MORDEN College. The Founder's Will. 221

MORDEN College. The Founder's Will.

Gowns; and also 20s. apiece to buy each of them a Chaldron of Coals, for Firing in their Chambers. And the remaining 17l. apiece to be applied to the Maintenance of their and Commons: And for Buying and Dressing their Provisions: And for Bread and Beer, and Coals for their Kitchen and Hall, and all other Necessaries. And if any Overplus of their Pensions be left, after all Commons and Necessaries paid for; the same to be equally divided amongst them, for Cloaths, and other Necessaries.

Wills, That each of them have a Lodging appointed, and be constantly resident in the said College.

Wills, That a Person be appointed to be Treasurer, to receive for the Use of the College all the Rents, Revenues, Sum and Sums of Money belonging to the College; for Provisions, Repairs, Wages, and other Expences whatsoever, in such manner as hereby is directed. And shall prepare and keep Books fairly written of all his Receipts and Disbursments; to be perused, and allowed of, and signed by the Visitors after named, once a Year at least; and oftner, whenever the Visitors, after named, shall call for the same. And for his Pains and Trouble therein, shall have an Allowance either out of the said Real or Copyhold Estate, or such other Estate as is hereby given for the Endowment of the College, the Pension or Sum of 40l. per Annum, by the Visitors, upon Perusal of his Accounts.

Wills, That the Chapel in the said College be Consecrated: And that there be a sober, devout, and discreet Person, in Holy Orders, appointed to be Chaplain to the College, to read Divine Service there, according to the present Liturgy of the Church of England, as now by Law established, Twice every Day, Morning and Evening. And also to preach Sermons twice a Day, every Sunday in the Year; and duly to Administer the Holy Sacraments, and Visit the Sick, and Bury the Dead: And to do all Things according to his Duty and Place. And for his so doing, shall have also out of such Estate given for Endowing the College, 30l. a Year. And the Chaplain and Treasurer shall have their Diet with the Merchants, in the Hall of the College: And also their Lodging in the College. And the same shall be answered out of the Estate allotted for Endowing the College.

Wills, That the Chaplain be always resident, to do his duty in the College. And that all the Merchants do constantly go to Chapel and Divine Service twice every Day without fail, if they are able. And that the Merchants, by Majority of Votes, shall chuse one or more at a time, and as often as they please, out of their own Number, to buy in all the Provisions and other Necessaries for the College; and take care thereof, and deliver out the same to the Cook and others of the College, as Occasion shall require; without any or Advantage for his, or their Pains. Believing, since he gives the Money, they will not think it a Burthen to buy their own Provisions and Necessaries.

Discharges his Executrix from being subject to any Miscarriage, in case, what should be done by her was well intended. And further, directs his Executrix to make Sale of any Ships, or Parts of Ships, in which he is interested, if she thinks fit. Desires her, speedily to sell his Personal Estate, that the Produce thereof may come in Aid of his Real Estate, for Endowing the College. Wills, That the sole Government and Management of the College be in the Visitors, after mentioned, and their Successors for ever. And first appoints his Wife, Sir Edmund Harrison, Daniel Morse, and Pelatiah Barnardiston, to be sole Visitors thereof. And they, and the Survivors of them, or the major Part of them, or of the Survivors of them, to have the sole Management thereof: To place and displace the Merchants, Chaplain, Treasurer, and all Officers and Persons within the College: and to make Orders and Rules for the well governing thereof, as they, or the major Part of them shall think fit. And that they, or the major Part of them, Visit the College once a Year at the least; and oftner, if they think fit. And that they, or the major Part of them, shall then state and take the Treasurer's Accounts, and peruse and sign the same, if they approve thereof: And if not, to call the said Treasurer to Account for all such Moneys as shall come to his Hands, and not be disposed of according to this his Will. And then examine into the well governing of the College, and into the Behaviour of every one within the said College. And if they find that the Treasurer, Chaplain, or any other of the Officers of the College, do not behave themselves according to their Duty; then to displace them, and appoint others in their Rooms, by Writings under their respective Hands and Seals, or the Hands and Seals of the major Part of them. And also examine into the Manners of all the Merchants; whether they keep constant to Chapel, and are resident in the College. And if they find them guilty of any Sort of ill Behaviour; not keeping strictly to the Rules and Orders of the College, or guilty of Swearing, Drunkenness, or any other Debauchery; that then, by Writing under the Hands and Seals of them, or the major Part of them, to displace and turn them out; and put in other Merchants at their Discretions. And then view all Repairs done, or to be done in the College; or Utensils of Houshold-stuff: And give such Orders therein, as to them shall seem meet.

Gives 10l. per Annum for ever, to be expended in a Dinner for the Visitors in the said Hall, on the Day of their Visitation; and for Hay and Corn for their Horses. And after they have dined, all the Provisions remaining to be given to the Merchants within the College.

Wills, That Rooms be prepared for their Reception. And that immediately after the Decease of any Two of the Visitors, that Sir John Buckworth, Sir Humphry Edwin, John Morice, Esq; Mr. William Faulconer, and Mr. Justus Otgher, Turkey Merchants, shall be Trustees, and Visitors of the College during their Lives; together with the then surviving Visitor, or Visitors. And that then all the Trustees or Visitors do Visit the College, and execute all the Powers, above given to the first Trustees. And that then, when any one of the said Visitors dies, all the surviving Visitors, or the major Part of them, shall meet; and under their Hands and Seals constitute and appoint some one of the Turkey Company, to supply the Place of the deceased Visitor, to be Visitor with them during his Life. Or if more than one happen to be dead, then to constitute and appoint so many of the Turkey Company to be Visitors for their Lives, in the Place of those deceased, as will keep up the Number of Seven Visitors; to have always the sole Management of the College according to his Will.

Wills, That if all the Visitors of the College should dye, without chusing others to succeed