Bishopsgate Ward. St. Botolph's Parish. 91

Bishopsgate Ward. St. Botolph's Parish.
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Francis Dashwood Esq; Apr. 23. 1683. Aged 79.

Anne and Mary, Daughters of Thomas Pittis, D.D. Rector of this Parish Annis 1681/2 and 1682

Thomas Isham 1692, Elizabeth Isham 1693, Children of Zach. Isham, D.D. Rector of this Parish.

South Ile. Lady Anne Gibb, Daughter of Sir Ralph Gibbs, of Huntington in the County of Warwick, Knt. late Wife of Sir Henry Gibb, late of Faulkland in the Kingdom of Scotland; Bart. deceased. She died May 30. 1658.

On a Gravestone in the Churchyard over against the Almshouses, an Inscription for Miriam Taylor, Daughter of Richard Taylor and Agnes his Wife. Departed June 30. 1705. Aged 17. And for John Taylor, who was unfortunately killed by a Blow with a Stick on Holy Thursday An. 1710 in the 15th Year of his Age.

J. Worthingt.

All you that chance this Tomb of mine to see,
Pray stop and read, and Warning take by me.
With Care observe your Parents sound Advice;
Your Safety in your just Obedience lies.
If you their wise Commands once disobey,
Like me, to sudden Death you'll fall a Prey.

Now for the Christian Charities and Gifts bestowed on this Parish.]

Charities given to this Parish.

The aforesaid Joan Wood gave as followeth.

At her Burial the appointed to be given 10l. to the Poor.

Joan Wood's Gifts.

A. M.

She gave 10s. yearly for a Sermon on Midsummmer Day.

For a Friendly Meeting among the Neighbours, 40s.

In Bread Weekly to the Poor for ever, 2s.

Also four Load of Charcoals yearly to the Poor for ever.

To the Parson of the Parish yearly for ever, 10s.

To the two Churchwardens, 10s. to each in like manner.

To the Clerk 6s. 8d. and to the Sexton 5s. yearly for ever.

For a Friendly Meeting of the Parson and Parishioners, accompanying him yearly in walking the Bounds of the Parish, 30s.

To the Poor of the Parish, in Money yearly (for ever) to be distributed, 7l.

And the Remainder of the yearly Rents for the Half Moon, and Half Moon Alley, to remain in the Church Stock, towards the repairing of the Church.

Over and beside the memorable Charity of this worthy Widow, Mrs. Wood, God hath raised divers others good Benefactors to the Poor in the same Parish, as appeareth by this small Recordation.

Other Benefactors.

John Styward, Citizen and Alderman of London, had his last Will and Testament enrolled in the Court of Hustings in the Guild Hall of London, on Monday next before the Feast of St. Cuthbert the Bishop, in the 13th Year of Edward IV. after the Conquest.

This Gift is performed by the Company of Tallow Chandlers yearly.

Wherein he gave to the poor People of this Parish, five and twenty Quarters of Charcoales, yearly to be delivered by the Company of Tallow Chandlers, betwixt the Feast of All Saints and the Nativity of our blessed Saviour, with a Penalty of Forfeiture of 20s. for the first Quarter, if they be not delivered as aforesaid: And 40s. for the second Quarter; 4l. for the third Quarter; and 8l. for the whole Year, if they be not delivered: And so double still from Quarter to Quarter, if defect of Payment herein be made.

24 Quarters.

Former Edit. p. 316.

John Bricket, Citizen and Tooth-drawer of London, (by his last Will and Testament, dated the eleventh Day of February, 1554.) gave for ever at the Feast of Easter twelve Sacks of Charcoals to the poor of this Parish, out of two Tenements, the one now in the Occupation of Andrew Partridge, Tallow Chandler; the other late in Occupation of Andrew Seywell, Bricklayer, both joining together at the South side of Bell Alley Gate in this Parish.

We receive of the Gift of Mrs. Mary Wilkinson deceased, out of two fair Houses in St. Mary Spittle, four Load of Coals out of each House, 30 Quarters being two Load. The first 30 Quarters to be given to the Poor of this Parish in the Month of November for ever. The next 30 Quarters to be likewise given to the Poor of this Parish in December for ever. Provided that out of each Load, the Overseers of the Precinct of Norton Folgate shall have 10 Sacks to be by them given to the Poor of that Precinct.

Likewise is paid yearly by the Company of Ironmongers, * the Sum of thirty Shillings per Annum, of the Gift of Sir William Allen, to be distributed among the Poor in Bread.

** The Company of Skinners do give 30s. quarterly. Former Edit. p. 316.

Also of the Company of Vintners, the Sum of twenty Shillings, yearly for ever, of the Gift of Sir Stephen Scudamore, Knt. and Alderman of London.

Also of Mrs. Wood, the Relict of Mr. Thomas Wood, late of St. Buttolph's without Ealdgate, the Sum of ten Shillings yearly for ever, to be received on St. Thomas's Day, issuing out of certain Tenements in Katharine Wheel Alley, in this Parish, of the Gift of Mary Webster, Widow.

Mrs. Price, in the time of her Widowhood, did at her own Charge new build the Pulpit, in the Year of our Lord, 1614. and shortly after, did likewise send (to furnish the same) fair and rich Ornaments for the said Pulpit, as also for the Communion Table. For the Pulpit, a costly Cloth of Crimson Velvet, edged in the Bottom with a deep Gold Fringe, and laced about with a fair Gold Lace.

The Miror of this Age for a matchless Woman.

Likewise, a Cushion sutable to the same, with a very fair Verge to adorn the upper part of the Pulpit, edged likewise with a deep Gold Fringe.

And for the Communion Table, a goodly large Carpet of Crimson Velvet, edged with a deep Gold Fringe; also a fair Table Cloth of fine Cambrick, to be used upon the Communion Days, with a Cambrick Cloth laced, to cover the Bread upon the Table: Also a fair Surplice of Cambrick, for the Parson's Use: All which were, with a new Hair Brush, kept in a Sarsanet Case, to be locked up in a new Wainscot Chest, by her bought for the same purpose, and so carefully kept for their several Uses. To the which Chest was set two Locks; the two several Keys whereof, the one to be kept by the Parson of the Parish, the other by the Church Warden of the same Parish, for the safe keeping thereof.

Nor did she this worthy Service to God here only, but in other Parishes beside, as at Paul's, Christ-Church, &c.

As for the King's Arms imbroidred upon the said Pulpit Cloth; it was made, set on and freely given by Humfrey Swan of this Parish, Imbroiderer, in remembrance of God's great Mercy extended towards him, in the Year of the great Visitation, 1625. For in that Year he had buried his Wife, with divers of his Family; himself also lying so long while under the Lord's heavy Hand, without all hope of Recovery. By God's gracious Providence he was at the last restored to his former Health. In regard whereof, and to express his further Thankfulness to Almighty God, he adorned the said Pulpit Cloth as now it is.

The thankful Gratitude to God of Humfrey Swanne Imbroiderer.

Moreover, in the same Parish Church of St. Buttolph, among other Benevolences given there-