And in his Science as he did excel,
In her high Favour he did always dwell.
To God religious, to all Men kind,
Frank to the Poor, rich in Content of Mind.
These were his Vertues, in these dyed he,
When he had liv'd an Hundred Year and three.

On the same Stone another Plate, thus inscribed.

Hic jacet venerabilis Vir Hugo Morgan. Moriebatur 13 die Septembr. Anno Dom. 1613. Cui Robertus Morgan Generosus, ejus ex fratre nepos Saxum hoc amoris ergô Posuit.

This Church hath a fine East Window of painted Glass. Wherein is Q. Elizabeth's Arms, and on each Side thereof the Arms of the St. Johns, a Noble and ancient Family in this Parish. Under which Coats are three Pictures: The first is of the Lady Margaret, with this Inscription.

Margaret Beauchamp, (Grandmother to K. Henry VII.) from Patshul, Grandison, and Tregoze, Auncestors to the Family of St. John of Lidiard, Tregoze, and Bleisho, Earl of Bullingbroke.

The second of K. Henry VII. with this, wrote under.

King Henry VII. Grandson to Margaret Beauchamp, Wife to Sir Oliver St. John, Auncestor to the Family of St. John of Lidiard, Tregoze, &c.

The third, of Q. Elizabeth, with this Inscription.

Q. Elizabeth, Daughter of K. Henry VIII. by a Daughter of Thomas Bullen, Earl of Wiltshire, great Grandfather of Anne, Daughter of Sir Thomas Leighton, Wife of Sir John St. John, of Lidiard, Tregoze, &c.

In this Church is a new Gallery, built Anno 1705, by Sir Walter St. John, for the Boys of his School, founded in the Parish, for teaching of 28 Children: It is endowed with Lands in Peckham.



FRom Battersey we next take our Course to the Parish of Clapham, situate upon a fine Rising; whence is a pleasant Prospect over the River Thames, upon Chelsea, and the Places on that Side. Here divers Citizens have chosen Mansions for their Country Retirements.

In the Church are these Monuments erected, for pious and dutiful Respects to the Dead, whose Bodies are here reposited.

In the Chancel.

Within the Rails of the Communion Table is a flat Stone, covering the Body of John Thomson, Esq; Who departed the 1st Day of March, 1665. Aged 71. And the Body likewise of Abraham Babington, Gent. Febr. 7, 1681, and Elizabeth his Wife, 9. of May, 1689.

Under another flat Stone within the Vault lie the Body of Sir Laurence Bromfield, Kt. who deceased the 20th of June, 1668. And also his Grandchildren, Charles Corbet and Thomas Corbet; the former dying 1660, the latter 1667.

Against the North Wall a little Monument, with these Words:

Hannah Lister: Dear Wife! dyed 1695, and left six Children in Tears for a most indulgent Mother.
She was Daughter and Heir of Tho. Parkinson of Carleton in Craven.

On a Brass Plate fastened to a flat Stone before the Rails, is this Inscription:

Gulielmus Glanvil Generosus, Mercator Exoniensis fessus itinere (quod Londinum suscepit) necnon febris violentia fatigatus, hic requiescit, Anno Dom. 1647. Et Ætatus suæ 57.

Quis jacet hic quæris? Tibi supra scripta loquuntur.     
At Qualis vixit, te sua fama docet.
Neglexit moriens jactans Encomia Marmor.     
Nam benè qui vixit sat sibi laudis habet.

Middle Ile.

Mr. JohnWood, who married the Daughter of Mr. Arthur, departed this Life the 9th of Novemb. 1656.

Tho. Webb, Citizen and Apothecary, 10 Apr. 1669.

John Fountain, and Agnes his Wife.

Susan, the Daughter of Tho. Troter of London, Merchant, Wife to John Arthur, Pastor of the Church of Clapham; with Judith and Anne his Daughters by her. Also Phanuel, Dorothy, Elizabeth, and Mary, his Children, by Dorothy the Daughter and Heir of Sir John Hall, Kt. are here buried.

Honoria Gould, Wife of John Gould, Esq; and Daughter of John Thompson, Esq; 1661.

Sub spe certa resurgendi Depositum humanum Thomæ Way, Armigeri. Qui natus erat apud Read, juxta Royston in agro Hertfordiensi. Denatus 13 die Aug. Anno Dom. 1668. Ætat. suæ 56.

Upon a Brass Plate.

Hic jacet Willimus Tableer. Qui obiit xiii die Mens. Octobr. An. Dni. M CCCC primo. Cui.aie propicietur Deus, Amen.

North Ile.

Against the South Wall, a Monument of a Man in a Crimson Gown, and a Woman, both kneeling before two Desks: Behind the Man a Son, and under him these Verses:

Ingenium, Eloquium, Doctrina, Scientia, Virtus,     
Si vitam tribuunt, CLERCE, perennis eris.
Invida mors habeat Corpus, sed Mente superstes,     
Invisus nulli, CLERCE, perennis eris.
Ob. Martii 12o. An. Ætat. suæ 52.

Under her:

Casta pia, & prudens, conjux ELENORA relicta:     
O! tali conjux quam bene juncta viro?
Consortes gemina Omnipotens vos prole beavit,     
Sit Proles felix, sit benedicta Deo.

At the upper End of this Ile is erected a very noble Monument, raised from the Ground to some Heighth; where appear two Effigies in white Marble, lying along, being a Man in Armour, and a Woman by him. On the South Side of the Basis of this Monument is this Inscription:

Domini RICHARDI ATKINS de Clapham in Com Surrey, Militis & Baronetti. Qui obiit 19 Aug. An. Chr. 1689. Et Dominæ REBECCÆ m┼ôstissimæ ejus Relictæ; Filiæ & Cohæredis EDMUNDI WRIGHT alias Bunckley, de Swarely