Bishopsgate Ward. Petty France. 94

Bishopsgate Ward. Petty France.

But take the Figure of the Monument, with some farther Account thereof.

The Figure of the Monument.


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THIS Monument, with the Characters ingraven about it, stands in Petty France, at the West End of the lower Churchyard of St. Botolph's Bishopsgate (not within, but without the Walls, out of the Bounds of our consecrated Ground.) Erected to the Memory of Coya Shawsware, a Persian Merchant, and a principal Servant and Secretary to the Persian Ambassador; with whom he and his Son came over. He was aged 44. and buried the 10th of August 1626. The Ambassador himself, young Shawsware his Son, and many other Persians, (with many Expressions of their infinite Love and Sorrow) following him to the Ground between eight and nine of the Clock in the Morning. The Rites and Ceremonies that (with them) are due to the dead, were chiefly perfomed by his Son, who sitting cross-legged at the North End of the Grave, (for his Tomb stands North and South) did one while read, another while sing; his reading and singing intermixed with sighing and weeping. And this, with other things that were done in the Grave in private (to prevent with the sight the relation) continued about half an Hour.

But this was but this Day's Business: for, as tho' this had not been enough to perform to their Friend departed, to this place and to this end (that is Prayer, and other Funeral Devotions) some of them came every Morning and Evening at six and six, for the Space of a Month together. And had come (as it was then imagined) the whole time of their abode here in England, had not the Rudeness of our People disturbed and prevented their Purpose.

In Petty France are divers Pieces and Parcels of Ground, and 107 Messuages or Tenements erected, and divers Yards and Gardens belonging to the City. Now or late in the Possession of Sir Tho. Frankland, and Tho. Hatton, or their Under-Tenants. These were declared by the Chamberlain of the City to be lett in the Gazette April 4. 1719.]

107 Messuages here belonging to the City.

J. S.

The Bounds of St. Botolph's Parish without Bishopsgate, London, are thus: From Bishopsgate (under a part of which the City Ditch runneth) Westward, close by the Ditch, they pass along by Petty France, into Moorfield: Under the Wall and Cawsey thereof (towards Bethelem) there did run a Ditch, and from the North part of the said Field, still doth, so far as Hog Lane, which is at the upper end of the Garden Alleys. Close to which Ditch, the Parish extended all along on the inside, and taketh in one side of Hog Lane.

The Bounds of St. Botolph Bishopsgate.

Thence straight forth, it beginneth on the further side of Norton Folgate: Thence into Saint Mary Spittle, and thence into a part of Petticoat Lane, so far as Gravel Lane end: And so through divers Gardens on the back side of Fisher's Folly, into Houndsditch, at the Sign of the Hand and Still. So to the Ditch and City Wall: Thence right opposite, on to Bishopsgate again. My friendly furtherance here, was by Mr. Stephen Gosson, Parson of St. Botolph, Thomas Collins the Clark, and John Sparrow, Sexton.]

Next unto the Parish Church of St. Botolph, is a fair Inn for receipt of Travellors: Then an Hospital of St. Mary of Bethlem, founded by Simon Fitz Mary, one of the Sheriffs of London, in the Year 1246. He founded it to have been a Priory of Canons, with Brethren and Sisters: And King Edward III. granted a Protection (which I have seen) for the Brethren, Militiæ beatæ Mariæ de Bethlem, within the City of London, the fourteenth Year of his Reign. It was an Hospital afterwards for distracted People.

Hospital of Bethelem.

But the Design of the Foundation will more largely appear by this original Deed following:

The Copy of and ancient Deed of Gift, given to Bethlem, or Bedlem, by Simon the Son of Mary.


To all the Children of our Mother Holy Church, to whom this present Writing shall come; Simon the Son of Mary sendeth greeting in our Lord. Where among other things, and before

A. M.

Simon Fitz Maries Gift to Bethlem.