TOWER of London. S. Peter's. 69

TOWER of London. S. Peter's.

" of liege Men, shall be reckoned to you at the Exchequer. Witness the King at Windsor, the 10th Day of December."

MONUMENTS in this Church of S. Peter's in the Tower.


In the Chancel a very stately Monument of the Blounts; the one of Sir Richard Blount, the other of Sir Michael, Son of the said Richard; both successively Lieutenants of the Tower. Sir Richard Dyed, 11. Aug. 1564. And Dame Mary, Wife of Sir Michael Blount, one of the Coheirs of Thomas Moor of Bissiter, Deceased Dec. 23. 1592. Who lies here also interred.

Monuments in S. Peter's.

J. S.

Sir Alan Apsxy Lieutenant of the Tower, and Victualler of his Majesties Navy, Departed 24. ay, 1630.

Against a Pillar before the Pulpit, a Monument for Sir Jonas More, Kt. Surveyor of the Ordinance to K. Charles II. A very learned Man in Mechanics, Navigation, Mathematics, and Astronomy. Dyed 27. Aug. 1679.

Engraven Stones on the Pavement, for Frances, Wife of William Povey, Gent. and Daughter of Edward Sherborn, Esq; Clark of the Ordnance. She deceased 22. Oct. 1669.

John Agges, Yeoman, Warder of the Tower 33 Years, 20. Jun. 1640.

Cobham Doves, late of Dover, Mariner, 20. Aug. 1608.

Talbot Edwards, late Keeper of his Majesties Regalia, 30. Sept. 1674. Aged 80.

On the North Wall is a Monument Erected in Memory of Captain Valentine Pynes, late Master Gunner of England, second Son of George Pynes of Curry Mallet, in the County of Somerset, Gent. Who following the Footsteps of his Father in Loyalty and Obedience to his Sovereign, trailed a Pike under the Command of his said Father in the late Expedition at Cades, in the Year 1625, and in the Year 1627, in the Expedition of the Isle of Rhee. After that he took himself to his Majesties Fleet; where he served at Sea till the late unhappy Rebellion, and, during that Rebellion, in his late Majesties Service at Land. After whose Death he voluntarily followed the Command of Prince Rupert for the space of 15 Years, both in his Expedition at Sea, and in the Wars of Germany, till his now Majesty's happy Restoration; since which time, he commanded some of his Majesty's Ships in the first War against the Dutch: And in recompence of his faithful Service, his Majesty was graciously pleased to elect him Master Gunner of England. In which Capacity he departed this Life (which he led single) the last Day of April, Anno Dom. 1677. in the 28th Year of his Majesties Reign. Aged 74 Years.

Pynes Master Gunner of England.

V ndaunted Hero, whose aspiring Mind,
A s being not willing here to be confin'd,
L ike Birds in Cage, in narrow Trunk of Clay,
E ntertain'd Death, and with it soar'd away.
N ow he is gone, why should I not relate
T o future Age his Valour, Fame and Fate?
J ust, Loyal, Prudent, Faithful; such was he,
N atures Accomplish'd, Worlds Epitome.

P roud he was not; and tho' by Riches try'd,
Y et Vertue was his safe, his surest Guide.
N or can devouring Time his rapid Jaws
E re eat away those Actions he made Laws.

Instead of Columns on each Side of this Monument are the Figures of two great Guns Erected. And underneath, the Representation of a Ship in the Sea under Sail.

But there is another more antient than any before mentioned, viz. of Cholmondley, sometime Lieutenant of the Tower in the time of K. Henry VII. and his Wife's. His Figure is in Armor; and hath a Collar gilded (which seems to be a Collar of SS.) about his Neck, and a Rose hanging before. Upon the Edges of the Stone the Figure lies upon, is this Inscription; Jacent Corpora Richardi Cholmondeley Militis, & Dominæ Elisabethæ conjugis suæ. Qui -, Quorum aiabus Deus propitietur. Amen.

This Tomb stood formerly in the middle of the Church; but hath been removed to the Side against the North Wall.

There was lately a fair Monument erected at the East End of the Chapel without, for William Bridges, Esq; Surveyor General of the Ordinance, the first Year of King George.

Besides this Chapel or Church of St. Peter, there was another Chapel, which was that in the White Tower, of more private Use to the Kings and Queens, when they resided in the Tower. This ascends by a great many Steps. It is darksome, and venerable for the Pillars, which are very Antique, and of the plainest Order, and the Capitals of them different. Now it is only used for repositing the old Records, where they lye in Dust and Confusion: But of late the House of Lords addressed to her late Majesty Q. Anne, to give order, that they may be carefully looked over, and digested in Order and preserved, being many of them of great Use and Behoof; which the Queen accordingly took particular care of, and committed the Management of the same to that Learned and Worthy Antiquary, Will. Petyt, Esq; late Keeper of her Records.

St. John's Chapel in the White Tower.

But in antient Times, when this Place was made use of for a Chapel, care was taken for the Repairs thereof, as was for that of St. Peter's. And the same King Henry the Third in the same Year, Month, and Day, that he ordered the Repair of the said St. Peter's, did the like for this Chapel of St. John's; for that was the Saint it was Dedicated to: As appears by this Record.

Order from K. Henry 3. for the Repairing of it.

Rex Custodibus Operationis Turris London. Sal. Precipimus vobis, &c. Where after Command given for the amending the Leaden Gutters, and doing other Things needful for the great Tower, he proceeded to require them also to take Care of the Repair and Adorning of the Chapel there.

Rot. Liberat. an. 25. H. 3. m. 20.

G. Holmes.

Dealbari etiam faciatis totam Capellam Sancti Johannis Evangelistæ in eadem Turri. Et fieri faciatis in eadem Capella tres fenestras vitreas, unam scil. ex parte boreali cum quadam Mariola tenente puerum suum, reliquam in Parte Australi [cum Imagine] de Trinitate; & tertiam de Sancto Johanne Apostolo & Evangelista in eadem parte Australi. Et depingi faciatis patibulum & Trabem ultra Altare ejusdem Capel. benè & bonis coloribus. Et fieri faciatis & depingi duas Ymagines pulchras, ubi melius & decentius fieri possint in eadem Capell. Uram de Sancto Edwardo tenente anulum, & donante & tendente Scto. Johan. Evangeliste, &c.

That is: "And that ye cause the whole Chapel of St. John Evenagelist in the said Tower to be Whited. And that ye cause three Glass Windows in the same Chapel to be made; to wit, one on the North side, with a certain little Mary holding her Child; the other on the South Part with the Image of the Trinity; and the Third, of St. John the Apostle and Evangelist on the same South Part. And that ye cause the Cross and the Beam [i.e. the Rood] beyond the Altar of the same Chapel, to be Painted well and with good Colours. And that ye cause to be made and painted two fair Images, where more conveniently and decently they may be done in the same Chapel, one of St. Edward holding a Ring, and giving and reaching it out to St. John Evangelist, &c. " signifying perhaps thereby that King to be the Founder of that Chapel; and this the Ceremony in those Days of the Dedication of holy Places to the Saints.