Greenwich Hospital. 215

Greenwich Hospital.
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The Hospitall at Greenwich
  The Hospitall at Greenwich ]

Their Governors, and Officers, and Servants, are all these following:


A Governor, who is Colonel Hyde, and hath Yearly 500l. Salary.

A Lieutenant Governor, Commissary Crawford, whose Salary is 200l.

A Major, 150l.

A first Chaplain; and a second Chaplain; a Physician; a Secretary and Clark; a Deputy Treasurer. All these have 100l. a Piece.

These following have lesser Salaries; a Comptroler; Steward; Surgeon; Apothecary; Surgeon's Mate; Clark of the Works; Wardrobe Keeper; Master Cook; Second Cook; Master Butler, and Servant; three Under Cooks; Scullery Man, and Servant; Sexton; Usher of the Hall; Porter; two Sweepers; Housekeeper; 24 Matrons; Barber; Canal Keeper; and Turnlock; Yeoman of the Coal Yard; Gardiner, and Servants; Water Engine Keeper; Lanthorn Keeper; Organist; Bucket-mender; Clockmaker for cleansing the Clock; Adjutant; Supernumerary Matron. Total of the Salaries come to 2621l. 9s.

There be Five Commissioners appointed to take care of this Royal Foundation, who are John How, Esq; Bridges, Esq; Sir Christopher Wren, Knt. the Governor, and the Lieutenant Governor.

Salaries. The Sum.

This House is called a Garrison; and all the Members of it are obliged to Duty in their respective Turns. All these Things considered, some have concluded it the richest endowed Hospital that ever was founded by any King of England.

It must here be inserted, to the Commendation of Sir William Read, the Queen's Oculist, that he hath publickly declared himself ready to assist such of this Hospital, as have come to any Disease or Accident in their Sight, by publick Service in her Wars; and hath accordingly helped a great Number. Which hath been testified in publick Advertisements, by the Governors of the said Hospital; as in August, An. 1705. this following:

Distempers in the Eyes of these Soldiers cured gratis, by Sir William Read, Oculist.

"We the Governor, and Lieutenant Governor of her Majesties Royal Hospital at Chelsea, having by our Certificates, recommended to Sir William Read, her Majesties Oculist, in Durham Yard in the Strand, London, several Pensioners, and Out- Pensioners, for Cure of Distempers in their Eyes, which they got in her Majesties Service; This is therefore to satisfy the Publick, that the said Sir William Read (according to his usual Charity to her Majesties Soldiers) hath performed the said Cures gratis, without any Expence of Medicines to the Patients. Which is attested by us for the publick Service, as well as an Acknowledgment of Sir William's Generosity. "

"Jo. Hales, Governor.
D. Crawford, Lieut. Governor."

At this Time, the Governor of this Royal Hospital is the Honourable Major General Stanwix.

The Governors.

Lieutenant Governor, Colonel Thomas Chudleigh.
Richard Bettesworth, Esq; Major.
Dr. Emanuel Langford.
Mr. Henry Bland. Chaplains.
Dr. John Smart, Physician.
James Frazier, Esq; Secretary and Register.]

The Royal Hospital at Greenwich.


THE Provision aforesaid hath our Nation made now (by the good Providence of God) for Decayed, Aged, and Maimed Soldiers, that have served their King and Country in Land Services. In like manner, for those that have been employed in the like good Services by Sea in the Royal Navies, and are reduced to the like Straits, another Royal and Stately Foundation is Erected at Greenwich upon the Thames, on the South-East Side of London; where formerly stood a House of Pleasure for our Kings, and where the ever memorable and prosperous Q. Elizabeth was born.

Greenwich Hospital for poor Seamen.

J. S.

This Hospital was of K. William and Q. Maries Foundation; who in the Year 1694, Octob. 25. issued out their Letters Patents; wherein they gave and granted to Sir John Somers, Lord Keeper, Thomas Duke of Leeds, President of the Privy Council, Thomas Earl of Pembroke and Montgomery, Lord Privy Seal, Charles Duke of Shrewsbury, one of the principal Secretaries, Sidney Lord Godolphin, first Commissioner of the Treasury, and divers others, their Heirs and Assigns, that Piece or Parcel of Ground situate within the Parish of East Greenwich, being part of their Majesties Manor of East Greenwich, containing in the whole Eight Acres, two Roods, and Thirty two Square Perches; and all that Capital Messuage lately built, or in building by K. Charles II. and still remaining unfinished, commonly called The Palace at Greenwich, and several other Edifices and Buildings. To the intent that every Part thereof should be converted and employed unto, and for the Use of an Hospital, for the Relief of Seamen, their Widows and Children, and Encouragement of Navigation.

Founded by K. William, and Q. Mary.

The Year after, the King again (the Queen being dead) issued out his Letters Patents, dated the 12th of March, An. 1695, and in the Seventh of his Reign, for a Commission for this Hospital. Wherein first, was set forth the Reason of his founding this Hospital; namely, that nothing would more effectually contribute to the Trade, Navigation, and Naval Strength of this Realm, than the endeavouring to increase the Number of English Seamen. And that the Seafaring Men of this Kingdom, had for a long time distinguished themselves throughout the World for their Industry and Skilnfulness in their proper Employments, and by their Courage and Constancy, manifested in Engagements and Hazards for the Defense and Honour of their Native Country. And that nothing was more likely to continue their antient Reputation, and to have greater Numbers to betake themselves to the Sea, than the making some competent Provision, that Seamen, who by Age, Wounds, or other Accidents, should become disabled for further Service at Sea, and should not be in a Condition to maintain themselves comfortably, might not fall under Hardships and Miseries, but might be supported at the publick Charge: and that the Children of such disabled Seamen, and the Widows and Children of such Seamen as should happen to be slain in the King's Service, might in some reasonable manner be provided for and educated. And that therefore, both he himself and the Queen deceased, having frequently reflected upon the Premisses since their Accession to the Crown, had determined to erect and establish an Hospital for the Purposes aforesaid.

A Commission for this Hospital.

Therefore in these Letters Patents last mentioned, he commissioned Prince George Hereditary of Denmark, the Archbishop for the time being, the Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper for the time being; also the Lord President of the Council, the Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal, the Secretary of State for the time being; and a great Number more of the Nobility, the Bishops, the Aldermen of the City, Commissioners of the Navy, Sea