Order of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.55

Order of St. Bartholomew's Hospital.

for your Labours and Pains, ye shall be sure of the Reward that God hath promised to all then that succour his Members.



YE shall be ready and diligent to make Search and Enquiry from Time to Time for all Such Gifts, Legacies, and Bequests, as have been, or shall be given and bequeathed to the Succour and Comfort of the Poor of this House. And the same receive at the Hands of the Givers or Executors, together with a Bill of the Sum, subscribed with their Names that make Payment or Deliverance thereof: The which Bill and Money ye shall forthwith deliver unto the Treasurer of this House, receiving his Acquittance for the same, keeping nevertheless a Book yourselves, wherein ye shall enter and register all such Charity, the Givers, the Time, and the Sum; and for all such Sum or Sums of Money, as by you, or any of you, shall be procured, had, or received, ye shall (if it be required) make unto the Givers or Deliverers thereof, an Acquitance in your own Names, as the Governours and Scrutiners of this House.

And yearly at the Election of the new Governours into this House, shall be elected one new Scrutiner; and the old Scrutiner that shall be removed, shall make Delivery unto the new Scrutiners, of all such Records, Bills, and Writings as concern the Affairs of this House. And also at the Audit of the Treasurer's Account, the Scrutiner's Book of Gifts and Bequests shall in like Manner be examined and allowed.

Finally, ye shall in every Place where you shall have Occasion to come in the Company of good, vertuous, and wealthy Men, to the uttermost of your Power, commend and set forth the good Order of this House, and how rightly the Goods given to the Poor, are here bestowed, to the Encouragement of other to extend their Charity thereunto. Ye shall also, as Occasion and Opportunity serveth, move those that have the Office of Preaching committed to them, that they may the rather provoke the Devotions of the People, to the Help and Comfort of this House. And thus doing, you shall not lose the Reward that God hath promised to all them that seek to glorify and reverence his Name in his poor Members.

An Admonition to the Auditors.


INTO your Audit must be brought these Sorts of Books; First, the Hospital Book, being in the Custody of the Hospitaler, to which also ye shall look, that every Page or total Sum thereof be subscribed with two of the Hands of the Almoners: And this Book ye shall confer with the Steward's Book, who first maketh the Provisions. Ye must also have the Scrutiner's Book, to examine the Account of the Treasurer for Money delivered unto him by Gifts and Bequests. Also the Book of Survey, to confer the Bills brought in by the Treasurer, with the Allowances of Reparations, expressed in the said Book. Also ye shall demand of the Renter his Rental for that Year, not forgetting always to charge him with the Arrearages that remain the Year before, (if any be) and to confer the Sums of Money, received by the Treasurer, with the Charge and Account of the said Renter. And lastly, to have special Regard, if any Sum of Money have been paid by the Treasurer, by any Decree or general Order of this House, to look in the Journal for the same.

And thus in the whole Affairs of this House shall ye perfectly be instructed.

An Order for the safe keeping of the Evidences and Writings appertaining to the Hospital.


THERE shall one fair and substantial Chest be provided, and the same be set in the most convenient and surest Place of the House, the which shall have three several Locks, and three Keys, whereof the President always to have one, and the Treasurer one, and a Communer appointed by the whole House, to have the Third. And it shall not be lawful to any of the Governours to have any Specialty, Evidence, or Writing, out of the said Chest, neither any other Person, to carry any of them out of the House, ( no, tho' it be for the Affairs of the said House) but only a Copy thereof, which shall be taken in the Presence of the three Persons above-named, that have the Keys, and the Original forthwith to be locked up again.

Officers of Houshold, with their particular Charge.


The Renter Clerk and his Charge.


YOUR Office is, with all Care and Diligence to collect and gather the Rents due of the Lands and Tenements appertaining to this House, and of all Sums of Money so by you collected and gathered, to make Deliverance and Payment to the Treasurer of this House for the Time being, receiving his Acquitance for your Discharge.

You shall also once very Week at the least, resort unto the President of this House, or to the Treasurer thereof, for the Knowledge of the Affairs of the same, and at every of the ordinary Sittings of the Governours in this House, for the Affairs thereof, as well at the Days appointed for the Assembly of the Surveiors and Almoners, as also when the President and all the Masters shall assemble, ye shall give your Attendance, that from Time to Time ye may enter and register all such Decrees, Orders and Determinations, as by them and every of them in their several Charges shall be decreed, ordained and determined.

And for that, the good Order and Governance of this House may the better appear, as well to the Governours now being, as to all other worthy Personages that hereafter shall govern, or shall desire the Certainty thereof, it shall be requisite that ye keep diligently four several Books, the Names whereof, and the Use are here described:

A Repertory.
A Book of Survey.
A Book of Accounts.
A Journal.

And first you shall note, that before every of these Books ye must have a Calendar, into the which ye may enter by Order of Letters of the A. B. C. all proper Names and Matters that shall be contained in every of them. And for the better accomplishing hereof, ye shall, with your Pen, in the Head of the Leaf, number the Pages of every Leaf, in every of these Books, and then adding in your Calendar the Number of the Page, where the Name or Matter is en-