List of Bishops buried in or near London.138

List of Bishops buried in or near London.

+Sedes Norwich.
I find no Bishop of this See buried in London.

Sedes Oxon.
Timothy Hall, 1690, in Hackney Church, Middlesex.

Sedes Petroburien.
Thomas White, 1698, in St. Gregory's adjoyning to St. Paul's.

Sedes Roffen.
Richard de Wendover, 1250, in Westminster Abby.
William de Bottlesham, 1399, in the Grey Fryars Church-yard, [alias Christ Church] London.
John Fisher, 1535, in Alhallows Barkin Church-yard.
Maurice Griffith, 1558, in St. Magnus Church.
John Bowle, 1637, in St. Paul's Cathedral.
Tho. Sprat, 1713, in Westminster Abby.

Sedes Sarum.
John Waltham, 1395, in Westminster Abbey.
Martin Fotherby, 1619, in Allhallow's, Lombardstreet.
Robert Tonson, 1621, in Westminster Abby.
Gilbert Burnet, 1714, in St. James's, Clerkenwell.

Sedes Winton.
John de Sandale, 1319, in St. Mary Overies, alias St. Saviour's, Southwark.
Will. Wickham, 1595, in ditto.
Tho. Bilson, 1616, in Westminster Abby.
Lancelot Andrews, 1626, in St. Mary Overies, alias St. Saviour's Southwark.
Brian Duppen, 1662, in Westminster Abby.

Sedes Wigorn.
Robert Morton, 1497, in St. Paul's Cathedral.
John Bell, 1556, in St. James's Clerkenwell.

Stephen Patrington, 1417, in the White Fryars Church, London.
William Lindwood, 1446, in St. Stephen's Chapel, Westminster.
Richard Martyn, 1483, in St. Paul's Cathedral.
Lawrence Womack, 1685, in St. Margaret's, Westminster.

Sedes Landaven.
John Smith, 1478, in the Grey Fryars, alias Christ-Church, London.

Sedes Assavens.
Michael Diacon, 1500, in Westminster Abby.
Henry Standish, 1535, in the Grey Fryars, alias Christ-Church, London.
Edward Jones, 1703, in St. Margaret's Church, Westminster.
William Beveridge, 1707, in St. Paul's Cathedral.

Sedes Bangor.
David Doulben, 1633, in Hackney Church.

Sedes Eborac.
Robert Waldby, 1397, in Westminster Abbey.
Will. Mey, 1560, Arch Bishop Elect, in St. Paul's Cathedral.

Sedes Carliol.
Roger Whelpdale, 1422, in St. Paul's Cathedral.
Roger Leyborn, 1507, or 1508, in St. James's Hospital near Charing-cross.
John Kite, 1537, in Stepney Church.
Owen Oglethorpe, 1559, in St. Dunstan's in the West.
Barnabas Potter, 1641, in St. Paul's, Covent Garden.
James Usher, 1656, in Westminster Abby.

Sedes Cestren.
Brian Walton, 1661, in St. Paul's Cathedral.
Henry Ferne, 1662, in Westminster Abby.
John Wilkins, 1672, in St. Lawrence Jewry, London.

Sedes Dunelm.
Egelrie, 1072, }
Will. Dudley, 1483, }in Westminster Abby.
Tho. Ruthall, 1524, }
Cuthbert Tonstall, 1559, in Lambeth Parish Church.
John Houson, 1631, in St. Paul's Cathedral.