Elizabeth Jefferson, Wife of John Jefferson of Ratcliff, Goldsmith, 1677.

Elizabeth the Wife of Alexander Henderson: Sometime Curate of this Parish.

Here lies interr'd the Body of she who was Sarah Hartland, 1696, Aged 25.

Whose Heart, too tender for to bear,
From nearest Friends such Calumnies,
Receiv'd a Wound; and so she fell,
To Death a mournful Sacrifice.

Capt. George Langborn, 1703.
Will. Lucas of Limehouse, Brewer, 1658.

Upon the Wall of a Porch, on this North Side, is a Stone laid into it, on which is inscribed,

Of Carthage Great I was a Stone,     
O! Mortals, read with Pity:
Time consumes all, it spareth none,     
Man, Mountain, Town, nor City.
Therefore, O Mortals, all bethink     
You whereunto you must:
Since now such stately Buildings lie     
Buried in the Dust.

Capt. Tho. Eliot, Mariner, 1668.
And several more.

Church-Yard, on the South Side.

On a flat Stone.

Hic jacet, Viator, ipsum Decus Matronarum, Elizabetha Webbe, quæ fuit Thomæ Webbe Radcliffiensis uxor casta, &c. 1668.

Capt. William Cooper, 1702.

Capt. James Adams, 1687.

Capt. Charles Hall, 1699.

Capt. Richard Swanley of Limehouse, late Admiral of the Irish Seas, 1650.

Mary Cole, Wife of Capt. John Cole of Mile-end, Mariner, 1685. Also Capt. John Cole, 1687.

Elizabeth the Wife of Captain John Harding, 1685.

Capt. Tho. Spencer, 1658.

Capt. Henry West, 1657.

Capt. William Basse, Mariner, late of Mile-end, 1690.

Here Thomas Saffin lyes interr'd: Ah! why,
Born in New England, did in London dy?
Was the third Son of Eight, beget upon
His Mother Martha by his Father John.
Much favour'd by his Prince he gat to be;
But nipt by Death at th'Age of Twenty three.
Fatal to him was that we Small-Pox name,
By which his Mother and two Brethren came
Also to breath their last, nine Years before;
And now have left their Father to deplore
The Loss of all his Children, with that Wife,
Who was the Joy and Comfort of his Life.     
Deceased 1687.

James Baily, Mariner.

Master and Chaplain's Place he well did bear: }
Each threatning Wave astonish'd with his Pray'r, }
Shrunk in his Head, when pious James was there. }
Baily on Board! The baffled Tempest flew
As swift as Morning's Sun exhales the Dew.

Chri. Henly, late of Ratcliff, 1693.

John Harman of Limehouse, Mariner, 1657.

Joanna Frampton, Wife of Tho. Frampton, Gent. 1693/4.

Capt. John Dunch, 1696.

Tho' Boreas Blasts, and Neptune's Waves,     
Have tost me to and fro;
In spight of both, by God's Decree,     
I harbour here below.
Where I do now at Anchor ride,     
With many of our Fleet:
Yet once again I must set Sail,     
Our Admiral CHRIST to meet.

Capt. John Woodfine, 1693.

Capt. Simon Rowe, 1691.

Mary Bendal, 1692.

Edward Bendal, 1701/2.

Tho. Nicholson, Son of Capt. Richard Nicholson, 1701.

Capt. Abraham Daws, Merchant, 1696.

John Turner of London, Merchant, 1694.

Here remains all that was mortal of Roger Crab, 1680.

Tread gently, Reader, near the Dust,
Cometh to this Tomb-stone's Trust.
For while 'twas Flesh, it held a Guest,
With universal Love possest.
A Soul that stemm'd Opinion's Tyde,
Did over Sects in Triumph ride.
Yet separate from the giddy Crowd,
And Paths Tradition had allow'd.
Through good and ill Reports he past;
Oft censur'd, yet approv'd at last.
Wouldest thou his Religion know? }
In brief 'twas this: To all to do }
Just as he would be done unto. }
So in kind Nature's Law he stood, }
A Temple undefil'd with Blood: }
A Friend to ev'ry Thing that's good. }
The rest, Angels alone fitly can tell:
Haste, then, to Them and Him; and so farewel.

This Crab, they say, was a Philadelphian, or Sweet Singer.

Mary Wood, Widow, late Wife of Capt. Matthew Wood, 1693. And Hanna Wood his Daughter, 1688/9.

Edward Awdley, only Child of Capt. Edward Awdley, 1702/3.

Ellen Lurting, Wife of Capt. Robert Lurting, 1689.

Penelope Wife of Capt. Caleb Grantham, one of the Daughters of Rob. Kenwrick of Nottinghamshire, Esq; 1685.

Capt. Thomas Chivers, 1675. And Anne his Wife, 1675.

Katharine Dyke, late Wife of Capt. William Dyke, 1683.

Capt. Richard Matthew, 1665.

H.S.E. Quicquid Mortale fuit MATTHÆI MEAD, V.D.M. honestâ inter Catieuchlanos familiâ orti, a Pietate, doctrina, facundia præclari, &c. 1699.

Mary Gutteridge, Wife of Capt. William Gutteridge, 1683.

Jane Jenkins, Wife of Capt. John Jenkins, 1696.

Capt. William Gutteridge late of Mile-end, Mariner, 1687.

Capt. Francis Mann, Mariner, 1685.

Sarah, first, Wife to Capt. Giles Laurence of Ratcliff: Late, to Capt. Tho. Mann, 1688.

John Greaves of Limehouse, Shipwright, 1637: And thirteen Children. And Will. Greaves, Shipwright, his Son, 1667.

And also John Greaves, Shipwright, Son of William, 1690.