of the Howse, and whether every Officer in his Callinge doe his Dutie; as, the Schole Masters in Teachinge, the Matron in governinge the Women, and keping the Provision of Bedds, Sheets, Shirts, and other committed to her Charge; the Nurses in washinge and keping cleane the Children; the Steward in dividing of Victuals in due Time, and at reasonable Prises; the Cooke in holsome dressinge, and cleane servinge of the same; the Butler in providinge their Proportion of Bread and Drinke; the Porter in geving of his Attendance upon the safe keping of the Howse; the Keper of your Cole Howse, in saving of your Fuell, and keping cleane of the Cloister, and all other outward Parts of the Howse; and the Clerke in writinge and entringe of Things done and determined from Time to Time, in such Sort and Manner as every of them is bound to do by his Office, which, in the Book of the Charge of Officers, you shal find plainly set out. And if any shal be found not to doe their Dutie, you shal reprove and admonish them, that they amend and be no more found faultie; and that if they doe not, you will cause them to be brought before the President and Governours at the full Courte: That in like Manner as they were admitted by them, so shal they before them be discharged, to their Shame and Reproch for ever. And that, settinge aside all Favour and Affection, if any offend after ij Admonitions, they shal be called to a Generall or Full Courte, without longer Sufferance.

And if, by your good Travaile, there shal appeare unto you a Lacke of some farther Ordinance or Decree for the better Government of the said Howse or Howses than before hath been made; then shal it be lawfull unto you to penn the same Ordinance, and at the next Full Courte to make Presentation thereof; committing it to their Wisdomes to be confirmed or rejected; and being agreed upon, the same to be entred into this Book of Ordinances.

The Scrutener's Charge.


YOur Office is diligentlie to serch and enquire from Time to Time, for all suche Giftes, Legacies, and Bequests, as have or shal be geven or bequeathed to the Succour and Comfort of the Poore, harbored in Christ's Hospitall; and the same to receive at th'ande of the Executors, or other, and to make Paiment thereof unto the Thresorer of the said Hospitall for the Time being; receivinge of him your Acquittance for the same, keping a Booke alwayes with you of the Particulars thereof. Which Booke ye shal bringe to the Auditors of the Howse, when the Thresorer maketh up his Accompt; to th'Intent the Legacies by you collected, may be conferred with the Receipts that the Thresorer shal make received of you.

And for every such Somme or Sommes as ye shal happen to collect and receive of any Person, ye shal make an Acquittance in your Names, as Governours and Scrutiners of the said Hospitall.

And finally, when you shall happen to be in Companie of good, vertuous, and wealthy Men, you shal, to the best and uttermost of your Wits and Powers, advance, commend, and set forth the Order of the said Hospitall, and the notable Commodities that ensue to the whole Realm of England, and chiefly to this Citie of London, by Erection of the same; and alsoe, how faithfully and truely the Goodes geven to their Uses, are by the Governours thereof ministred and bestowed.

Ye shal also enquire who are the Wardens of the Scrivenors; to whom ye shal resort, and most heartily pray and desire, that they will convocate and call their whole Company together, and earnestly exhort them all, that at the makinge of such Testaments as they shal be called upon, they put the Testatour in Remembrance to commend somewhat to the Reliefe of the Poore, provided for in the said Hospitall.

And that they may the better perswade them thereunto, ye shal deliver unto the said Wardens, for every Housholder of that Company, one Bill, wherein is set forth the true Declaration of all the Commodities that have ensued by th'Erection of the said Hospitalls. Ye shal also make the like Request to the Bishop of London for the Time beinge, that he will likewise exhort all Spiritual Ministers within the Citie, not onlye to provoke and stirre up from Time to Time their Parishioners to yeld and give to the Maintenance of the said Hospitalls wekely that they graunted; but also, when God by Sickness shal visit or call any of their Parishe, that then they faile not to put them in Remembrance to make some special Legacie, to the Reliefe of that great and nedy Number comforted and succored by th'Erection of the said Hospitalls.

Also ye shal make the like Request to the said Bishop, to require all Preachers, especially suche as shal preach at Paul's Crosse, that they twice or thrice in the Quarter at the leaste, doe move and exhort the People to further the said Worke.

And the like Request shal ye make to all such Preachers and learned Men, as your selves are acquainted withall. And to the Physicians also, requiring them, in like Manner, both by their Doctrine and good Report, to advance the same.

And at th'ands of him whom ye chiefly serve in this Office, which is Almightie God, you shal receive your Reward for your painful and faithful Service herein.

The Surveior's Charge.


IN the Moneth of March ye shal yerelie survey all such Tenements and Lands as in any wise appertayneth to this Howse. At which Time the Clerke shal be redy to attend with a Rentall, wherein shal be expressed the said Tenements; with the Places and Streets where they are, and their yearly Value, with the Names of the Tenants: And upon the Head of every Tenement shal be noted the Terme of Yeares, if it be lett out by Lease; and whether the Lord or Tenaunts be bound to Reparations. And also thereunto shal be joyned such Covenants as shal or doe mention any Forfeiture of the said Lease, for not observing the Covenants; to th'Intent that readily he may know when Faults be made, whether he may re-enter for the same. And all Defaults that shal be found in such Survey ye shal cause the Clerke to enter in a Book; putting apart those Tenements wherewith the Howse is to be charged with Reparations, from such as the Tenants are bound to repaire. And at the next Courte, (the President being thereat) the same Book of Survey shall be redd; and so much as shal be at the