Bishopsgate Ward. St. Helens. 103

Bishopsgate Ward. St. Helens.

A young new born Child was taken up, between the great Warehouse and Sir John Spencer's back Gate, being (by a most unnatural Mother) there buried in a great Dunghill of Sea Coal Ashes, with the Face upward; yet found alive by Richard Atkinson, who used to make clean this Passage there of Soil, carrying it thence with his Wheelbarrow. The Child had not any Rag or Cloth about it, but was all bloodied, by reason that the Navel String was untyed, and the Body meerly crusted over with the Sea Coal Dust. Yet being made clean by the poor Man's Wife, it was found to be a most goodly Man Child, strong and well featur'd, without any blemish or harm upon it: But strangled inmwardly, by sucking in the noisome Filth and Ashes.

A printed Memory hanging up in a Table, at the entrance into the Church.

A. M.

It was christened, and named Job cinere extractus; Job taken out of the Ashes. It lived three Days, and dying, lyes buried in the Churchyard, the 5th of September, 1612. Richard Ball, Minister; William Robinson, and Richard Westney, Churchwardens; Thomas Edwards and Abraham Gramer, Side men; John Harvey, Clerk.

The Charities that I find in this Parish given to the Poor, is 2s. every Sunday (for ever) in Bread, allowed by the Gift of the fore-remembred Mr. Robinson. And 1s. also in Bread every Sunday given by Mrs. Sciol.

Charities given to S. Helen's.

Sir Andrew Jud also founded six Almshouses for certain poor People.]

Here follows an exact Table of the Grants, Donations and Bequests, conferred and settled upon this Parish: and the several Trusts and Uses thereof. Collected by R. Bromley Churchwardens, March 20. 1703.

The charitable Gifts of the Parish of S. Helen's.

Years. Donors.

1599. Queen Elizabeth by Letters Patents did give and grant the Rectory and Church of St. Helens, with the Rights and Appurtenances, to the late Priory of St. Helen's sometime belonging, and all the Messuages, Houses, &c. to the Use of Michael Stanhope Esq; one of the Grooms of the Privy Chamber, and Edward Stanhope Doctor of Laws, their Heirs and Assigns for ever. In which Grant is reserved, to be paid by them, 20l. per Ann. by Quarterly Payments, to be going out of the said Rectory, for a Stipend or Salary to a sufficient Preacher of the Word of God from time to time in the said Church, to be allowed by the Bishop of London.

R. Bromley.

1599. July 12. John Robinson Senior, Merchant of the Staple, by his Will gave unto his Son Arthur a Messuage or Tenement with the Appurtenances in the Parish of St. Olaves near the Tower of London, to hold to him and his Heirs Males of his Body with several Remainders to his other Sons and their Heirs Males, &c. And his Will is, that for ever shall be paid out of the said Capital House to the Parson and Churchwarden of this Parish and their Successors yearly by Quarterly Payments 5l. 4s. Which they shall distribute Weekly by 2s. every Sunday Morning in Bread to the Poor of this Parish, with a Clause for Distress. This now paid by the Wardens of the Carpenters Company.

1603. Sept. 29. Edward Fenner of this Parish Citizen and Carpenter, by his Will did order and dispose of his Messuage or Tenement with the Appurtenances wherein he dwelt, to several Persons for their respective Lives; and after their Decease, the Reversion and Remainder thereof to the Minister and Churchwardens of this Parish for the Time being, and their Successors for ever: And to the Master and Wardens of the Company of Carpenters London, and their Successors for ever. To the end that they within four years next after that they should be possess'd thereof, pay his next Heir then living 20l. And after that, all such Rents then after made be devised in two equal Parts. Whereof one part to be distributed yearly for ever to the Poor of this Parish.

This House is now in Lease by Indenture Tripartite dated Sept. 12. 1671. for 34 Years, at the Rent, for one Moiety thereof, of 5l. per Ann. to the Churchwardens of this Parish. But it is to be noted, that this House is now lett by the Lessee to Will. Pool Sadler at 32l. per Ann. by Lease. But Care is taken by the present Officers of the Parish to be better Husbands for their Poor, upon the Expiration of this Lease; which is at hand. Upon the said Expiration the Parish have lett it out at the full Value for the Use of the Poor.

1607. Mar. 11. William Prior Citizen and Pewterer of London, by his Testament willed, after the Decease of his Wife, the yearly Rent of his Messuage or Tenement in this Parish to be paid to the Churchwardens, and to be by them laid out for ever, viz. 8l. of the said Rent to be bestowed in Seacoals, and given to the Poor of this Parish: And also for two Sermons to be preached yearly for ever, viz. on the first Sunday in clean Lent, one Sermon; and the other on the Day of his Burial [which was Mar. 27. 1608.] For which Sermons he gave 13s. 4d. out of the said Rent. And to the Churchwardens for the time being, for a Drinking, 2l. yearly: to be spent on the Day the said first Sermon shall be preached. And the rest of the said yearly Rent to be the Use of the Poor of the said Parish.

This House is now let by Lease by Indenture dated June 4. 1697. for 21 Years from Lady-Day 1699. at 30l. per Ann.

1631. Sept 1. Sir Martin Lumley Knt. and Alderman of London, by his Will gave to the Churchwardens and their Successors for ever, one Annuity or Rent Charge of 20l, to be issuing out of his Messuage or Tenement in the Parish of St. John Evangelist London, called the Black Boy, at two Payments, Christmas and Lady Day: Upon Trust for the establishing a Lecture, or Sermon for ever to be preached in this Parish Church on Thursday Evening Weekly, from Michaelmas to Lady Day. The Churchwardens to pay the same to a godly Divine for his Pains in preaching the said Lecture. And the said Churchwardens likewise one other Annuity or Rent Charge of 4l. per Ann. issuing out of the said Messuage or Tenement, at two Payments, Christmas and Lady Day, for the Use of the Poor of this Parish.

This House is now known by the Sign of the Bear and Ragged-Staff in Watling Street near St. Paul's Church.

Item, There is a Payment unto the Vicar of this Parish of 3l. per Ann. issuing out of a Messuage now in the Occupation of Charles Perkins. This is said to have been anciently the Vicarage House, and of late was claimed by the Skinners Company.

1633. Oct. 14. William Robinson late of this Parish, Citizen and Mercer, by his Deed enrolled in Chancery charged a Messuage or Tenement, and two Yard Lands and a Quarter of a Yard Land in Staverton upon the Hill in Northampton-Shire, and all his Lands, with one Annuity of 2l. 12s. after his Decease, for ever to be paid to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of this Parish, at Lady Day; to be distributed equally among the poor Pensioners of the Parish by 12d. per Week, in Wheaten Bread, every Sabbath-Day after Morning Service.

1635. Feb. 8. Thomas Fenner, Citizen of London, did by his Will give all that his Messuage