The Circuit Walk. Poplar.104

The Circuit Walk. Poplar.

Insignia Gilberti Dethike, Armigeri, (filii Gulielmi Dethike Equitis aurati) a cujus Beneficentia fundamentum acepit hoc Sacellum, Anno 1654.

On a Window in the South Ile is the Coat Armour of Maurice Thompson, Esq; 1657, a worthy Benefactor: Of whom it is remembered, that when this Chapel was first opened, and dedicated to the Service of God, himself set the Psalm before the Sermon. There is also in this Window another Coat of Arms, whereof the Name is gone, viz. Argent, a Bend Azure, between three Oak Leaves proper.

In the North Ile these Persons lie buried under flat Stones with Inscriptions:

John Barham, Son of Francis Barham of Blackwall, Shipwright, Anno 1665.

Persons buried in this Chapel.

And Elizabeth Wife of the said Francis, 1668.

And Francis Barham, 1695. Aged 77.

Also William Hall, Grocer, 1696. And his Son Barham, and his Daughter Anne.

The Wife of Tho. Lancaster, 1656.

And Dennis, 1657, and Elizabeth, Wives of Tho. Lancaster.

Capt. Thomas Lancaster of Blackwall, one of the Elders of Trinity House, 1666.

South Ile.

Captain George Phenney, Sen. 1697. Aged 75.

John Dighton. Grace Rawlins.

Hanna Roberts, late Wife of Capt. John Roberts of Ratcliff, 1703.

Elizabeth Collins, Wife of William Collins of Limehouse, Shipwright, 1693.

Middle Ile.

Mary Christmas, Wife of William Christmas of Poplar, Shipwright, 1701.

The said William Christmas, 1702. Aged 77.

Tho' Bodies sleep in Dust, yet Souls not few,

Glister in Glory: So must Bodies too;

Which sown in Weakness, shall be rais'd in Pow'r:

We therefore wait for that triumphant Hour.

In the Church-yard several fair Tombs: One for Capt. Curtis, with this Inscription:

William Curtis of this Parish, Gent. warns you to Repentance.

Whiles you can, before this Bed on you have Pow'r,
Make your Calling and Election sure.
Fix your Mind on the Day of Doom,
Be always waiting 'till your Change do come.
That so through Christ you rais'd may be,
To heavenly Joys, and blest Eternitie.

Deceased this Life the 27th of Septemb. 1669.

Who in this Life fifty Years did stand,
And to East India sometime did bear Command:
Who in his Life-time kept not fast his Door,
And afterwards provided for the Poor,
Sixty Pound per Annum, for ever.

Elizabeth Curtis, Wife of the said William, 1659. And Elizabeth their Daughter.

Thomas Son of Thomas Wharton and Mary his Wife, 1703.

Also Agnes Wharton, Relict of William Wharton of Waitby in the County of Westmoreland, 1704. Aged 76.

John Akers late of Limehouse, deceased.

Approaching now to th'Age of Fifty seven,
In Spirit translated was from Earth to Heaven:
To th'Spririts of just Men join'd, which perfect are, }
And while enjoying Bliss and Glory there, }
Behold! his mortal Flesh interred resteth here; }
Sleeping in Jesus, hoping to arise, }
Immortal Life t'assume among the Wise, }
To shine, tho' now to Death become a Sacrifice. }


Do just Men Spirits, which here imperfect are, }
Perfect commence at Death? Believe them ne'er, }
Who say, their Souls do die, or else lie sleeping here. }
The former being Scripture * in my Sense,
Disproves the latter by just Consequence.

*Heb. 12. 23.

John Paulson. Margaret Langerwood.

Margaret and John Bridge.

Jane Sincock, Wife of Capt. Rob. Sincock, 1698.

Sarah the Wife of Edmund Garrat, 1701. Aged 80.

Richard Gorton, 1665. And Avelyn his Wife, 1675.

Edmund Garrat of Limehouse, Shipwright, 1689. Aged upward of Fourscore and six.

Judeth Mordew, 1701. Aged 76.

Mary March, 1695, in the 76th Year of her Age: A Woman afflicted with Sorrow and Grief to the End of her Days, by Reason of her Husband Mr. Tho. March his Captivity upon the Island of Ceylon in the East Indies.

Capt. Joh. Brumwel of Mile-end, 1706.

Capt. John Beere, 1605. And Mary his Daughter, 1703/4.

Jarret Lestock, eldest Son of Capt. Rich. Lestock, 1700.

William and Abigail Elderton.

Let Friends forbear to mourn and weep,
While sweetly in the Dust they sleep:
This toilsome World they left behind,
A Crown of Glory for to find.
Their Days were short, like Winter's Sun:
From Earth they came, to Heaven they run.
God bless the rest with Length of Days,
On Earth to live, his Name to praise.

Abigail Weston, Wife to Richard Weston of Limehouse.

John Hicks of Poplar, Shipwright, 1703.

Edward Gilman of Blackwall, 1701.

William Terrard, Son of Edward and Jane Terrard of Limehouse, 1705.

Thomas Hopkinson, 1679. And John his Brother, and Alice his Wife.