Honourable Acts of Citizens. 269

Honourable Acts of Citizens.

William Mascall, Brewer, gave to the same Hospital, and to the same Intent, 9l. yearly.

W. Mascall his Charity.

Stephen Skidmore, Vintner, gave a Gift of 44l. yearly, and ordered it in this manner:

Steph. Skidmore his Love and Charity to the Poor.

To Seventeen poor Parishes in London, appointed by Nomination, 17l.

To the Poor of the Parish of St. Stephen in Colemanstreet, 12d. weekly in Bread.

To the Poor of Cork in Ireland, (where it seemeth he was born) being Twelve in Number; to each poor Body; 40s.

Richard Jacob, Vintner, gave a Gift of Sixteen Pounds for ever, that it should be distributed to Christ's Hospital, St. Bartholomew's, Bridewell, and St. Thomas in Southwark, 40s. to each House yearly: And the other 8l. to be given to certain appointed poor Parishes in London.

Rich. Jacob his Charity to Hospitals and Prisons.

He gave, moreover, (for so long Time as two Hundred Years should last) the Sum of 28l. yearly. Of which Portion of Money, Sixteen Pounds was appointed for poor Prisoners, that lay imprsoned in any of the Eight Prisons in and about London, yearly; to each Prison, 40s. As, the Gatehouse, the Fleet, both the Compters of the Poultry and Woodstreet, Ludgate, the Marshalsea, the King's Bench, and the White Lion.

A Time of honest and large Continuance.

What remained of the Overplus of the Money, was to be distributed to the Poor of divers appointed Parishes.

John Russell, Draper, gave the Sum of 80l. yearly, for ever: Out of which these Sums following should be deducted, and the rest remain to be employed by the Company of Drapers.

John Russel his charitable Deeds.

He gave 13l. 9s. yearly, to Thirteen poor People.

For Relief of the Poor, to be bestowed in Bread yearly, 52s.

His especial Respect of the Poor.

To be bestowed in Coals yearly, for the Poor, 3l.

For the maintaining of Preachers yearly, at Paul's Cross, 10l.

His Love to Religion and Learning.

Toward the maintaining of Two Scholars, one in Oxenford, and the other in Cambridge, the Sum of 13l. 6s. 8d.

For maintaining a Schoolmaster at Burton in Staffordshire, 13l. 6s. 8d.

Item, To the Usher, 5l.

And to the Visitors, 30s.

Robert Gale, Vintner, out of his Lands lying in divers Places, gave the Sum of 140l. yearly, to be employed in manner following, after the Decease of Dorothy his Wife.

Rob. Gale his Love to Learning, and Respect of the Poor.

To Six of the poorer sort of Scholars in Corpus Christi College, in the University of Oxenford, usually commorant and residing in the said College, and yearly to be chosen on the Feast Day of St. Thomas the Apostle, by George Lacock, his Heirs or Assigns, under his or their Hand and Seal:

To each Scholar he gave 3l. 6s. 8d. yearly, for ever; to be paid by the said Lacock, his Heirs or Assigns for ever, out of his Lands in Claypool in the County of Lincoln, and Brassington in the County of Derby.

To the poor Town of Chippenham, in Wiltshire, he gave 20l.

To the Preacher there, 20s.

To the Bailiff and Burgesses, as a friendly Remembrance, yearly, 20s.

To Christ's Hospital in London, 20l.

To the Company of Vintners, 20l.

To the Poor in Lincoln, 20l.

To a Preacher there, yearly, 10s.

To the Maior and Chamberlain, 20s.

To the Minister of St. Mark's Church there, Ten Shillings.

John Quarles, Draper, gave yearly, to be bestowed in Bread, for Relief of the Poor, 6l.

John Quarles his Charity.

William Dummer, Draper, gave to the Poor the Sum of 13l. 18s. 4d. yearly, for ever.

W. Dummer his Charity.

William Parker, a Brother also of the same Society, gave towards the maintaining of a Lecture, yearly, at St. Antholin's, 6l.

W. Parker his Charity.

Owen Clun, another Brother also of the same Society, gave to the Poor of the said Company, yearly, for ever, the Sum of 25l.

Owen Clun his Charity.

James Stoddard, Grocer, for the maintaining of two poor Scholars, the one in the College of Brazen-nose in Oxenford, and the other to be of Queen's College in Cambridge, gave 10l. yearly, to be paid for ever, out of his Tenement called the Swan with two Necks, in the Parish of St. Laurence Old Jewry.

James Stoddard his Love to Learning.

John Skeete, Draper, for Relief and Maintenance of the Poor in the Hospitals in and about London, gave the Sum of 300l.

John Skeete his Respect of the Poor, and his Love to Learning.

Moreover, he gave to Four poor Scholars studying Divinity in the University of Oxford, and which are not able to proceed in their Degrees, 5l. to each Scholar, to be paid at the next Act, or Commencement.

The like Liberality he gave to the other University of Cambridge, for so many Scholars, 5l. to each, and at the same Time.

Roger Owfield, Fishmonger, gave the Sum of 100l. towards the Maintenance of poor Scholars that studied Divinity in the Universities of Oxenford and Cambridge, or elsewhere. And his Desire was, that some of them might be of the Town of Ashborn, if any such could there be found fit for it. Otherewise he appointed the Money to be employed in Scholarships, in Sidney or Emanuel College in Cambridge.

Roger Owfield his Love to Learning.

Beside, he gave to Christ's Hospital, 100l.

John Berriman, of Bishops Tawnton, in Devonshire, Clothier, and said to be a Free Draper of London, gave to Christ's Hospital 100l.; to St. Bartholomew's, 5l.; to St. Thomas's, 6l.; to Bridewell, 40s.; and to Bethlem, 50l.

J. Berriman his Respect of the Poor.

John Ireland, Salter, gave to Christ's Hospital, 4l.; to St. Bartholomew's, 4l.; to St. Thomas's and Bridewell, 20s. to each House.

John Ireland his Charity.

Thomas Thonrey, Barber-Chirurgeon, gave to Christ's Hospital, 5l.; and to Bridewell, 5l.

Tho. Thorney his Charity.

Francis Evington, Merchant Taylor, gave to Christ's Hospital, 10l.; and to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 10l.

Fran. Evington his Charity, and Love to Learning.

He gave also to poor Scholars in both the Universities, 6l. to each Scholar.

Henry Butler, Draper, gave to St. Thomas's Hospital, 10l.; to Christ's Hospital, 5l.; and to St. Bartholomew's and Bridewell, 5l. to each House.

H. Butler his Charity.

Peter Hall, Draper, gave to Christ's Hospital, 10l.; to St. Bartholomew's, 3l.; and the like to St. Thomas's.

Peter Hall his Charity.

Roger Jenkins, Barber-Chirurgeon; To the poor Scholars in Chirst's Hospital, gave 5l. to buy them Books at the Discretion of the Treasurer.

Roger Jenkins his Love to Learning.