Langborne Ward. St. Nicolas Acon. 159

Langborne Ward. St. Nicolas Acon.

Principio finis similis, sic ultima primæ     
Linea conformis; mortua viva simul.]

MONUMENTS of later Times.


Against the North Wall, a Memorial of Mary Beuly, the late matchless Wife of Thomas Beuly of Halplace in Kent, Gent. and Merchant of London. She dyed 1658/9

Later Monuments.

J. S.

Thomas Beuly their only Son, 1658.

South Wall, on a Table. Praise God for Mary Benam Widow, a good Benefactor to the Poor of this Parish, and St. Olaves next adjoining: who dyed 9 Sept. 1577. and left Lands for the Relief of the Poor of these two Parishes, to the yearly Value of 10l. 14s. 2d. for ever.

Under the Communion Table is interred Alice the beloved Wife of Philip Farewel, Citizen of London, and Turky Merchant. She dyed 1655.

A Table by the Pulpit. Praise God for John Costine Girdler, a good Benefactor to the Poor of this Parish. Who dyed Anno 1442, and left Lands, out of which the Poor have ever since had, and are to have distributed among them one hundred Quarters of Charcoal yearly for ever.

William Frith, Painter, 1648. And Alice his Wife, 1649. with George and Edward, and Elizabeth their Children.

Anne Farrington, 1641, late Wife of Caldwal Farrington Citizen and Merchant of London.

Lydia Beuly, 1637, late Wife of Tho. Beuly the younger, Citizen and Merchant.

Seven Children of Edmund Trench Doctor in Physick, and Mary his Wife. He deceased 1669, and she 1690.

Also Sarah Daughter of the said Edmund, and Wife of Sam. Barton, D.D. 1708.

North Ile. Captain Richard Turvile, and Edith his first Wife. He departed 1693.

Turvile Norton his Grandson, 1694.

Ralph Macro, sprung of Italian Parents, 1672.

Ralph Handson, Citizen and Ironmonger of London, a Benefactor to this Parish 1653. And his Wife.

This Gentleman gave for a Sermon,10
In Bread to the Poor,10
To the Vestry for a Treat,210
To the Clark and Sexton,5

All to be on St. Mark's Day. The Company of Ironmongers are the Trustees, and have the Care of disposing of the said Gift.



Charities given to this Parish appear by this Catalogue given in at a Parochial Visitation 1693.

Charitable Gifts.

J. S.

1442John Gostyn to the Poor,800 Bushels of
1535Oliver Claymond,010000
1572John Parrat,020000
1577Mary Baynham,050400
1616William Harrison, 13 Par-
ishes in Stockings,
and Money,
1653Ralph Handson,041500
1656Mary Harrison,060000
1656Edward Ash, Esq;050000
1669Tho. Bulley, Esq; to Minister and Poor,150000
1671Will. Winter, for the Education of 6 Youths,300000

In a Table hanging up in the Church, it is set up 36l. per Ann. and said to be reduced to 15l. and that the Chamber of London stop'd it.

This Parish hath a Parsonage-house, wherein the Minister doth dwell, or lately did. It is observable in the Parochial Visitation, Anno 1636, there was no Parsonage-house.

Parsonage House.

By this Church sometime passed a Lane called Craddocks lane, from Mart lane, winding by the North side of the said Church into Fenchurch street; the which Lane being straightned by Incroachments, was afterwards called Church alley: now Star Alley.

Craddocks Lane.

The Parish of St. NICOLAS ACON.


Then is the Parish Church of St. Nicolas Acon, or Hacon (for so have I read it in Records) in Lombard Street. Sir John Bridges Draper, Maior, 1520. newly repaired this Church, and imbattled it, and was there buried.

S. Nicolas Hacon.

This Church was repaired and beautified in the Year of our Lord God 1615. at the Cost and Charge of the Parishioners.



Robert Old,
Nathaniel Buckcock,

Johanna Macany, Widow of Almaric Macany, Citizen and Draper of Lond. made her Will dated July 2. 1452. bequeathing first her Soul to God, &c. and her Body to be buried in Eccl. S. Nich. Acon. juxta Lombardstreet, Lond. in the same place where the Body of Almaric her said Husband was laid. Then follow these many Legacies according to the Piety of those Times, viz. To the high Altar of the same Church, so that the Rector there prays devoutly for me, 20s. Item, Volo quod habeam 1000 Missas pro aia mea & aiabus omnium fidelium defunct. celebrand. in Civitat. Lond. as soon as may be after my Decease. Item, to the foresaid Church of the Parish of St. Nicholas, for the use of the Parishioners of the same, towards the buying of one new Cup of Silver, there to remain, in perpetual Memory of my Soul, and the Soul of the said Almaric, 20l. Item, To the said Church of St. Nic. Acon. one Cloth of Bawdekyn, to serve there for the Burial of the Parishioners, as long as it may last. Item, Toward the building of the Body of the Church of St. Christophers Lond. namely, in such Works wherein the said Church most needeth, to be faithfully laid out, 20 Marks. Item, towards the Fabrick of the Church of St. Mary de Wolchurch, namely, in such Works as the same Church most needeth, to be faithfully laid out, 20 Marks. And so likewise to the Fabrick of the Body of the Parochial Church of St. Botulph without Aldrichgate, 10 Marks. Item, Towards the Sustentation of the Guild of the Holy Trinity in the said Church, to pray for her Soul, and the Souls of Will. Long and Johan his Wife, 10 Marks. Item, To the Fabrick of the Parochial Church of Stepulmonden in the County of Cambridge, 10 Marks. Item, To be distributed and disposed among the Poor of the said Parish, that need it most, to pray for her Soul, and for the Souls of Hugh Armeburgh and Agnes his Wife, her Parents, and the Souls of all faithful departed, 10 Marks. Item, Towards the maintaining of the Guild of St. Giles without Cripplegate, Lond. 10 Marks. Item, To the Prior and Convent of the Friars Augustines Lond. 40s. to pray for her Soul. Item, 14l. 6s. 8d. to be disposed of in Coals towards the most needy, dwelling in the Parishes of St. Nich. Acon, S. Mary de Walchyrche, S. Botulph without Aldrichgate, and S. Christophers, within 10 years next and immediately following after my Decease, viz. Each Year and in each Parish, 6s. 8d. Item, To the

Joan Macany's large Legacies

J. Worthington.