Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars. 76

Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars.

" prout supra scribuntur & recitantur sub Anno Dom. Indictione, Pontificatu, mense, die & loco in prinicipia presentis Instrumenti prædicti specificatis, præsentibus discretis viris Ricardo Barton Pannario Cive London. & Johanne Pumfret literato. Testibus ad præmissa vocatis, specialiter & rogatis subsequentique Anno Dom. Indictione Pontificatu, ac quintodecimo die mens. in principio prædicti Instrumenti prædictis specificatis post horam prandii ejusdem quintodecimi diei, in Refectorio dictorum fratrum Ordinis sancti Crucis in Parochia sancti Olavi juxta Turrim London. in mei ejusdem Notarii & Testium retroscriptor. præsentia personaliter constituti discreti Johannes Bull, Petrus Hugenson, Johannes Johnson, Johannes Johnson de Swolley, & Gisbritus de Acon, fratres ut asseruerunt dicti fraternitatis juraverunt & quilibet eorum juravit ad sancta Dei Evangelia per ipsos & eorum quemlibet tunc ibidem corporaliter tacta, quod ipsi & eorum quilibet bene & fidelibus observabunt, & observabit ordinationes & fundationes ejusdem fraternitatis omnes & singulas & quamlibet particulam in eis content. juxta eorum & cujuslibet eorum posse & facultates Quæ quidem ordinationes & fundationes & quælibet particula earum fuerunt & fine eisdem fratribus tunc ibidem in vulgari Anglicano lecte & exposite, prout & sicut supra plenius expressum. Super quibus omnibus, & singulis præfati Dedericus, Bertramus, Conradus magistri prædicti requisierunt me Notarium publicum subscriptum sibi confit. presentium Instrumentum. Acta sunt hæc prout suprascribuntur sub Anno Dom. Indictione, Pontificat. quintodecimo die & loco prox. superius speicificatis, præsentibus discretis viris Gerardo Johnson hanc hanc, Johanne de Moleyn, Johanne Harryson, Pretro Boeykys, Willielmo Michelson, Jacobo Snettisson, Johanne de Harst. testibus ad præmissa vocatis specialiter & rogatis. "

"Et ego Johannes Ecton Clericus, cujus Civitatis London. publicus Auctoritate Imperiali Notarius, præmissis omnibus & singulis dum sic ut præmittitur agerentur & fierent, una cum prænominatis testibus præsens ac personaliter interfui, ea quæ sic fieri vidi & audivi, aliundeque occupatus per alium scribi feci, publicari & in hanc presentem formam redegi, signoque meo solito & consueto signavi, rogatus & requisitus in fidem & testimonium omnium & singulorum præmissorum. "

There was also another Guild of Dutch Men in this Church, viz.

