Tower of LONDON. The Mint. 98

Tower of LONDON. The Mint.

A TABLE of the English Gold Coins, and their Value.


A Piece of 2s. 9d. is worth0033
A Piece of 5s.0059
A Piece of 5s. 6d.0063
A Piece of 10s.0116
A Piece of 11s.0126
A Scotch Cross-Daggers0126
A Piece of 20s. K. James and K. Char.1036
A Piece of 22s.1056
An Half Elizabeth0146
A Piece of 30s. Jacobus1150
A Piece of 22s. of Q. Eliz.109 0
A Rose Noble of Q. Eliz.2050
A Rose Noble of K. James I.2000
An Angel of Q. Elizabeth0140
An Angel of K. James I.0130
An Angel of K. Charles I.0116
An Angel of K. Charles II.0050
A Ship Angel of K. Charles II.0050
A lesser Ship Angel of K. Ch. II.0046
A Ship Angel of K. James II.0046
A Guinea1016
A Half Guinea0109
A double Guinea Piece2030
A Five Guinea Piece5076]

Thus the foresaid Value of the Gold Coin stood for many Years; till of late, about the Year 1717, the Guineas (by Proclamation) were reduced Sixpence each Guinea, and the other Coin in Proportion.

And here, before we take our leave of the Mint, we shall set down divers Things, according to the Order of Time wherein they happened, relating both to the Matter of the Mint, and the Officers thereof.

Various Matters of the Mint, and Officers of it.

J. S.

A Grant to John Wood, Esq; for the Keeping of the King's Coin and Money, of Gold and Silver, in the Tower of London, and elsewhere in England; 1 K. Richard III.

Keeper of the King's Coin.

Ledger K. Richard III.

Anno 1552, It seems all, or most of the Officers had been tardy; so that they stood in need of an Act of Pardon from K. Edward the VIth, or at least pro majori Cautela. And there was a Pardon granted by him, dated July the 21st, Anno Regni 6. to Sir John York, Knight, Under-Treasurer of the Quoin-Money and Mints within the Tower of London and Southwark: To Nicholas Throckmorton, Esq; one of the Under-Treasurers of the said Mints: To Sir John Godsalve, Knight, Comptroller of the Mint within the Tower: To Thomas Fleetwood, Gentleman, Com- ptroller of the Mint within the Tower and Southwark: To William Knight, of London Mercer, Assay-Master of the said Mints: To William Dunch, Auditor of the said Mints: To William Billingsley, Assay-Master: To William Stanley, of London Goldsmith, Assay- Master. For all and all manner of Transgressions, Contempts, Abusions and Offences, touching or concerning the said Mints of the Tower and Southwark.

A Pardon for the Officers of the Mint.

MSS. de Turr. pen. me.

Anno 1560, Base Monies being called in by Queen Elizabeth's Proclamation, were received into the Mint, and fine Monies thereof made. And a Computation was given in from the Mint, of the base Monies received into the Mint since Michaelmas 1560, to Michaelmas 1561; and of the Charges of the Workmanship, or Coinage of the fine Monies thereof made; with a Note of the Provisions, and other Charges incident to the same; the Waste of Melting and Blanching being born.

Base Monies called in by Q. Elizabeth.

Total of the Mass
of base Monies was,
Six Hundred Thirty one
Thousand, Nine Hundred
and fifty Pound Weight.
Which was current Money,
according to the Rates of their
several Standards,
Six Hundred Thirty eight
Thousand, an Hundred and
thirteen Pounds, Sixteen
Shillings and Sixpence.
Total of the Mass of
fine Monies,
Two Hundred Forty four
Thousand, Four Hun-
dred and sixteen Pound
Which is in Monies
current, at 60s. the
Pound Weight,
Seven hundred eighty three
Thousand, Two hundred
forty eight Pound.

The Two Treasurers of the Mint, Thomas Stanley, and Thomas Fleetwood, Esqs; had for their Workmanship, or Coinage allowed 7d. the Pound Weight. Which came to 7128l. 16s.

The Charges of Coinage of this base Money.

Moreover, the Provisions, as Coal, Coining Irons, and Iron Work, Argal, Salt-petre, Trays, with divers other Necessaries; came to 3848l.2s. 8d.

Moreover, Fees of Officers and Ministers, with their Diet for one Year, 20061. 5s. 7d.

Sum Total of the Charges aforesaid, amounted to, Forty Thousand Three Hundred and six Pounds, Fifteen Shillings and Three Pence.

At this Time, odd Pieces were coined; of which we have now-a- days none current, and hardly any such Monies to be seen; namely, Fourpence-halfpenny Pieces, Twopences, Farthing Pieces, and Penny-halfpenny Pieces.

Odd Pieces coined.

At this Time, these were the Officers serving in the Mint, with their Fees according to Queen Elizabeth's Establishment, dated December the 6th, for one Year ending at Michaelmas 1561, for the Upper Mint and the Nether.

Officers and their Fees.