Langborne Ward. Alhallows Lombardstreet. 154

Langborne Ward. Alhallows Lombardstreet.

ceased and here buried, (whether it were Darby, or some else) was appropriated a Messuage and Tenement in the Parish of S. Botulph Billingsgate, inhabited by one Peter Crowch.]

MONUMENTS more modern in this Church of S. Dionys Back-Church are these:


One for Sir Rob. Jeffreys, Knt. late eldest Alderman of the City: Dyed Anno 1703. aged 91. He gave 20l. a year for Prayers to be said in this Church every Day in the Week half an Hour after seven of the Clock in the Morning. Which Dr. Gatford the Rector had done for sometime before voluntarily. The said Sir Robert hath a comely Monument erected for him with eight Penons and a Streamer hanging up near it.

Monuments modern here.

J. S.

The Inscription on his Monument is the next Column.

H. S. E.
Sub marmore propè posito,
In expectationem beatæ Resurrectionis,
Civis & O Enopolæ Londinensis Honestá, &
Antiquá familiá GRIASDALIæ in Agro Lancastrensi
Si annos spectes, satis diu Vixit,
Si Beneficia, premunt Annos,
Si animo agitata præmaturâ morte abreptus est.
Anno ætatis LXV. Idibus Quintil. 1679.
Jacent juxta sepulti
DANIEL filius natu maximus,
MARIA filia,
Quæ fuit Uxor Johannis Mazine Armigeri,
Infans, Nepos, & unica Mariæ Proles.
Monumentum hoc Patris memoriæ sacrum
P. P.
Superstitum Natu Maximus.

Against the East Wall North of the Table. a fair black Marble Monument of Sir Arthur Ingram, Kt. Spanish Merchant, and Citizen of London, dyed Sept. 12. 1681.

Hanna, the Daughter of Sir Arthur Ingram, late Wife of Arthur Champneys of Raleigh in Devon, Esq; 1693. aged 20.

Dame Anne Ingram, late Wife of Sir Arthur, 1702.

On the South side of the Table a Monument for Philip Jackson, Merchant, Son to Miles Jackson of Combehay on the County of Somerset, Esq; dyed 1684.

On the South Wall a Monument for Elizabeth Woods, 1690. And James Woods her Husband, 1700.

Nathaniel Letten, Merchant of this City, 1682.

Flat Stones; for Richard Slany, Merchant, 1678. And Mary Slany his Wife, 1684. And John Slany his Son, 1694.

Joanna Jacobs, late of this Parish, Widow, 1691. aged 77. And James Jacobs her Son, Merchant, 1701.

Thomas Turgis, sometime of this Parish, 1650. Ebett Turgis, his former Wife, 1629. Mary, his latter Wife, 1639.

A fair Monument on a Pillar North, for Daniel Rawlinson, Citizen and Vintner of London, of the ancient Family of Graisdale in Lancashire, deceased, 1679. with Margaret his Wife, and Daniel Elizabeth and Mary, his Children. This Monument was erected by Sir Tho. Rawlinson his Son, Alderman of London. As in the Inscription above.

In a Vault in the Chancel North; Sir Henry Tulse, sometime Lord Maior of London 1689.]

Against the Wall of the North Ile behind the Pulpit, in the Chancel is interred the body of Sir Robert Jeffreys, Knt. and Alderman sometime since, Lord Maior of this City of London, President of the Hospitals of Bridewell and Bethlem. A most excellent Magistrate, and of exemplary Charity, Virtue and Goodness. Who departed this Life the 26th of Febr. 1703. and in the 91st year of his age.

Sir Robert Jeffreys.

And also the Body of Dame Percilla his Wife, Daughter of Luke Cropley, Esq; who deceased the 26th of Oct. 1676. and in the forty third year of her age.

Against the same North Wall.

M. S.
EDVARDI TYSON, M.D. ab antiqua stirpe in Agro Cumbriæ oriundi, viri omni eruditione atq; Doctrinâ, in illis imprimis studiis, quæ Medicum aut instruunt aut ornant, præstantissimi: In Arte Anatomicâ planè singularis. Qui Coll. Medicorum LONDON, & Societatis Regiæ socius fuit: In Aula Chirurgorum Prælector Anatomicus: In Hospitio mente Captorum Medicus fidelissimus. Omni vitæ munere cum laude defunctus, Pietate erga Deum, Amore in Consanguineos, Fide in amicos, Liberalitate erga Egenos, Animi candore, Morumq; suavitate inter universos, sempiternæ Gloriæ commendatus. Morte obijt repenting, Calend. Aug. A.D. MDCCVIII. Annos natus LVIII.

Dr. Edw. Tyson.

On the East Wall.

A Monument set up by Lionel Gatford, D.D. late Rector of this Parish for his two Wives, Anne and Mary. His own Epitaph is

Vir priscâ Fide, Pietate, Amicitia, Animo Eccl. Anglicanæ devotissimo: Quem pauperes, dum in vivis, experti sunt egregiè largum fato functum, præsertim vero Coll. JESU apud Cantab. (quo quondam Alumnus gaudebat) & Filii Clericorum, Ecclesiæq; Anglican. Benefactorem, nunquam non laudabunt, munificentissimum. Obijt Spe beatæ Resurrectionis fretus xvi. Cal. Oct. A.D. MDCCXV. ætat. LXII.

St. Andrewys Lane in Parochia Sti Dionisii.]



Then by the four Corners (so called of Fenchurch Street in the East, Bridge Street on the South, Grass Street on the North, and Lombard Street on the West) in Lombard Street is one fair Parish Church, called Alhallows Grass Church in Lombard Street. I so read it in Evidences of Record, for that the Grass Market went down that way, and was there kept, but the Street was far larger in breadth; being since straightned by Incroachments.

The four Corners, a place so called, of four Ways meeting.

Parish Church of Alhallowes in Lombard Street.

Lib. Trinis.

This Church was lately new builded. John Warner, Armourer, and then Grocer, Sheriff, 1494. builded the South Ile; his Son Robert Warner, Esq; finished it, in the year 1516. The Pewterers were Benefactors towards the North Ile, &c. The Steeple or Bell-tower thereof was finished in the year 1544. about the thirty sixth of Henry VIII. The fair Stone Porch of this Church was brought from the late dissolved Priory of S. John of Jerusalem by Smithfield. So was the Frame for their Bells. But the Bells being bought, were never brought thither, by reason that one old Warner, Draper, of that Parish

A fair Stone Porch in this Church.