Order of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.53

Order of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.
The DIVISION of the
The NAMES and NATURE of them both.

IT behoveth first to understand for the more evidentness of that that followeth, that there are in this Administration two Sorts or Kinds of Men: The one called Governours, (by a Name proper to their Authority) placed there by the Lord Maior, as Patron of this Hospital: And the other called Officers, that for Wages are hired, for to have the necessary Doings in the Service of the House and the Poor.

The Governours so change, that the one Half remaineth two Years in their Governance, to help and instruct the later elected, which also become Instructors to their Followers. And these are in Number twelve, whereof four are Aldermen, and the Residue Commoners; and according to their Governance, thus are they named.

The President, alway the Senior Alderman.

Surveyors four, two Aldermen, and two Commoners.

Almoisners four, one Alderman, and three Commoners.

The Treasurer, a Commoner.

Scrutiners two, both Commoners.

The Officers, are seven in Number, continuable or removeable, as the Governours shall find Cause, and be thus called.

The Hospitaler.
The Renter-Clerk.
The Butler.
The Porter.
The Matron.
The Sisters, twelve.
The Byddles, eight.

These are also as in a Kind by themselves, three Chirurgeons in the Wages of the Hospital, giving daily Attendance upon the Cures of the Poor.

And a Minister, named, The Visitor of Newgate, according to his Office and Charge.

The Governours are always elected by the Lord Maior and his Brethren; who yearly electeth six, that is to say, two Aldermen, and four Commoners, which are admitted into the Hospital after this Manner.

The whole Company of the twelve old Governours sitting in Assembly together, cause their Clerk to read unto the six newly elected, the Charge hereafter following.

The Charge.


IT may please you to understand, that ye are here elected and chosen as fellow Governours of this Hospital, to continue by the Space of two Years: By all which Time, according to such laudable Decrees and Ordinances as have been and shall be made by the Authority of the Lord Maior, chief Patron hereof, in the Name of the City, and the Consent of the Governours for the Time being, all your other Business set apart, as much as you possibly may, ye shall endeavour yourselves to attend only upon the needful Doings of this House, with such a loving and careful Diligence, as shall become the faithful Ministers of God, whom ye chiefly in this Vocation are appointed to serve, and to whom for your Negligences or Defaults herein ye shall render an Accompt: For truly ye cannot be blameless before God, if after you have set Hand to this good Plough, and promised your Diligence to the Poor, ye shall contrariwise turn your Head backward, and not perform the Succour that Christ looketh for at your Hands, and hath witnessed to be done to himself, with these Words: Whatsoever ye do to one of these needy Persons for my Name's Sake, the same ye do unto me. And contrariwise, if ye neglect and despise them, ye despise me. We therefore require and desire every of you, on God's Behalf, and in his most Holy Name, that ye endeavour yourselves, to the best of your Wits and Powers, so to comfort, order, and govern this House, and the Poor thereof, that at the last Day ye may appear before the Face of God, as true and faithful Stewards and Diposers of all such Things as shall for the Comfort and Succour of them, (during the Time of your Office) be committed to your Credit and Charge. And this to do, we require you faithfully to promise in the Sight of God, and hearing of your Brethren. And so doing, we here admit you into our Fellowship.

That done, and the New-elected consenting, and yielding themselves to the Charge; the Half of the Governours that have already fulfilled their two Years Governance, to stand apart; and the other Half that shall remain with the New-elected, to take them by the Hands after their Degrees, and so admit them; and not to depart Fellowship, before they have dined together, all wholly, as well those that come new as those that have governed their Time, and those that remain, every Man at his own Cost and Charge.

The President.


THE President of this Hospital is chief Ruler and Governour of the same, under the Lord Maior, who hath Authority from Time to Time to convocate and call together all the Governours for Matters concerning the Maintenance and good ordering of the Poor; and to demand of every of them the Account of their Doings in their several Offices; and with the Assent and Consent of the said Governours, to grant Leases and Fees, and make necessary Decrees and Ordinances.