MORDEN College. Orders. 222

MORDEN College. Orders.

them; then the Turkey Company to chuse Seven discreet Persons, Members of their Company, to be Visitors of the College for their Lives: And they to chuse them Successors accordingly, in manner aforesaid, for ever. And if the Turkey Company fail, that there cannot be Visitors chosen out of them; then the surviving Visitors, or major Part of them, shall constitute and appoint so many of the East India Company, as will fill up the Number Seven. And if that Company fail; then out of the Court of Aldermen of the City of London be [as many] Visitors for their Lives, as will make up their Number Seven Visitors for ever. And so the surviving Visitors, as often as any shall dye, shall chuse fit and discreet Persons out of the Court of Aldermen. And if the Court of Aldermen fail; then the surviving Visitors, when any one or more shall dye, to constitute one or more to fill up their Number Seven, of discreet and grave Persons, Gentlemen of the County of Kent, as the surviving Visitors, or major Part of them shall think fit, to be Visitors for their Lives: And so to chuse Visitors successively out of the Gentlemen of Kent, to make up their Number Seven for ever. But so long as there shall be a Turkey Company, or when they shall be restored, the Visitors to be chosen out of them.

Directs, That the Trustees and Visitors, when they shall be reduced to Two in Number, in whom the Inheritance of the Estate devised, or to be purchased, shall be vested; shall convey and assure the Inheritance and Fee simple of the said Estates to the Use of themselves, and all other the then present Visitors, and of their Heirs and Assigns, for the Purposes aforesaid. And that the Charges of so conveying and transferring the said Estates, and all other Charges and Expences in or about making Purchases, and ordering and managing the Estate or Revenues wherewith the College is endowed, (other than the Expences of Visitations, which are already provided for) shall be allowed and deducted out of the Estates and Revenues aforesaid.

Wills, That so often as any of his Name, or his own or Wife's Relations, shall be qualified to be Chaplain, or otherwise qualified to perform any of the Offices in the College, or be within the Intention of this Will, to receive the Charity of the College; that they be upon an Election preferred before others, and be put into the said Offices of the College for which they are qualified, and put in to receive the Charity thereof, before any Person whatsoever.

Revokes all former Wills; and declares this to be his last. Dated the 15th of October, 1702.


Abstract of the Codicil annexed.

Whereas by his Will of the 15th of October, 1702, he mentions a College erected for Poor Merchants; and thereby gave a yearly Pension of 20l. to every Merchant; And attended the House of Commons, for an Exemption for the College from Paying Taxes, but could not prevail: Does therefore declare, That the Pension of 20l. yearly to each Merchant, be reduced to the yearly Pension of 15l. to issue out of the yearly Allowance of 20l. by Will allowed. In all other Things, confirms his said Will.

Dated the 9th of March, 170-.

In the Hall is hung up a TABLE, containing in Writing the Orders of the College: Which are as follow.

The ORDERS to be Observed in MORDEN COLLEGE.


I. Imprimis, It is Orderd, That no Person or Persons be elected, or admitted into this College, but such Poor Merchants as are fallen into Decay by Accidents of the Seas, or otherwise, in their way of Merchandizing; being honest, sober and discreet Members of the Church of England, as now by Law established; and being single Persons, of the Age of Fifty Years at the Time of their Admission into the said College. And if by Misinformation, Mistake or otherwise, any Person or Persons whatsoever, or any common Swearers, Drunkards, quarrelsome, loose, lewd, unruly, debauched or disorderly Persons, or any Person or Persons infected with any infectious Disease, shall be placed or put into the said College; that then all, and every such Person, shall be immediately expelled, and put out of the said College for ever.

II. Ordered, That no Friends, Relations or Acquaintance, of any of the said Merchants or Servants, (unless in Case of Sickness, or the like, to take care of them) shall reside, live or lodge in the said College. And every Person or Persons offending against this Order, shall forfeit for his first Offence all his and their Commons, during the Time any such Person shall reside, live or lodge with them in the said College, and for one Month longer. And for the Second Offence, Six Months longer. And for the Third Offence, such Merchants and Servants shall be expelled, and turned out of the said College for ever.

III. Ordered, That every Member of the said College shall be constantly residing and dwelling within the said College; and shall not be wandring, and mispending their Time in publick and disorderly Houses; but shall employ themselves in Acts of Piety and Devotion. Nor shall absent themselves, without Leave, for Twenty four Hours, from the said College; unless by unavoidable Accident, or Necessity; under Pain of being expelled the College.

IV. Ordered, That all the Gentlemen of the said College be daily in Commons, in the Hall of the said College; unless prevented by Sickness, or other such like Indisposition. And that their daily Allowance be, to each of them, a Pound of Meat, two Quarts of Beer, a Threehalfpeny Loaf, besides Cheese and Butter. That the Time of Dining be Twelve of the Clock; and of Supper, be Six of the Clock. And in Case of Sickness, (instead of such their Allowance) there shall be provided for them, and sent to their Chambers, such other Provisions and Necessaries, as shall be convenient and necessary for them in their Condition. And that no Gentleman of the said College shall send, or carry