Candlewick Ward. St. Martin Orgars. 187

Candlewick Ward. St. Martin Orgars.

simo secundo Septemb. Anno Salutis humanæ, Millesimo sexcentesimo duodecimo.

Here under lyeth the Bodies of Sir Henry Amcotes, Knight, Alderman and Lord Maior of London, and Dame Joane his Wife. Which Sir Henry Amcotes deceased the 5. day of September, Anno 1554. And the said Dame Joane deceased the 4. day of September, Anno Dom. 1573.]

A goodly ancient Tomb within the South grated Chapel.

A rich and and vey beautiful Monument on the South side of the Chancel. This Ile called The Fishmongers Chapel.


Nec non piæ Memoriæ

Joannis Lemanni,

Viri Clariss. civis, ac Senatoris intergerrimi,     
Equitis Aurat. olim hujus Urbis Prætoris.
Qui se, in suo munere, laudatissimè gessit,     
Pietatis Cultor, Justitiæ Vindex.
Suis in Cœlibatu perpetuò vixit Parens:
Et suis, plus quam pater, munifico mortuus:     
Hic Resurrectionem expectat;

Agro Norfolciensi
Anno Salutis Humanæ M.DC. XXXII.
Et suo octuagesimo octavo,
Die Mart. 26,
Regnum Cœleste,
Certé Fide

Upon a Marble Stone in the Chancel.

Sub hoc Marmore Requiescit, in spe Resurrectionis ad Gloriam, Maria, fidelis Uxor Johannis More Mercatoris, Filia Edwardi Whorwood, Grocer.
Obijt 10 Decemb. Anno Christi, 1632. ætatis 35.

The Figure of a Deaths Head.

Memento Mori
Mitis, Amans, Humilis, Pia,
Pulcra, Pudica, Modesta,
Grata Deo, sponso Chara,
Maria jaces. J.M.

Under a Grave Stone in the Body of the Church lyes the Body of Mr. Jacob Babington. Departed the 25. Nov. 1708. Aged 64. And near, his two Sons, Thomas and John.

J. S.

Adjacent, lyes the Body of John Stint, Vintner, dyed 20. Apr. 1709. In the 44th year of his Age.]

Queen ELIZABETH'S Monument.


The Righteous shall be had in Remembrance.
Queen Elizabeth both was, and is alive,     
What then more can be said?
In Heaven a Saint, in Earth a blessed Maid.     
She ruled England, Years 44 and more     
And then return'd to God,
At the Age of 70 Years, and somewhat odd.


Christ is to me Life; Death is to me Advantage,
Phil. 1. 21.
I have fought a good Fight, and have finished my Course, &c.

In the new built Church are two flat Stones; that are laid over Benjamin Henshaw, that dyed 1688/9. Aged 80. And Martha his Wife, 1697. And Henry, Son of Richard Amy.]

Hard by this Saint Michael's Church, on the South side thereof, in the Year 1560. on the fifth of July, through the shooting of a Gun, which brake into the House of one Adrian Arten, a Dutchman, and set fire on a Firkin and Barrel of Gun Powder, four Houses were blown up, and divers others sore Shattered, eleven Men and Women were slain, and sixteen so hurt and bruised, that they hardly escaped with Life.

Houses in Crooked Lane blown up with Gunpowder.

West from this St. Michael's Lane, is St. Martin's Orgar Lane, by Candlewick Street, which Lane is on both sides down to a Well, replenished with fair and large Houses for Merchants, and it is of this Ward: One of which Houses was sometime called Beauchamps Inn, as pertaining unto them of that Family. Thomas Arundel. Archbishop of Canterbury, commonly for his time was lodged there.

St. Martin Orgars Lane and Parish Church.

The Parish Church of St. MARTIN Orgars.


The Parish Church of St. Martin Orgars is a small thing.

St. Martin Orgars.

In the Year 1630. the Steeple of this Church was repaired. The East Window in the Chancel, and three great South Windows were new glazed. Which with the Plumbers Work and Tiling, amounted to the Sum of 122l. 6s. 6d.



Richard Tomes,
James Pickering,

In this Parish Church of St. Martin's, in former times, were two Tenements in the Tenure of Hopkins and Beck, which were parcel of the Revenues of the Chauntry, called Pultney's Chauntry in St. Paul's Church, London. But Chauntries coming into the Crown under King Edward VI. He granted these Tenements unto Henry Tanner and Thomas Bocher.]

Tenements belonging to Pultneys Chantry.

J. S.

This Church is now used by the French Protestants; who have a French Minister Episcopally ordained, and the Service is according to the usage of the Church of England.]

This Church used by French.

William Crowmer, Maior, builded a proper Chapel on the South side of this Church, and was buried there in 1533, [or rather 1433.]

A Chapel.

John Matthew, Maior, 1490.

Sir William Huet, Maior, 1559. with his Lady and Daughter, Wife to Sir Edward Osburne.

Persons here buried.

Ralph Tabinham, Alderman.

Alice, Wife to Thomas Winstow.

Thorndon, Benedicke Reading, Thomas Harding, James Smith.

Richard Gainsford, Esq; John Winstow, Gent.

John Bold, &c.

An ancient Tomb in the East end of the North Ile, of Robert Cosyn, Esq; Elizabeth his Wife, and Robert his Son, Gent. All there buried.

A. M.

Sir Humfrey Browne, Knt. L. Chief Justice, dyed 15. Decemb. 1562.]

J. S.

Tumulus Walburgis Gretsiin, Georgii Stecher, P.M. viduæ. Obiit An. 1597 19. Julii Filiæq; mœrentes P.P.

A Memorial of John Franke, Esquire, and Cecilie his wife, who had issue 4 sonnes; viz. John, a Souldier; Peter, Gentleman Usher, and dayly wayter to Queen Anne; Robert, Gentleman Usher, and Quarter-wayter to the said Queen:

A fair Monument in the Wall of the Chancel, East.