Tower Street Ward. St. Dunstan's in the East. 45

Tower Street Ward. St. Dunstan's in the East.

bris, anno salutis 1595. In cujus memoriam ob virtutem, & res gestas, Domina Margreta Hawkins, Uxor mœstissima, hoc monumentum cum lacrymis posuit.

By the Tomb hangs a fair Table, fastned in the Wall, with these Verses in English:

Dame Margaret,
a Widow well affected,
This Monument
of Memory erected,
unto the Viewers sight,
The Life and Death
of Sir John Hawkins, Knt.
One fearing God,
and loyal to his Queen,
True to the State
by trial ever seen,
Kind to his Wives,
both Gentlewomen born,
Whose connterfeits
with Grace this Work adorn.
Dame Katharine
the first, of rare report,
Dame Margaret
the last, of Court Consort,
Attendant on
the Chamber and the Bed
Of England's Queen
ELIZABETH, our head,
Next under Chist,
of whom all Princes hold
Their Scepters, States,
and Diadems of Gold:
Free to their Friends
on either side his Kin,
Careful to keep
the Credit he was in:
Unto the Seamen
As testifieth
Chattams Hospital.
The Poor of Plimouth,
and of Deptford Town,
Have had, now have,
and shall have many a Crown;
Proceeding from
his Liberality,
By way of great
and gracious Legacy.
This Parish of
Saint Dunstan standing East,
(Wherein he dwelt
full thirty Years at least)
Hath of the Springs
of his good Will a part,
Derived from
the Fountain of his Heart.
All which bequests,
with many moe unsaid,
Dame Margaret
hath bountifully paid.
Deep of Conceit,
in speaking grave and wise,
Endighting swift,
and pregnant to devise;
In conference
revealing haughty Skill,
In all Affairs
having a Worthies Will,
On Sea and Land
spendng his Course and time,
By Steps of Years
as he to Age did climb.
God hath his Soul,
the Sea his Body keeps,
Where (for a while)
as Jonas, now he sleeps;
Till he which said
to Lazarus, Come forth;
Awakes this Knight,
and gives to him his Worth.
In Christian Faith,
and faithful Penitence,
In quickning Hope,
and constant Patience,
He running ran
a faithful Pilgrim's race,
God giving him
the guiding of his Grace.
Ending his Life
with his Experience,
By deep Decree
of God's high Providence,
His Years to six times
ten and three amounting,
The ninth, the seventh
Climacterick by counting.
Dame Katharine,
his first religious Wife,
Saw Years thrice ten
and two of mortal Life:
Leaving the World the sixth,
the seventh ascending,
Thus he and she,
alike their compass ending,
Asunder both
by Death of Flesh alone,
Together both in Soul,
two making one,
Among the Saints above,
from Troubles free,
Where two in one shall meet,
and make up three.
The Christian Knight
and his good Ladies twain,
Flesh, Soul and Spirit
united once again;
Beholding Christ,
who comfortably saith,
Come, mine Elect,
receive the Crown of Faith.


Give God, saith Christ,
give Cæsar lawful right,
Owe no Man, saith St. Paul,
ne mine, ne mite
Save Love, which made
this chaste Memorial,
Subscribed with
Truths testimonial.

A fair Monument in the North Ile of the Chancel, with this Inscription.


Here lyeth the Body of Richard Wyche, Merchant and Citizen of London, free of the Company of Skinners: Amongst whom, (having born all Offices) his Life and Carriage was exemplary.
He marry'd Elizabeth, the Daughter of Sir William Saltingstal, Kt. sometime Alderman and Maior of this Honourable City of London. By whom he had Issue 12 Sons and 6 Daughters, viz. Richard, Thomas, Susan, Daniel, George, Samuel, Peter, Elizabeth, James, Mary, Anne, Edward, Julius, William, Henry, Abigail, Nathanael, Rebecca.