Portsoken Ward. 16

Portsoken Ward.

the City Wall is hidden, the Ditch filled up, a small Chanel left, and made shallow enough.

All this Ditch is now quite filled up, and built with tolerable good Houses, and makes a fair and airy Street, only somewhat annoyed by Dunghills, and little Out Houses and Yards over against them, which belong to the Inhabitants of the Houses in the Minories.

And built.

J. S.

From Aldgate, East, lieth a large Street, and High Way, some time replenished with few, but fair and cleanly Buildings: On the North Side whereof, the first Building was the Parish Church of St. Botolph, in a large Cemitery, or Churchyard.

Parish Church of St. Boltolph.

The Parish Church of St. BOTOLPH Aldgate.


In this Church was founded a Fraternity, or Guild of the Holy Trinity; to which belonged a Messuage and House called Trinity Hall, otherwise the common Hall of the said Fraternity; to which belonged eight Messuages, commonly called Trinity Alley, sold with other Things 2 Edward VI. for 6l. 13s. 4d.

Guild of the Holy Trinity in St. Botolph Church.

J. S.

The Steeple is towered with Spires at each Corner, a seemly Lanthorn standing in the Middle. Over into the Street a convenient Dial, for the Use of Passengers, extends it self from the Side of the said Steeple.

We may gather some Knowledge what this Church of St. Botolph was about 300 Years ago, and how enlarged, from an ancient Will, bearing Date Sept. 5. 1418. in the Registrary of the Bishops of London, viz. That there then was an Ile added to it, called the new Ile of St. Katharines, and a new Chapel, dedicated to St. Mary, made equal and like to the said St. Katharines Ile; and also a new Steeple. The Donor was Robert Burford, a Bell Founder, a wealthy Man, as it seems of this Parish, and charitably disposed; who by Will gave 40l. towards the building the new Ile of St. Katharines, and towards the making and raising of St. Mary's Chapel to the same Height and Form of the new Ile of St. Katharines 40 Mark; and towards the building of a new Steeple 40l. more. And left it to his Executors, to see the whole Covering of the new Ile of the Chapel of St. Katharines in the said Church to be compleatly finished, in the Carpentary, at his proper Cost and Charges. All which appear by the Words of the Will.

New Iles and a Steeple built to St Botolphs.

J. S.

Rob. Burford Civis & Campanarius condidit Testamentum, sepeliend. in Capell. be. Mariæ in Eccels. S. Bothi. extra Aldgate, juxta tumulum patris, &c. Lego Ecclesiæ x Marc. Item, Lego ad construction. novæ Insule sancte Catharine in dict. Eccles. xl l. Item, Lego ad opus Capelle be. Mariæ, ad eandem Capell. faciend. & exaltand. consimili forma adinstar nove Insule prædict. xl. Marc. Item, Lego ad constrution. novi Campanil. xl. l. Item Volo quod totum tectum nov. Insule Capell. sancte Catharine in dict. Eccles. ut in Carpentaria ad custus meos per Executores meos perficiatur. Probat. 3io Calendar. Octobr. 1418.]

Regist. Ep. Lon. vocat. Moor fol. 12 b. J. Hare, Herald.

The Church hath been lately new builded at the special Charges of the Priors of the Holy Trinity, Patrons thereof, as it appeareth by the Arms of that House engraven on the Stone Work. The Parishioners of the Parish being of late Years mightily encreased, the Church is pestered with Lofts and Seats for them.

This Church was repaired and beautified in the Year of our Lord God 1621. And in the Year 1633. all the Ground through the Church was new laid and levelled. In the doing of which, where before from the lower End of the Church to the upper End, it was all but one even Floor, without any Ascent or Rising, they have made a fair Ascent at the Beginning of the Chancel; and in that again at the Place where they give the Communion. Further gracing and enriching it with a fair new Table, and the whole Chancel with new Pews, very decently wrought and disposed.

Aldgate Church repaired Ann. 1621.


Monuments in this Church there are few. Henry Jorden founded a Chantry there. John Romany Ollarie, and Agnes his Wife, were buried there about Anno 1408. Richard Chester Alderman, one of the Sheriffs, 1484. Thomas Lord Darcy of the North, Knight of the Garter, beheaded 1537. Sir Nicholas Carew of Bedington in Surrey, Knight of the Garter, beheaded 1538. Sir Arthur Darcy, youngest Son to Thomas Lord Darcy, deceased at the New Abby on the Tower Hill, was buried there.

Monuments in this Church.

There is a fair Vault under Ground, purposely made (as appeareth) for the whole Family: Over which Vault (being in the East End of the Chancel, but leaning somewhat to the North) is a fair ancient Tomb of Alabaster ingeniously wrought, being the Figure of a Man in white Marble lying along, as in a Sleep, with a white Sheet lapt about him; only the Face, Breast and Arms naked: Having these Lines thereon,

J. S.

Here lyeth Thomas Lord Darcy of the North, and some time of the Order of the Garter. Sir Nicholas Carew Knt. sometime of the Garter. Lady Elizabeth Carew, Daughter to Sir Francis Brian, Knt. And Sir Arthur Darcy Knt. younger Son to the abovenamed Lord Darcy. And Lady Mary his dear Wife, Daughter to Sir Nicholas Carew Knt. who had ten Sons and five Daughters. Here lye Charles, William and Philip, Mary and Ursula, Sons and Daughters to the said Sir Arthur, and Mary his Wife; whose Souls God take to his infinite Mercy. Amen.

Tho. L. Darcy.

Sir N. Carew.

Sir Arthur Darcy.

On the North Side of this Tomb there is a small Monument, fixed in the Wall, bearing this Inscription,

Here lyeth Sir Edward Darcy, Knt. third Son of Sir Arthur Darcy, Knt. Of the Privy Chamber to the late Queen Elizabeth. He married the Daughter of Thomas Asteley, Esq; by whom he had fifteen Children. Sir Robert Darcy, Knt. his eldest Son, caused him to be buried in this Vault amongst his Ancestors, according to his Desire. He died at his House called Dartford Place in Kent, Octob. 28. Anno Dom. 1612. He being 69 Years old.

Sir Ed. Darcy.

This Thomas Lord Darcy, and Sir Nicholas Carew (who was Master of the King's Horse) were both beheaded on the Tower Hill: The former because he was one (howsoever constrained thereto by the Rebels) of the Commotion in Yorkshire; who opposed the Alienation of the Abby Lands by K. Henry VIII. Anno 1536. - The second for being of Council with Henry (Courtney) Marquis of Exeter, and Henry Poole Lord Mountague. Who were indicted and found guilty of High Treason for contriving to maintain, promote, and advance, one Reginald Poole, late Dean of Exeter, a great Enemy to the King, then beyond the Sea, and to deprive the King, and set up the said Poole in his Room. Anno 1539.

Dr. Bray.

Sir Arthur Darcy, here mentioned, was first buried in the new Abby of Eastminster, where he deceas'd; for what reason he was removed is not related: Most likely on the account of this being the burial Place of his Ancestors. See Weaver's ancient funeral Monuments, Printed in 1635. p. 426: See also Stow's Annals.

Fuller, in his Church History, Book VI. P. 324. in order to vindicate the Name and Character of