The Circuit Walk. Kensington, Hammersmith, Chelsea.70

The Circuit Walk. Kensington, Hammersmith, Chelsea.

Tho. Henshaw, Esq; who married Anne, the youngest Daughter of Robert Kipping of Tewdley in the County of Kent, Esq. He was Gentleman in ordinary of the Privy Chamber to K. Charles and K. James: And French Secretary to those Kings, and K. William. Departed 1699, at his House in this Parish, in the 82. Year of his Age. His Wife dyed 1671.

M. S. Henrici Frohock, A.M. Viri tam propter Mores suos, quam Præcepta nunquam satis colendi, &c. quod reliquum erat vitæ suæ, Tyronibus erudiendis fideliter impendit, 1692.

Thomas Hodges, D.D. late Dean of Hereford, and Vicar of this Parish, 1672. And Margaret his Wife, 1696.

Charles Blake, Esq; 1672.

George Underwood, Esq; Barrister at Law: Married Joyce, Daughter of Sir Robert Joscelyn of Hyde Hall in Hertfordshire, Bar. 1678.

James Worthington, Gent. First Page of the Bedchamber to her sacred Majesty Q. Mary, 1693.

Captain John Worthington eldest Son of James Worthington. Who was in Command in K. William's Army ever since the Year 1685, and in all the Wars in Ireland and in Flanders: And having seen an honourable Peace, dyed 1697/8.

Charlotte Worthington, only Daugher of James Worthington, 1697/8.

John Colman Junior, Master of the Woodyard to their Royal Highnesses the Prince and Princess of Denmark, 1600/1. [Miswritten, no Question, for 1700/1.]

Mary Rolston, only Daughter of George Rolston, 1688. Aged one Year.

Jeffrey Cook, third Son of Sir George Cook, Bar. 1700.

Without the Church, on the Wall at the South-east End:

Juxta hic sub marmoreo Tumulo jacet Gulielmus Courten. Cui Gulielmus Pater, Gulielmus Avus, Mater Katharina Johannis Comitis de Bridgwater filia. Paternum vel ad Indos præclarum nomen, &c. Ob. 1702, &c. Hoc qualecunq; Monumentum bene merenti m┼ôrens dedit Hans Sloan, M.D.

An Epitaph in Memory of Sir William Blake, who deceased the 30th Day of Octob. An. Dom. 1630.

Stay, Reader, gaze, admire,
And pass not slightly ore     
The Casket of his Corps,
Embalmed in this Flore.     
Let his industrious Hand,
Paterne of Paternes be;     
And blazon forth his Worth
To al Posteritie.     
And let his oft Footsteps
Unto this sacred Place,     
Be pious Clues to guide
Thee to like holy Trace.     
Let him in Peace rest here in Peace,
Till God of Peace return:     
And give him Peace, that loved Peace,
And call him from his Urne.
Unto the Worldly Wise,     
Death doth apologise.
Suspend thine own By-thoughts:
His Thoughts did ever aim at Good:     
Had I forborne, they had     
At full been better understood.

The Figure of Death lying under these Lines.



In the Church of Hammersmith you have these Monuments.


CHancel South Side, a Black and White Marble Altar Tomb for Edmund Sheffield, Earl of Mulgrave. Erected by Mariana his Countess, tempore Jacobi I.


J. S.

Pe. le Neve, Esq;

Sheffield and Bp. of London. Their Coats in the Glass Windows of the Chancel. Likewise of the Earl of Bedford, and the City of London.

North Ile of the Chancel. An Altar Tomb for James Smith, Citizen and Salter of London: Fined for Sheriff, 1667. Aged 80.

Mary Green, Daughter of Edw. Trussel, Esq; Wife of John Green of London, Merchant: Dyed in Childbed 1657. Aged 17.

Francis Wolley, Son of Edw. Wolley, D.D. He was of the Temple, 1659.

Hatchments on the South Wall of the Chancel, of Hook and Needham.

In the North Side of the Steeple, in the Stone, Crisp and Prescot impaled.

South Ile, on the Wall, a Black and White Marble Monument, in Memory of K. Charles I.



In the Church at Chelsea are these ensuing Monuments.


In the South Side of the North Ile is this Inscription.

In obitum illustrissimi viri, Domini Arthuri Gorges, Equitis Aurati, Epicedium.

 Te deflent Nati, Natæ, Celeberima Conjux; 
 Te dolet argutæ magna Caterva scholæ. 
Transtulit Lucanum At Lucanus ait, se vivo, non MoriturumDomini Arth. Gorg. Equ. Aurat. Filius ejus Natu Maximus.
 Arthurum Gorges, Transtulit ipse decus, 
 Æthereas Cupiens Arthurus adire per Auras, 
 Et novus ex ejus Nomine Natus adest. 

In the same Ile on the South Side is this Inscription.

Here lieth the Right Noble and Excellent Princesse, Lady Jane Guildeford, late Dutchesse of Northumberland; Daughter and sole Heir unto the Right Honourable Sir Edward Guildeford, Knight, Lord Warden of the five Ports. The which Sir Edward was Sonne to the Right Honourable Sir Richard Guildeforde, sometimes Knight, and Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter. And the said Dutchesse was Wife to the Right High and Mighty Prince John Dudley, late Duke of Northumberland. By whom she had Yssew 13 Children, that is to wete, eight Sonnes and five Dawghters. And aftere she had lyved Yeeres XLVI, she departed this transitory World at her Manor of Chelsey, the 22. Day of January, in the second Yeere of the Raigne of our Soveraigne Lady Q. Mary the First, An. 1555: On whose Soule Jesu have Mercy.