Tower Street Ward. St. Dunstan's in the East. 44

Tower Street Ward. St. Dunstan's in the East.

the Wardens of the same Church causing the Maior and Sheriffs of the City of London yearly to be at his said Obit: And the Maior yearly (for the time being, offering at his Mass of Requiem 1d.) to have 6s. 8d. paid by the hand of the said Warden out of the Rents and Issues of his said great Tenement: And either of the Sheriffs for the time being, to have 3s. 4d. And the Sword Bearer for warning the Maior, 20d. And either of the Wardens, 3s. 4d. for their Labour: And every of the Priests, Clerks and Sexton of the said Church, being at his Obit and Mass of Requiem, for their Labour 4d. and for ringing of the Bells, and for Bread and Drink among the Ringers 20d. Allowing yearly for Wax to be extended about his Obit, 3s. 4d. And distributing in Alms among poor People Housholders of the said Parish, 3s. 4d. And paying yearly to the Parish Priest, or Curate abiding in the same Parish, 3s. 4d. he every Sunday recommending his Soul and the Souls of Alice and Johane his Wives, the Souls of their Fathers and Mothers, or Children and Benefactors Souls, to the devout Prayers of the Parishioners there. Bread, Ale, and Cheese yearly at the said Obit to be extended, 3s. 4d. The residue and remaining due yearly of the Rents and Profits, &c. of the said great Tenement, after the foresaid Payments, to be converted yearly to the Use of the Works and Reparation of the Church and said great Tenement. I have set this Will down thus largely from the Original, to shew the Customs and Magnificence of Funerals, and withal the superstitious Piety of those times.]

Close by it standeth another very fair Alabaster Tomb, richly and curiously gilded, with two ancient Figures of Aldermen in Scarlet kneeling; the one, at one end of the Tomb in a goodly Arch, the other, at the other end in like manner; and a comely Figure of a Lady between them, who was Wife to them both. By the one standeth a Table, with this Inscription:

A. M.

Here lyeth Henry Heardson's Corps,
within this Tomb of Stone:
His Soul (through Faith in Christ his Death,)
to God in Heaven is gone.
Whilst that he lived an Alderman,
and Skinner was his State,
To Virtue bare he all his Love,
To Vice he bare his Hate.
His Alms that weekly he bestow'd,
within this Parish here,
May witness to the Poores Relief,
what Good Will he did bear.
He had to Wife one Barbara,
which made this Tomb you see:
By whom he had of Issue store,
eight Sons and Daughters three.
Obijt 22. Decemb. An. Dom. 1555.

By the other standeth the like Table, thus inscribed:

The Corps of Richard Champion, Knight,
Maior, Draper, here doth rest:
Whose Soul by most assured Hope,
with Christ in Heaven is blest,
His Life was such, and so employ'd,
to right from wrong; that he,
Whom God did so direct in Life,
must needs with comfort dye:
Both rich and poor did like him well,
and yet do praise his Name:
Though he behind him left no Child,
which might declare the same.
His weekly Alms that is bestow'd,
within the Parish here:
Doth witness to the Poors comfort,
the Good Will he did bear.
Obijt 30. Octobris, An. Dom. 1568.

There is a fair Alabaster Tomb, principally belonging to Sir Christopher Draper, Knt. yet bearing all these Inscriptions following, in regard of the several Marriages of his Daughters:

In the South Ile of the Choir.

Sir Christpher Draper, Knt. Ironmonger, and Lord Maior of London, 1566. deceased, being 70 Years of Age. Lady Margaret his Wife made this Monument for him.

Sir Christopher Draper.

Sir William Webbe, Knt. Salter, and Lord Maior of London, 1591. deceased the fourth Day of July, 1599. Lady Bennet, his Wife, yet living, Daughter to Sir Christopher Draper, Knt. performed this in her Love to him.

Sir Wolstane Dixie, Knt. Skinner, and Lord Maior of London, An. Dom. 1582. deceased, being 69 Years of Age. Lady Agnes, his Wife, Daughter to Sir Christopher Draper, Knt. deceased in the 37th Year of her Age.

Sir Henry Billingsley, Knt. Haberdasher, and Lord Maior of London, 1596. yet living in An. 1602. Mrs Bridget, his Wife, Daughter to Sir Chrisopher Draper, Knt. deceased in the 44th Year of her Age. Mr. Christopher Woodroffe, Son to the said Mrs. Bridget, deceased 37 Years of Age.

Hoc Monumentum amoris ergo posuit Domina Benet Webbe superstes in memoriam sui conjugis dignissimi equitis Guil. Webbe, desuncti 4. JulŸ, 1599. Ut etiam in observantiam officŸ erga parentes suos Dom. Christ. Draper, & Margaretam Uxorem ejus, necnon cæteros tum sorores tum posteros præfixos.

Underneath it, is an ancient Marble Monument, and upon a Plate are these Words engraven

Here lyeth buried James Bacon, late of London Alderman and Sheriff, who departed this mortal life the 5th day of June, Anno Dom. 1573. Having Issue by Mary his first Wife, one Son and three Daughters. And by Margaret his second Wife, three Sons and one Daughter. And by Anne his third Wife, no Child, &c.

This Gentleman was third Son of Robert Bacon, late of Drinkston in Suffolk, and younger Brother to Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper. He deceased at his House in London, June 1. 1573. His first Wife Mary was Daughter of John Gardiner of Grove Place, Bucks; and by her had Issue Anne his Daughter, Wife to John Rivet of Brampston in Suffolk Gent. The same James married to his second Wife Margaret, Daughter to William Rawlins of London, Grocer, Widow of Richard Goldston of London, Salter. By whom he had Issue James Bacon, and William, second Son. The said James's third Wife was a Daughter of Humfrey Packington of London, Gent. Widow of Edmund Jackman, late Alderman.]

J. S.

Heralds Off.

On the North Side of the Chancel is a fair Monument erected in the Wall, bearing this Inscription:

Johannes Hawkins, Eques Auratus, clariss. Reginæ Marinarum causarum Thesaurarius. Qui cum XLIIII. annos muniis bellicis, & longis periculosisque navigationibus, detegendis novis regionibus, ad Patriæ utilitatem, & suam ipsius gloriam, strenuam & egregiam operam navasset, in expeditione, cui Generalis præfuit ad Indiam occidentalem dum in Anchoris ad portum S. Joannis in insula Beriquena staret, placidè in Domino ad Cœlestem Patriam emigravit, 12. die Novem-

Sir John Hawkins Treasurer of the Navy.