IN the Name of God Amen. We Richard Blodywell, Doctor of Lawe and Commissary of London. To all Cristene Peopill to whom this presente Wryting shall come, or shall hereof know, send greting in our Lord. And whereas it is so, that of late the Rulers and Wardens of the Brotherhed of the Fraternite of St. Katheryn, founded and ordenyd by Duychmenne fourscore Years passid in te Crosse Fryers in the Cite of London: And the Brothers of the same Fraternite, that is to say, Rolland Jonson and Henry Percy, nowe being Rewlers and Wardens of the said Fraternite Gerard Wygarson, Jamys Edward, Cornelys Walter, Cornelys Jamys, John Cornelys, John Johnson, Peter Andrew, Petyr Johnson, Thomas Herryes, Henry Wyssyll, Peter Arnoldson, John Harryson, Gilbard Arnoldson, Reynolde Frederykson, William Williamson, Jamys Lambert, Poles Husman, John Baton, Peter Bell, Leonard Herrys, John Tomson, John Vansanton, Cornelys Kuysvard, John Godfrey, Leonard Higharson, Mathew Jonson, John Jonson, Deryck Bruer, Rayntyn Egbarson, Barnard Egbarson, John Cleve, John Arnoldson, Gyles Clayson, Mathew Godfrey, and John Kyrchinson: Being all or the more parte Doble of the Fraternity aforesaid; Have with good Mynd, and to thentent of good Rule to be had and kept in the said Fraternity in tyme comyng with grete Instancis had in this Party presented unto us, all suche the Rules, Ordenaunces and Statutis within written; mekely beseeching and desyring us the Commissary aforesaid, to ratify, stabelishe, auctorise and conferme the said Rules, Ordenaunces and Statutis: We therefor Richard Blodywell, Commissary aforesaid, considering that the said beseeching and desire, being resonable and consonant to good Lawe and Consciens with the Consent of the said Rulers, Wardens and Bretherne, ratify, stabelishe, auctorize and conferme, as fer as is in us, all and singuler Rules, Ordenaunces and Statutis within written: effectually charging the said Rulers, Masters and Bretherne, all and eche of theme, that they and eche of theme doo dewly and truly obbey, observe and kepe all the saide Rules, Ordenaunces and Statutis, as it to theme and eyther of theme concernyth, and to theme perteyneth, under payne of the Grete Curse and other Paynes expressid in the same Statutis, Ordenaunces and Rewlis. And for the more Feyth and Credence to be gevyn to this presente Wrytyng, we the said Commissary have put to this Wrytyng, Rules, Ordenaunces and Statutis, our Seale of Office the xxv Day of the Monyth of Octob. the Yere of our Lord God M. CCCClxxxxv.

Fraternity of St. Katharine in Crutched Fryers.

Ed. Alex.

The Founder.

An. 1495.

First, that no manner of Persone nor Persones fro hensforth be admitted or recyvid unto the said Fraternite, but with the good Will of all the Bretherne of the same Fraternite, or of the Senior or Sainor Parte of theme, and that he or they soo admitted and receyvid, pay at the Entre ijl. of Wex to the encresse of the Light of the saide Fraternite; and opinly to be sworen to kepe and observe the Ordenaunces, Statutis, Determinationis hereafter folowing.

The Rules and Ordinances of this Fraternity.

Also, that no Brother nor Sistur of the said Fraternite from hensforth fray not, unssay, ne Pyke bare, nor quarrel one with another, nor have any slaunderous or rebukfull Wordis or Disfamation one ageynst another; uppon payne that he or she that is proud in the Defaute, and will not abyde by the Rules, Sayings and Awarde in that behalf of the Governors for the tyme being, forfett as often xl. of Wex, or ellis give for every Pound vid. of Money, to be leved and applyed half thereof to the use and behoof of the Werks of Paules, and that other half to the use of the saide Fraternitye.

Also, that every Broder of the said Fraternite from hensforth faythfully and trewly pay theyr Quartages and Dewtis longing to the said Fraternite; as of olde tyme accustumed it hath benne used, and he that is behynde by iiijd. and will not pay it within the space of vij Days after that he is therto lawfully required, forfett as often ijl. of Wex, to be leved and applyed to the Uses, Manner and Form abovesaid.

Also, every Person and Persons of the said Fraternite for the tyme being, from hensforth honestly, as well in theyr Wordis as in theyr Dedis, demeane and behave themsylff amonst the Rulers and Governours of the said Fraternite for the tyme being, whanne they go about to gadder Quartagis, Fyns and other Dewtis longing to the said Bretherhed; uppon Payne that he or they that doo the contrary forfett as often vl. of Wex, to be levid and applyed to the Uses aforesaid.

Also, whereas often tymes at the Assembles and Drinking togidders of the said Bretherne, and specyally uppon Saint Katheryns Day certeyne misavysed and evill dispond Brethrene of the said Fraternite brall and chyde togidders, with gret revylis and rebukefull Wordis; and sum whylle the same misavysed Persones rebuke