To the Cook, for his Meat, Drink, and Wagesvil.
To the Portervil.
To three Chirurgeonslxl.
To eight Beadlesxxvil. xiiis. ivd.
To these and to the other, for their Liveriesxl.
To the Matron and twelve Sisters, for their Wagesxxviil. vis. viiid.
To the Matron for her Board-Wages, at xviii Pence the Weekiiil. xviiis.
To the xii Sisters, for their Board-Wages, at xvid. the Week for every of themxll. xiis.
To the Matron, for her Liveryxiiis. ivd.
To the Sisters, for their Liveriesvil.
To the Ministers of Christ's Church, by the King's Majesty's Assignment, that is to say, a Vicar, a Visitour of Newgate, five Priests, two Clarks, and a Sexton, yearly,Cvil.
To the Ministers of the Church within the Hospital, by the same Assignment, that is to say, to a Vicar, a Clark, and a Sextonxxiiil. vis. viiid.
To certain Men of Law, and other Persons, given in Fees by the King's said Majesty, yearly by Patentxxviiil. ivs.

Charges of Houshold.


FOR the Dyets of 100 Persons at two Pence the Person for every DayCCCl. vis. viiid.
For 68 Load of Coals at xvis. per Loadliiiil. viiis
For Wood Yearlyxxivl.
For Candles Yearlyvl.
For Yearly Reparations of the Hospital, and Tenements appertaining to the samexll.
Sum of the Charges certainDCC.xcvl. iis.

The Charges uncertain (forasmuch as it cannot certainly be known to what they may amount) are here set forth without Sums, only to signify unto you, that there are many Charges more to be considered, then certain Account can be made.

Charges uncertain.


FOR Shirts, Smocks, and other Apparel for the Poor and Needful, either at their coming in or Departure. For Sugar and Spices for Cawdles for the Sick, Flax for the Sheets, and weaving of the same, Soltwich Cloth for Winding-Sheets, Bolls, Brooms, Baskets, Incense, Juniper, Ashes to buck their Cloaths; and also Money given to the Poor at their Departure, which is measured according to their Journey and Need. The which uncertain Charges amounted one Year to the Sum of lxl.

So cometh the certain Charges of this House Yearly, to the Sum of DCCxcvl. iis. besides the uncertain Expences, and other extraordinary Charges, which cannot be rated, or accounted.

Toward the which is yearly received by the Endowment of the King's Majesty, CCCxxxiiil. vis. viiid. And by the like Endowment of the City of London CCCxxxiiil. vi. viiid. The which in the whole is DClxvl. xiiis. ivd.

So is the Hospital charged yearly of certain, (besides the uncertain Expences) over and above the Sum of their Revenues Cxxviiil. viiis. viiid.

Which only riseth of the Charity or certain merciful Citizens, for whose Continuance, with the Increase of moe, we earnestly pray unto the Fountain of Mercy, Jesus Christ, the Lord of all, to whom for ever appertain the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory, World without End, Amen.

A Thanksgiving unto Almighty God, to be said by the Poor that are cured in the Hospital, at the Time of their Delviery from thence, upon their Knees in the Hall before the Hospitaler, and two Masters of this House at the least.


And this the Hospitaler shall Charge them to learn without the Book, before they be delivered.

WE magnify and praise thee, O Lord, that so mercifully and favourably hast looked upon us miserable and wretched Sinners, which so highly have offended thy divine Majesty, that we are not worthy to be numbred among thy elect and chosen People: Our Sins being great and grievous, are daily before our Eyes; we lament and be sorry for them; and with sorrowful Heart and lamentable Tears, we call and cry unto thee for Mercy: Have Mercy upon us, O Lord, have Mercy upon us; and according to thy great Mercy, wipe away the Multitude of our Sins; and grant us now, O Lord, thy most holy and working Spirit, that, setting aside all Vice and Idleness, we may in thy Fear walk, and go forward in all Virtue and Godliness. And for that thou hast moved, O Lord, the Hearts of godly Men, and the Governours of this House, to shew their exceeding Charity towards us, in curing our Maladies and Diseases, we yield our most humble and hearty Thanks to thy Majesty, and shall incessantly laud and praise thy most holy and glorious Name; beseeching thee, most gracious and merciful Lord, according to thy holy Word and Promise, so to bless this thine own dwelling House, and the faithful Ministers thereof, that there be here found no Lack; but that their Riches and Substance may increase, that thy holy Name may thereby be the more praised and glorified, to whom be all Laud, Honour, and Glory, World without End. Amen.

A Passport to be delivered to the Poor.


To all Maiors, Bailiffs, Constables, &c.


KNOW ye, That A. B. Taylour, born in the Town of S. T. in the County of Northampton, being cured of his Disease in the Hospital of St. Bartholomew, in West Smithfield, in London, and from thence delivered the 13th Day of August, in the sixth Year of the Reign, &c. hath Charge by us A. B. C. the Governours of the same to repair within .... Days next ensuing the Date hereof, to his said Place of Nativity, or to Westhandfield,, the Place of his last Abode; and there to exhibit this present Passport to the Head Officer or Officers, in either of the Places appointed, that they may take farther Order for his Demeanour.