Another on the South Side, thus inscribed.

In obitum Nobilissimorum Conjugum Gregorii D. Dacres, and Annæ uxoris.

Quos ardens copulavit Amor, Juvenilibus annis,     
Abstulit atra dies, mors inopina rapit;
Ille prior Fatis, DACRORUM Nobile Germen     
Occidit, in Morbum at incidit illa prius.
Quæ languescendo, Miseræ prætædia vitæ     
Sensit, tam dulci conjuge cassa suo.
Ut teneri cordis concordia junxerat ambos,     
Sic idem Amborum contegit ossa locus.
Quos jungit tumulus, conjungunt cœlica Tecta,     
Ut teneant Cœlum, qui tenuere fidem.

Nobilis iste VirNobilis ista Mu-     
obiit Septem.lier obiit Maii     
25. 1594.14. 1595.

Nobilis Anna jaces, prudens Sackvillia proles,     
Viva tui destes funera mœsta viri.
Nil mortale placet, Cœlum tua pectora spirant,     
Postquam Parca viri, conscidit Atra, diem.
Fœmini lux Clara chori, pia, casta, pudica,     
Ægris subsidium, pauperibusque decus,
Fida deo, perchara tuis, constansque, diserta,     
Ut patiens Morbi, sic pietatis amans.
O quoties manibus passis ad culmina Cœli,     
Hanc animam dixti, suscipe, quæso, Deus?
Mens pia, cœlestis patriæ pervenit ad arcem;     
Hic tumulus corpus mentis inane tenet.

Another Monument on the North Side of the Chancel, thus inscribed:

O Lord, in thee have I trusted,
Let me never be confounded.

Here lyeth the Body of Thomas Hungerford of Chelsey in the County of Middlesex, Esq; the second Son of Robert Hungerford the Elder, of Cadnam in the County of Wilts, Esq; Who served King Henry VIII, in the Roomth of a Gentleman Pensioner, and was with his Majesty at the winning of Bolein; and King Edward VI, at Musselborough Field; besides Q. Mary and Q. Elizabeth in their Affairs; being of the Age of 70 Years. Who had to Wife Ursula Maidenhead, the Daughter of the Lady Sandes. Ob. Anno Domini 1581.

Another on the North Side, with this Inscription.

The Years wherein I liv'd were Fifty four,     
October Twenty eight did end my Life;
Five Children of eleven God left in Store,     
Sole Comfort of their Mother and my Wife:
The World can say what I have been before;     
What I am now Examples still are rife.
Thus Thomas Laurance speaks to Times ensuing,
That Death is sure, and Time is past renewing.
Obiit 1593.

On the South Side of the Choir, a Monument of Sir Thomas More, dated Anno Dom. 1532. [Which he himself erected in his Life Time for himself, and his two Wives, Joan and Alice. The Body of Joan deceased, he removed hither, and added some Latin Verses, made upon her by himself. There is still remaining a very large Inscription, composed also by himself; giving Account of his Father Sir John More, his own honourable Employments and Preferments, and his voluntary Surrender of them by the King his Master's Favour, that he might be the more at Leisure to mediate upon Immortality. The whole Inscription was taken out by the laborious Antiquarian Wever, and remains in his Funeral Monuments, p. 522.

J. S.

There have also been interred in this Church, with honourable Monuments, Sir Edmund Bray, Kt. Lord Bray: Reginald Bray, his Brother, of Stene in the County of Northampton, Esq;

Monuments modern in Chelsea, are these that follow.

Modern Monuments.

For Simon Box, that served in Quality of a Soldier to K. Charles I. K. Charles II. K. James II. and K. William and Q. Mary; whose Pensioner he was, belonging to their Majesties Royal Hospital, and the first interred in this Burying-Place, Anno 1692.

J. S.

J. Worthington.

John Grahme, Gent. late Steward of the Royal Hospital, 1693.

Penelope Langford, Daughter to Emanuel Langford, S.T.P. Chaplain to the Royal Hospital, 1695.

Captain John Ramsey, 1696.

Collonel Theophilus Cesill, 1695.

James Ford, Sergeant, Pensioner in his Majesty's Royal Hospital, 1698.

Cy gist le Coprs D. Isaac Lefort, natif de Vitrel en Bretagne, Marchand. Qui mourut 1694.

Pierre Lefort, 1697.

Daniel Garnier, Bourgeois de Londres Orphcure, 1697.

1703. Posteritati sacrum. More Majorum, extra Urbis Pomœria juxta viam publicam in tumulo editiore, hic prope imhumari voluit EDVARDUS CHAMBERLAIN Anglus, Christicola, Legum Doctor, ex antiqua Comitis Tanquerville prosapia Normannica oriundus, Oddingtoniæ natus, &c. novem liberos genuit, sex libros composuit, &c. Ob. 1703.

Posteritati Sacrum. Hic juxta situs est Peregrinus Clifford Chamberlayn, Dux marinus, filius natu maximus Edwardi Chamberlayn, Legum Doctoris, &c. 1691. Hoc Mon. (non impune temerandum) poni curavit Pater mœrens.

Hic juxta Conditorio jacet ANNA EDWARDI CHAMBERLAINE, LL.D. Filia unica, Londini nata 20 Jan. 1667. Quæ diu spreto Connubio, magnaq; supra sexum ac ætatem animo moliens, 30 Junii 1690.

Contra Francigenas, Armis habituq; virili,
In rate flammifera sex horas, sub Duce Fratre,
Pugnavit, dum Virgo fuit, dum casta Virago.
Heroum poterat stirpem generare marinam,
Ni præmaturis fatis abrepta fuisset.

Redux ab ista pugna navali, & post paucos menses nupta JOHANNI SPRAGGE, Armigero: Quocum vixit amantissimè sesquiannum. Tum vero, enixa filam, post paucos dies obiit 30 Octobr. 1692.

Hoc Monumentum uxori fidissimæ poni curavit Maritus mœstissimus.

In a Vault, Anne, only Daughter of Edward Chamberlayn, LL.D. 1667.

Susanna Chamberlayn, late Widow of Dr. Edward Chamberlayn, and only Daughter of Richard Clifford, Esq; 1703.

Chancel of Chelsea Church. North Side.

Hic prope situm est Corpus doctissimi viri ac de Literis optime meriti ADAMI LITTLETON, S.T.P. Capellani Regii, &c. Hujus Ecclesiæ Rectoris, &c. 1694.