The Circuit Walk. Newington-Butts.86

The Circuit Walk. Newington-Butts.

Near this, a Monument of William Beeston of this Parish, Esquire; who dyed the 9. of August, 1679. And Jane his Wife, who dyed the 17. of May, 1652. Left only one Daughter, who married Edward Leventhorp, Esq; by whom she had Issue three Sons and five Daughters.

In the South Chancel a Stone upon Elias Ashmole.

Hic jacet inlcytus ille & erudissimus ELIAS ASHMOLE Litchfeldiensis, Armiger. Inter alia in Rep. munera, Tributi in Cervisias Contrarotulator: Fecialis autem Windsoriensis Titulo per annos plurimos dignatus. Qui post duo Connubia in uxorem duxit tertiam Elizabetham Gulielmi Dugdale Mil. Garteri Principalis Regis Armorum Filiam. Mortem obiit 18 Maii, 1692. Anno Ætatis 76. Sed durante Museo Ashmolæano Oxon. nunquam moriturus.

For the Crest, is a Mercury mounting, standing upon two little Boys.

A Table Monument of white Marble for Richard Laurence of this Parish, Merchant; one of the Members of the Levant Company. Who married Joan Stephens. By whom he had Issue two Sons and one Daughter. He departed Octob. the 8th, 1661. Aged 53.

Another Monument against the Wall, to this Tenour:

Absalom had no Son, and he built him a Pillar.

The Body of John Gofton, Esq; younger Son to Sir Francis Gofton of Stockwel, Kt. who, with his Lady, were buried in a Vault in this Ile, which doth belong unto the Manour-House. His elder Brother Francis dyed in France, 1642; and he departed the 9th of May, 1686, the Year of his Age.

A Stone upon Sir Peter Rich, late Alderman of London: And a Monument against the Wall near the said Stone. He dyed the 26. Aug. 1692. in the 62. of his Age. Near his Grave twelve of his Children are interred, who died before him.

Against the South Wall, lower in the Church, an old Monument, with Man and Wife, and Children behind each. Over their Head written,

Ad Sumptum Thomæ Folkys,     
Anno Dom. 1583.

Agnes Tydnam (married first     
To Thomas Marshal, then
To John Manning) lyes buried here:     
She lived eight times ten,
And full five Years. Six Children     
By Marshal she had, three
Were Sons; the other Daughters; of     
Them none now living be.
She dyed the 22th Day     
Of March, and in the Year
Of our Lord God, as by the Date     
Here written may appear.

Here are lately set up against the North Wall, in Howard's Chapel, these Monuments: One for Judith Ralegh, late Wife of Captain George Ralegh, sometime Governor of the Ile of Jersey. She departed Decemb. 14, 1701. [This Gentleman, who is still living, was Nephew to the famous Sir Walter Ralegh.]

Three later Monuments.


Another fair Monument of white Marble for Colonel Cutbert Morley, buried 30. of June, 1669. And for Bernard Granvile, Esq; who married Anne, Daughter of the said Cutbert; and dyed June 14, 1701; and for the said Anne, Daughter of Francis Earl of Scarsdale: She dyed the 20th of Septemb. 1701. Then follows a large Inscription in Latin of their Families.

Morleigh and Granvile.

And a third Monument for Richard Marsh, Esq. Part of the Inscription is, That before he went to bed, he supped with Christ. He departed May the 18. 1704. Aged 61. And was buried in a Vault near adjoining.


This Church of Lambeth is newly repaired and beautified, and new pewed, with much Decency. To the Charge of which, Ralph Snow, Esq; Treasurer to the Archbishop of Canterbury, was a very liberal Benefactor.

In this Parish, in the Road to Clapham, stands a fair Alms-house for seven Widows of the said Parish, who receive each 4l. yearly. It was founded by a Nobleman, Ambassador from the States of Holland in K. James the First his Time.

It hath this Inscription:

Noelus de Caron. Fland. Eques Schoonewalliæ Toparch. Illustrium Ordinum Confæderat. Belg. Provinc. apud Sereniss. Britanniæ Regem Legat. Debitæ Deo Gloriæ, Genti Gratitudinis, Pauperibus munificentiæ, Monumentum qualecunque Anno Legationis suæ XXIIX. Restauratæ Salutis MDCXIIX. P.
Pro. XIX. 17.
Fæneras JEHOVÆ, si recordaris pauperum.



In the Church of St. Mary Newington, on the North Side, is this Monument:


Deo Viventium. Pietati Sacrum.
Sir Hugh Brawne, Kt. the Founder and Adorner of this Ile, and for the Space of two and twenty Years, the whole Ornament of this Parish: Religious toward God, and respectful of the Poor: Determining to provide for the Day of his Death, desires here to repose his Body, in a happy Hope of a glorious Resurrection.

Reader, it pleas'd th'Almighty to infuse     
Sense of his Goodness in my blessed Heart.
Faith quickned Love, and did this Church-Work choose:     
Both jointly here did shew themselves in Part.
His be the Glory, Peace, Soul saving mine,
Prayer, Thanksgiving, Use, Example thine.
1614. Vivens posui, An. Ætatis 77.

He is represented here in Armour, kneeling; and in that Posture are his two Wives against him, and four Sons and five Daughters kneeling underneath.

A pretty new Monument against the East Wall, on the South of the Pulpit, with this Writing:

J. S.

Under the Communion Table, in Hopes of a glorious Resurrection, lie the Bodies of James Reading, Esq; and Mary his third Wife. whose exemplary Piety towards God, Integrity towards Men, Charity to the Poor, Humility towards all, made them live desirable, die lamented by all that knew them. Lovely and pleasant they were in their Lives,