Lambhith, alias Lambeth.83

Lambhith, alias Lambeth.
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Map of Lambeth and Christ Church.
  Map of Lambeth and Christ Church. ]


Entring into the Porch is a Stone thus engraven:

Conditus hoc tumulo variis vigilavit in oris,     
Assiduus Christi Pastor ubiq; gregis.
Quod post fata potest in limine dormit Ovilis,     
Exprimat ut priscam cum pietate fidem.
Dupliciter locum; nam ducit ad ædem     
Hic Lapis, & positus duxit ad astra Senex.

Piæ & fraganti Memoriæ charissimi Conjugis NEHEMIAH LAMBERT, tam Charitate in proximos quàm in suos Pietate conspicui, Sacrosancti Evangelii foras domiq; Promulgatoris fidelissimi, instituendæ Juventutis Professoris indefessi, nati ipsis Calend. Decembr. anni 1644, denati 7. Calend. April. 1700. hanc Inscriptionem Sacram esse m┼ôsta voluit Uxor.

On the South Side of the Church-yard, a raised Tomb, with this Inscription:

Under this, in a Vault, lyeth the Body of Elizabeth, Daughter of Sir Roger James, Kt. late Wife of Rich. Parr, D.D. Who departed this Life Novemb. the 8. 1688. For her Modesty and Sobriety, Prudence and Humility, Charity and Piety exemplary.

Here also lyeth her Husband Richard Parr, D.D. Vicar of this Place almost 38 Years; Ob. Nov. 12. 1691. He was in preaching constant, in Life exemplary, in Piety and Charity most eminent: A Lover of Peace and Hospitality; and, in fine, a true Disciple of Jesu Christ.

In this Vault also was buried Jane Bradford, Relict of John Bradford, D.D. Prebendary of Canterbury. Ob. 30. July, 1702.

Here be also Monuments for John Gransden. Badger, Tallowchandler. Tho. Fox, Merchant. Mary Harris. And one of a larger Side than ordinary, whereon are these Words only inscribed:

Sir THOMAS GARDINER, Kt. the Servant of Jesus Christ.

On the East Window in the Chancel, is painted in the Glass between the Letters R.W. a Mitre and a Crozier-staff struck thro' it, (which seems ancient) for some Bishop of Winchester, probably a Benefactor here.

Also in the East Window of the North Ile, an ancient Figure in the Glass, of a Lady Crowned, her golden Hair hanging about her Shoulders, with a Sword in her left Hand, the Point downwards; perhaps intended for Q. Elizabeth on her first Accession to the Crown, when Executions, so rife in the former Reign, were happily stopt.



IN Lambhith, or Lambeth Parish, is most noble ancient Palace belonging to the Archbishops of Canterbury. In the Church are these Monuments.

On the North Side, on a Marble Tomb, is written as followeth:

Here under this Tomb lyeth buried the Body of Thomas Clere, Esquire, Son of Robert Clere in the County of Norfolk, Kt. Which Thomas deceased the 14. Day of April, Anno Dom 1545. On whose Soul, and all Christian Souls, Jesus have Mercy.

And upon a Table hung up was an Epitaph made by the Right Noble Henry Earl of Surrey; being this intitled:

Epitaphium Thomæ Clere, qui fato functus est 1545. auctore Henrico Howard, Comite Surrey. In cujus fælicis ingenii specimen, & singularis Facundiæ Argumentum, appensa fuit hæc Tabula per W. Howard, filium Thomæ nuper Ducis Norfolciensis, filii ejusdem Henrici Comitis.

Norfolk sprung thee, Lambeth holds thee dead,     
CLERE, of the County of Cleremont thou height:
Within the Womb of Ormond's Race thou bred,     
And saw'st thy Cosin crowned in thy Sight.
Shelton for Love, Surrey for Lord thou chase:     
Ah! me, whilst Life did last, that League was tender,
Tracing whose Steps, thou sawest Kelsal blase,     
Landersey burnt, & batter'd Bulleyn render.
At Muttrel Gates, hopeless of al Recure,     
Thine Earl, half dead, gave in thy Hand his Wil.
Which Cause did thee this pining Death procure,     
Ere Summers four times seven thou couldst fulfil:
Ah! CLERE, if Love had booted, Care or Cost,
Heaven had not won, nor Earth so timely lost.

In the Chancel , on the North Side, is an old Tomb of Marble, thus written on:

Sub pedibus ubi statis jacet Corpus Magistri Hugonis Peyntwin, Legum Doctoris, nuper Archiepp. Cant. Reverendissimorum Patrum, Dom. Johannis Morton Cardinalis, Henrici Dene, & Willielm. Warrham Curiæ Archiep. Audien. Causarum Auditoris. Qui obiit VI. die Augusti, Anno Dom. M D IIII. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus. Amen.

On a flat Stone before the Communion Table, within the Rails, is thus written:

Volente Deo.
Hic jacet Richardus Bancroft, S. Theologiæ Professor, Episcopus Londinensis primo, deinde Cantuariensis Archiepiscopus, & Regi Jacobo à Secretioribus Consiliis. Obiit secundo Novembris, Anno Dom. 1610. Ætatis suæ 67.     
Volente Deo.

On another flat Stone, is thus written:

Here lieth the Lady Elizabeth Howard, sometime Countess of Wiltshire.

On the South Side

Lyeth the Body of Sir Noel Caroon, Ledger Ambassador for the States of Holland, with his Arms and Hatchment; as namely, his Crest, Helmet, Arms, Sword, Gantlet, and Spurs.

In the South Chapel is a fair Monument of Marble engraven as followeth:

Here lyeth Sir John Legh Knight of the Bath, Son of Ralph Legh, Esq; Lord of the Mannors of Stockwell and Levehurst, and Dame Isabel his Wife, Daughter of Otwell Worsley. Which Sir John deceased the 17. Day of August, Anno Dom. MDXXIIII. and the same Isabel deceased the 18. Day of April.