Christ's Church Hospital. Schools. Governors. 181

Christ's Church Hospital. Schools. Governors.

Of the ancient Buildings remaining, there is an old Cloister, and was Part of the old Priory. It serves for a Thorowfare, and a Place of Recreation for the Boys; especially in rainy Weather. But being gone to Decay, it hath be lately repaired, by the Direction of that Excellent Architect, Sir Christopher Wren, Kt.

The Cloister.

For SCHOOLS, there be these: A Grammar School, a Mathematick School, a Writing School, and a School for the Girls; where they learn to Read, to Sew, and to Mark.


The Grammar School is ancient; the other more modern, and set up since the great Fire.

Of the Mathematick School, besides what hath been said of it already, this may be added; That for the Maintenance of it, there have been received by the House out of the Exchequer, for Seven Years together, to the Summer 1704, 370 and odd Pounds yearly: And so no question it continues.

The Writing School is a very fair Structure, at the End of the great Hall, lofty and airy; founded by Sir John Moore, Knight, sometime one of the Aldermen of the City, and President of this House. It containeth long writing Boards, sufficient for 300 Boys to sit and write at. It cost the nobly-minded Builder, they say, 5000l. Whose Statue in white Marble, at full Proportion, is placed at the upper End, with this Inscription:

Writing School.

Anno Dom. 1694.
This Writing School, and Stately Building, was begun, and compleatly finished, at the Sole Charge of Sir JOHN MOORE, Knight, and Lord Maior of the City, in the Year M DC LXXXI; now President of this House: He having been otherwise a Liberal Benefactor to the same.

It resteth upon Columns; and is built below into Tenements and Shops, which they let out; there being Seven in all.

The Masters of these Schools are Four: Viz. A Grammar-Master, who hath also an Usher to assist him; a Mathematick Master, and a Writing Master; who have 100l. per Annum each for their Salaries, besides Houses.

The Masters.

There be also two School-Mistresses, that teach the Girls; who also have sufficient Salaries, and Houses to dwell in.

The Grammar-Master hath also an Addition of 20l. yearly, for Catechizing the Boys: And his Usher hath 50l. a Year besides.

Christ's Hospital is lately further improved, by entertaining a Master to teach the Boys Drawing. Some Skill in which Art is so very useful to many, or most Mechanical Trades; by the learning of which, the Children may be put forth Apprentices to such Callings; as, besides Painters, those of Seamen, Carpenters, Joyners, Plummers, Carvers, &c. The Master an able Man in his Faculty, Mr. Lens, used to resort hither certain Days in the Week, to teach such as be appointed him.

A Drawing Master.

Now for the GOVERNORS, and Officers of this great Hospital.

The GOVERNORS are many, and commonly Persons that have been Masters or Wardens of their Companies, or Men of Estates, or from whom there be Expectations of Charity. Out of these, one is President; and he commonly is some ancient Alderman, that hath passed the Chair; and another is Treasurer, who takes care of the Affairs of the whole House, and of the Revenues; and therefore is commonly resident, and hath a good House to dwell in; but without any Salary. And such an one is chosen by the Governors for this great Trust, who is of Note for his Abilities, Integrity and Charity. And according to the Repute he hath, so the Hospital usually flourisheth, and the Benefactions come in plentifully. And such, in all Respects, were the late Treasurers; Mr. Hawes, Mr. Brerewood, Mr. Young and Mr. Lockington.



The present Treasurer is Sir George Mertin.

Every Governor, when he is admitted into this Society, hath this Charge solemnly given him, in the Presence of the President, or Treasurer, and other Governors assembled in Court:

The Governors Charge.

The Cause of your Repair hither at this present, is, To give you knowledge, that you are Elected and Appointed by the Lord Maior and Court of Aldermen, to the Office, Charge and Governance of Christ's Hospital. "

" And therefore, this is to require you, and every of you, That you endeavour your selves, with all your Wisdom and Power, faithfully and diligently to serve in this Vocation and Calling: Which is an Office of high Trust and Worship. For ye are called to be the faithful Distributors and Disposers of the Goods of Almighty God to his poor and needy Members. In the which Office and Calling, if you shall be found negligent and unfaithful, ye shall not only declare your selves to be the most unthankful and unworthy Servants of Almighty God; being put in Trust to see the Relief and Succour of his poor and needy Flock; but also ye shall shew your selves to be very notable and great Enemies to that Work, which most highly doth advance and beautify the Commonwealth of this Realm, and chiefly of this City of London. "

" These are therefore to require you, and every of you, That ye here promise before God, and this Assembly of your Fellow Governors, faithfully to travail in this your Office and Calling; that this Work may have his Perfection; and that the needy Number committed to your Charge be diligently and wholsomly provided for; as you will answer before God, at the Hour and Time when you and we shall stand before him, to render an Account of our Doings. And promising this to do, you shall be now admitted into this Company and Fellowship."

Besides the chief Governors, they have divers Officers that receive Salaries; viz. Three Clerks, a Steward, a Matron; for every Two Wards, a Nurse and her Maid; a Porter, and Four Beadles.


They have also Three Servants, which they call Streetmen, that see to the well Government of the Carts of London.

They have also certain Clerks for Blackwell-Hall; whence are certain Duties coming to the House.

As for the Provision for this great Family, the Drink is supplied by Three Beer- Brewers; and the Bread by Three Bakers.


There be Two of the Governors, that are called Almoners, who, for a Month or more, take care to buy and lay in Butchers Meat, that is, Beef and Mutton; the Steward attending them.


The Butcher receiveth 40l. every Month.