Cornhil Ward. Kygnstons Chantry. 142

Cornhil Ward. Kygnstons Chantry.

Another Matter happened in this Church of St. Peters. In the 15 Hen. 3. one Ralph de Wainefuntaines was struck with a Knife by some unknown Person in Pauls Churchyard; so that he died the next Day. One Geffrey Russel Clerk was with him when he was struck, and fled to the Church of St. Peters: and would not come to the Peace of our Lord the King, nor go out of the Church. But afterwards escaped: The Sheriffs having caused the Churchyard to be kept. But notwithstanding he escaped under the Custody.

One takes Sanctuary at S. Peters.

Lib. Alb.

Before I leave this Parish of St. Peters, an ancient Will (a true Copy whereof I had from Mr. Roland, formerly a Parishioner here) made by one William Elliot, with large Gifts and Grants to the Rector and Parish, for a Chantry to celebrate his Anniversary, and for procuring divers Ceremonies in this Church.

William of Kingstons of this Parish his last Will, 1375.

J. S.


A Extract of a Will of William the Son of Henry Elliot, called William Kyngston, Citizen and Fishmonger of London in the year 1375, 49 Ed. 3. "Perceiving Death to be approaching on me, I bequeath my Soul to Almighty God, and the Blessed Virgin Mary his Moder, and to all Saints, and my Body to be buried before the Aultar of the H. Trinity in the Church of St. Peter upon Cornhil, London; where my Tomb is now made. Item, I bequeath unto Sir John Mansyn, Parson of the said Church, and to his Successors, Parsons of the said Church, and to four of the honester and trustier Men, Parishioners of the said Parish, al my Land, Tenements, &c. with al and singular their Appurtinences, situate in the Parish of S. Peter upon Cornhil, and S. Magnus the Martyr of Brugstrete London; to find two fit Chaplains, perpetually to celebrate Divine Rites at the Aultar aforesaid for my Soul, and the Soules of Sarah and Alynor my Wives, and the Soules of my Fader and Moder, and al to whom I am deservedly bound, and of al the faithful deceased: And to find two Torches as often as shall be needful to serve for the lifting of the Body of Christ every day at the Mass of the two said Chaplains. To find one Lamp perpetually burning every Day and Night before the High Cross in the Church of S. Peters aforesaid. And to pay yearly to the Parish Clerk 2s. Sterling, to keep, and light the said Lamp, as often when it shalbe needful. And also to pay yearly to the Fabrick of the Body of the said Church of St. Peter 10s. 4d. Sterling. And I wil, that the said Parson of the Church of S. Peter and his Successors shal have yearly to themselves of the Tenements aforesaid 10s. and no more per Ann. in peril of their Souls in the Day of Judgment: To say every year Placebo and Dirige, and one solemn Mass in the Day of my Anniversary: And also to pay unto three other Chaplains on the sayd Day to pray for my Soul, and the Souls aforesaid, that is to say, to every of them 4d. Sterling. "

A Chantry founded here.

" Of which said Tenements, three do ly in the Street called Grace-church Street. Whereof one is situated betwixt the Tenement of Gunner Horn, and the Tenement late of Sir John Nevyl Knt. on the North part of the Tenement: on Wil. Glovers on the South part: and extendeth it self from the Kings Street towards the West unto the Tenement of John Nevyl toward the East, &c. "

"Item, I bequeath unto the said John Mansyn and to his Successors the Reversion of al the Tenements which were of William Bishop in the same Parish, of the Shops with the Appurtinences, &c. and eight Shops, &c. and four, &c. with Gardens and with al their Appurtinences - To the Sustentation of the said two Chaplains, and to find Torches, a Lamp: and also to pay al other things as aforesaid and underwritten, to be done and found for ever. "

"Item, I wil that the said two Chaplains which in Form aforesaid shall be celebrated, shall have yearly and receive every of them 7l. "

"Item, I bequeath and will, that al Rents and Profits whatsoever, coming of my Tenements aforesaid, and of the Reversion of the Tenements aforesaid, of the Shops and Gardens, when it shall happen, shall be collected and received by the four Trusty Men, Parishioners, and their Successors, Parishioners of the said Church. So they pay and perform the said Legacies, and my Will in this my Testament contained. "

"Item, I bequeath to the four said Trusty Men, which for the time shall be Collectors and Receivers of the Rents and Profits whatsoever, coming of the Tenements, &c. and of the Reversions, &c. shalbe chosen immediately after me Decease, by the said Parson of the Church, and by eight of the better sort of the Parishioners, and of my Executors. And that those Men so chosen, at the end of every Year, between the Feasts of St. Michael and All-Saints, shall render a faithful Account of the Receits and Expences, in the Presence of the Parson, &c. and of my Executors, as long as they shalbe living. And that at he same time every year one of the said four Collectors shalbe chosen by the said Collectors, to be principal Labourer for the year ensuing: And so from year to year for ever. And that the principal Labourer shall have to himself, for his Labour about the Reparation of the Tenements, and in fulfilling mysaid Will, and for his Pains taken in that year, 6s.8d. And that every of the said three Collectors shall have 3s. 4d. "

"Item, I will and bequeath, that the the like Assembly and Election as is aforesaid for the said four Collectors by the said Parson and Parishioners, and their Successors shalbe made, as often and when it shalbe needful for ever; to have and to hold alway the foresaid Lands and Tenements, together with the Reversion of the Land and Tenements sometime of Will. Bishops, and with al and singular their Appurtinences, unto the said Sir John Mansyn, and his Successors, Parsons of the said Church: And to the four Collectors and their Successors; which in Form aforesaid, shalbe, to fulfil all my Bequests of the same Lands and Tenements in this my Will and Testament contained, of the chief Lord of the Fees thereof by the Services, which to the said Land and Tenements appertain for ever. "

"Item, I bequeath 20l. of Silver, to the Sustentation and Reparation of my Tenements aforesaid, when need shall be. Which said Money I do will shall remain in a Box in the Custody of the four Collectors, until my said Tenements shall happen to be repaired and amended. And in the mean time the poor Parishioners shall have the Use of the said Money, by the Delivery of the four Collectors, upon sufficient Pledge, or other sufficient Security, &c. "

"And if it shall happen my Tenements aforesaid with the Appurtinance to be letten to farm for any Sum of Money over and besides my Legacies, and the necessary Reparations of the said Tenements; then I will and bequeath the said Sum of Money shalbe put into the said"