Putney, Wandsworth.75

Putney, Wandsworth.

His Charity above them all;
Yet neither fond nor prodigal.
His Dealing, Friendship, Moral Parts,
Shewed his own, won others Hearts.
He was and is, take him in Gross,
The common Love, the common Loss.
JAMES MARTYN said, his Name alone,
Is all, both Epitaph and Stone.

Sæculum Æternitate commutavit Decembr. 2o.
Anno Dom. 1651. Ætatis suæ 54.

Next, on the same Side, is a white Marble Pillar, thus inscribed.:

Sir Thomas Dawes, Kt. dyed Friday the 5th of December 1655.

And underneath, upon the same Pillar;

Dame Judith Dawes, the 28. of January 1657, slept here with her Husband: To whose Memory she erected this Pillar.

Next to this, on the same Side, is a middle sized Monument:

Near to this Place lyes the Body of Sir ROBERT WYMONDESOLDE, who departed the 28. of July 1687, in the 24. Year of his Age: Together with three of his Sons, Thomas, William, and Robert, who dyed all Infants.

On this Side, near the Communion Table, an Inscription on a white Marble for Andrew Welch, Merchant, departed the 2d of June 1704, in the thirtieth Year of his Age.

Overgainst it, a small White Monument for Tho. Paine, Esq; Sergeant at Arms for 36 Years to the Crown. Departed the 25th of December, 1698, in the 66th Year of his Age.

Near to it, another Oval Monument, with this Inscription:

Magistri ROBERTI GALE, Christi Evangelii Præconis Egregii: Qui Doctrinâ vocali, & consonâ vitâ Verbus Dei fidissimè expressit. Qui Mundum sic in Domino respexit, ut quem pro Domino erat despectus. Qui inter postremi hujus & pessimi avi Peccata pius, morbida sanus, mutabilia constans, divertissima-idem (pro virili) permansit Qui postquam per triginti annos prænobili CHRISTIANÆ Devoniæ Comitissæ in Sacris Domesticis administrasset D.O.M. in c┼ôlestibus ministraturus, abiit Jun. 23. An. Dom. 1659. Ætat. suæ 64. M┼ôrens posuit Relicta, sed secutura, Conjux Sarah Gales.
1. Ad. Timoth. 4. 12.

Esto Exemplar Fidelium in Sermone, &c.

Ore siles, virtute doces, tua quósq; docebit     
Vivere vita, fides credere, morsq; mori.

Next, a little Monument for Daniel Belt, Esq; Son of Sir Rob. Belt of Bossal in the County of York. Kt. Departed the 7th of July, 1697, in the 82d Year of his Age.

Near to it another small white Monument for LEICESTER BURDET, Merchant, Son of Rob. Burdet, Esq; Departed the 9th Day of Sept. An. Dom. 1690, in the 35th Year of his Age.

Next to this a large Monument of white Marble, and these Words inscribed in Capitals.

M.S. EDWARDUS MARTYN Generosus, filius Thomæ, cujus Pater Gulielmus: Uxorem duxit Elizabetham, Filiam & Hæredem Joannis Bangor ex antiqua Bangorum de Bangor in agro Carnarven-familiâ. Fato concessit anno ætatis suæ 60, octavo mensis Aprilis, An. Dom. 1655.
Vir fuit Longiore vitâ dignissimus; sed caduci corporis damnum, honesti nominis Fama rependet.
Monumentum ex adverso stans, Jacobo fratri natu minori, affectu grato posuit. Magna inter eos, dum viverent, necessitudo, & suavissima fuit animorum Conspiratio: Nunc communis Templi, & ejusdem Sepulchri consortio fruentes, placidè conquiescant; dum veniat illud Judicis, dono Dei Sanctis paratum, Sæculum.

Ambo pii, cunctis ambo virtutibus aucti:     
Talia vita illis, qualia vota mihi.

Dignissimæ illorum Memoriæ (qui de se Liberisq; optimè merueunt) Monumento hoc qualicunque EDWARDO posito, & utriúsque Monumenti Inscriptionibus, sic parentavit Gulielmus Martyn, Fratrum natu maximus.]



In the Church at Wandsworth, are these ensuing Monuments.


In the Chancel.

On the North Side of the Communion Table lyeth a flat Stone, on which, in a Brass Plate, is this Inscription.

Under a Stone, within this Place,
Doth lie John Powel, who for the Space
Of thirty Years before her Death,
Did serve the Queen Elizabeth:
And to King James, of worthy Fame,
For nine Years more he did the same:
And when the Years of Seventy four     
Were now come to an End;
Into the Hands of God above,     
His Soul he did commend.
Obiit 26. die Junii.
Anno Dom. 1611.

Against the East Wall is the Figure of a Man kneeling, and under him is thus written.

Here lyeth the Body of Henry Smith, Esquire, some time Citizen and Alderman of London; who departed this Life the 30th Day of January, An. Dom. 1627, being then near the Age of 79 Years. Who while he lived, gave unto these several Towns in Surry following, one thousand Pounds apiece, to buy Lands for Perpetuity, for the Relief and setting the poor People on Work in the said Towns, viz. To the Town of Croydon, one thousand Pounds; to the Town of Kingston, one thousand Pounds; to the Town of Guilford, one thousand Pounds; to the Town of Darkin, one thousand Pounds; to the Town of Farnham, one thousand Pounds. And by his last Will and Testament did farther give and devise, to buy Lands for Perpetuity for the Relief and setting their Poor on Work, unto the Town of Rigate one thousand Pounds. And unto this Town of Wandsworth, wherein he was born, the Sum of 500 Pounds, for the same Uses as before. And did farther will and bequeath one thousand Pounds, to buy Land for Perpetuity, to redeem poor Captives and Prisoners from the Turkish Tyranny. And not here stinting his Charity and Bounty, did also give and bequeath the