Cornhil Ward. St. Michael. Interments. 146

Cornhil Ward. St. Michael. Interments.

lowing; and it shall bee wacchyng Candell of viii in the li. Also, I gyve to the Brotherhedde of Clarcks to dryncke, 20d. Also, I gyve to them that shall bayre me to Church, every man 4d. Also, I gyve to a pore man or woman every Sunday in one yere 1d. to say v pr. nosters and Aves and a Crede for my Soule. Also, I gyve to the Reparations of Polls, 8d. Also, I will have vi nue Torches, and ii Torches of Seynt Myghel and ii of Seynt Anne, and ii of Seynt Christofer, and ii of Jhus, of the best Torchys.

Also, I bequeith Tho. Stow my Son xxl. in Stuff of Howshold, as here folowith, that is to say my grete Melting panne, withal the Instruments that longeth thereto. Also, I bequeith my Son Thomas VIl. XIIIs. IIIId. in plate, as hereafter folowith. Item, a Nut of Sylver and gylt LIIIIsh. IIIId. Item, a pownsed pece weiing vi ounces and more, Item, a mass of a pynt VIIId. Item, a litel Maser, XIIIs. IIIId Item, of this my present Testament, I make Elyzabeth my Wife mine Executrix and Tho. Stowe my Son, my Overseer, and Mr. Trendal as a Solicitor, with my Son Thomas. And he to have for his Labor Xsh.

Probatum fuit superscriptum Testam. coram nobis Willielmo Clyff, &c. Commissario Generali, &c. IIIIto April. An. Dom. MDXXVIIo. &c.]

John Tolus, Alderman, 1548. he gave to John Willowby, Parson of that Church, to Thomas Lodge, G. Hind, P. Bolde, Church-wardens, and to their Successors (towards the Reparations of that Church, and Relief of the Poor for ever) his Tenement, with the Appurtenances in the Parish of Saint Michael. Which he had lately purchased of Alvery Randalph, of Badlesmeere in Kent: But the Parish never had the Gift, nor heard thereof, by the space of 40 Years after: Such was the Conscience of G. Barne, and other the Executors to coneal it to themselves: and such is the Negligence of the Parishioners, that (being informed thereof) make no Claim thereunto.

John Tolus his Gift to the Church; not performed but concealed.

Philip Gunter, that was Alderman for a time, and gave 400 Pound to be discharged thereof, was buried in the Cloyster, about the Year 1582. and Anne his Wife, &c.

Francis Beneson, and William Towerson.

Philip Gunter, Skinner, sometime Alderman of this City, departed this life the 15. day of February, 1582. and lyeth buried in the Cloyster of this Church: who married Anne, Daughter of Henry Barley, of Albery, in the County of * Hereford, Esquire; and had issue by her 11. Sonnes, and foure daughters. He left good maintenance for two Sermons yeerely for ever in this Church: the one on the 15. day of March, the other the 25. of December.

A handsome Monument in the Wall of the Chancel, the South side.


A. M.

Here lyeth buried the body of Peter Houghton, of London Alderman: he was free of the Grocers Company, a Merchant of the Staple in England, and a Merchant Adventurer. Hee was one of the Sheriffes of this City, in An. 1593. and dyed the last day of December, 1596. Hee gave to the foure Hospitals (that is to say) Saint Bartholomewes, Christs Church, St. Thomas and Bridewell, 600. pounds, equally to be divided between them. Hee gave also to the Grocers Company 400. pound to be lent to eight young men of the same Company (gratis) from two yeeres, to two yeeres, for ever. Which 1000. pound was paid by Iohn Vernon, Merchant-Taylor, accordingly. He had to wife Mary Houghton, who sithence married with Sir Thomas Vavasor, Knight Marshall. Hee had children by her, two Sonnes, named Hatton, and Peter, who dyed young; and two Daughters, Mary and Elizabeth. Mary was married to Sir James Scudamore, Knight, and Elizabeth to Sir Henry Bedingfield, Knight.

A very fair Monument richly gilded, in the Chancel Wall on the North side.

Here lyeth buried (by a desired promise made to Alderman Houghton while he lived) the body of John Vernon, Merchant-Taylor: who was Master of the said Company, in An. 1609. And hee was also a Merchant of the Staple in England. He dyed the day of An. Dom.

His Picture standeth aloft on the other Monument.

Nemo ante obitum felix.
Here in the Vault lyeth buried the bodies of John Taylor, Citizen and Draper of London, and Constance his wife, one of the Daughters and Coheires of Reginald Wooddeson, of Alresford in Hampshire, Gent. They had issue between them three Sonnes, Iohn, who dyed young, Robert and John. Hee departed this life the 4. day of April, 1597. being about the age of 63 yeeres: and she, being the age of 67. the 29. of October, 1614. Votum S. Pauli. Phil. I. Adepti.

In the South Ile of the Quire a handsome Monument in the Wall.

In March, 1588.     
was buried in this place,
Alexander Every, Merchant     
but 40. Yeeres of Age,
Whose godly Gifts, by will,     
are Warrants of Gods Grace
In him. By whom,     
thinke on thy selfe, and on the Stage
Thou stand'st, and measure it,     
and other worldly things:
As Streames that swiftly slide     
downe from their Springs.

In the same Wall lower, a handsome small Monument.

An. Dom. 1570. primo Feb.

Here lyeth Francis Benneson,     
a Citizen was hee,
A Merchant Adventurer also,     
and of the Mystery
Of Haberdashers Company.     
A Man of honest name,
Who here on Earth to feare of God,     
his vitall Days did frame.
Two Wives hee had, the first of them     
in Antwerpe borne she was;
The other hee a Widdow left,     
so God brought it to passe.
His Soule (no doubt) doth now remaine     
with God among the rest
* Of other worthy Christians,     
who evermore are blest.

A plated Stone in the same Ile on the Ground.

*Alias, of other faithful Christians, who certainly are blest.

Hereunder lyeth buried the Body of the worshipfull John Harby, Citizen and Skinner of London, and free of the Merchant Adventurers Company, for Muscovia, Spaine, and the East Indiaes: Who had two Wives, Anne Mording, Widdow, by whom he had Issue foure Sonnes, and one Daughter, viz. Thomas, Francis, John, William and Emme. And lastly he married with Anne Saltonstal, Daughter to Sir Richard Saltonstal, Kt. sometime Lord Maior of this City: By whom he had two Sonnes, Richard and Daniel. Which John Harby after 74. Yeeres, departed this Life the 15. Day of April, 1610. Expecting a joyfull Resurrection by Jesus Christ.

A fair small Monument on a Pillar right against the Pulpit.

Hic dormivit in Christo Johannes Cowper, Armiger; Uxorem habit Elizabeth Ironside ante se mortuam. Obiit 3. Junii Anno Dom. 1609.

A fair Tomb in the Cloyster South.

[A Hatchment for Cowper: Argent. Three Martlets, Gules. A Crescent for distinction. On a Fesse engrailed of the Second, three Annulets, Or.]

J. S.

There is a comely Monument, although of no great Cost or Charge; there placed for Master Laurence Caldwell, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, and Mary his Wife. Great pitty it is, that it is no better kept and looked unto,

In the Wall on the North side of the Chancel.