List of Bishops buried in or near London.137

List of Bishops buried in or near London.

In memoriam Samuelis Ellis, Generosi, viri sui dilectissimi, (qui antiquam gentis ejusdem de Kiddal in agro Eboracensi familiam probis & piis moribus magis honestavit, & per totum nuperæ Tyrannidis, & vitæ provectioris cursum, summam erga Deum & Regem intemeratum servavit fidem) Isabella amatissima ejus pariter & m┼ôstissima conjux, &c. hoc Sepulchrale Saxum, novissimum quod possit, amoris Monumentum posuit. Ob. 6. Octobr. M DC LXXVIIIo. Ætat. autem suæ LXXIII. Buried here by his Desire, near Elizabeth his Daughter, who dyed of the Plague.

Mary Holme, Wife of Edward Holme of the Parish of St. James: Departed 20. Nov. 1701.

Hic jacet Claudius Champion de Crespigny è Gallia natali solo pro fide profugus, animam Deo reddidit anno ætatis LXXV. Salutis M DC XCV. Apr. 10.

And thus having, at length, visited the Monuments of the Dead in so large a Compass, I end this long Perambulation, with a List of all the Bishops of both Provinces, buried in London, or within the Bills of Mortality, with their Names, their Sees, Dates of Burial, and the Churches, where: Accurately collected by a diligent Antiquary, and sent to me. By which, any who are minded to know the Inscriptions on the Monuments of the said Bishops, may soon turn to and find them in the foregoing Book, only by observing in what Churches they were buried: Though, perhaps, by this Time demolished in those Churches.

Brown Willis, Esq;


BISHOPS buried in Churches in or near London, within the Bills of Mortality.

Sedes Cantuar.
SImon Langham, 1376, in Westminster Abby.
Roger Walden, 1405, in St. Bartholomew's Priory, Smithfield.
Matthew Parker, 1575, in Lambeth Palace Chapel.
Richard Bancroft, 1610, in Lambeth Parish Church.
John Tillotson, 1694, in St. Lawrence Jewry Church, London.
Tho. Tenison, 1715, in Lambeth Parish Church.

Sedes Bathon. & Wellens.
John Clerk, 1540, in the Minories Church, according to some Authors; or, as in others, in St. Botolph's Aldgate.

+ Sedes Bristol.

Sedes Cicestrens.
John Christopherson, 1558, in Christ Church, London.
John Lake, 1689, in St. Botolph's Bishopsgate.
John Williams, 1709, in St. Mildred's Poultry: Where both had been Ministers.

Sedes Eliensis.
Philip Morgan, 1434, in the Charter House, London.
Tho. Thirlby, 1570, in Lambeth Parish Church.
Nicholas Felton, 1626, in St. Antholin's Church, London.
Francis White, 1637, in St. Paul's Cathedral.

Sedes Exon.
John Bothe, 1478, }In St. Clement Dane's,
John Arundel, 1503, }Westminster.
Miles Coverdale, 1565, in St. Bartholomew's behind the Royal Exchange.
Valentine Carey, 1626, in St. Paul's Cathedral.
Ralph Brownridge, 1659, in the Temple Church, London.

Sedes Glocestren.
Godfrey Goodman, 1655, in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster.

Sedes Hereford.
Tho. Milling, 1442, in Westminster Abby.
Edward Fox, 1548, }in St. Mary Mounthaw,
John Skypp, 1552, }London.
Nicholas Monk, 1661, in Westminster Abby.
Gilbert Ironside, 1701, in St. Mary Somerset, London.

+ Sedes Litchfield.

+ Sedes Lincolne.
I find no Bishop of this See buried in London, except happily Bishop Marmaduke Lumley, who deceased there, as I think I have read, and so might be buried at Stepney, where he had been Minister.

Sedes London.
This I pass over. [The Burials of these Bishops being for the most part in St. Paul's, or Fulham.]

+ Sedes