Walbrook Ward. Monuments. 192

Walbrook Ward. Monuments.

turer, Citizen and Skinner of London: who had to Wife, Katharine, daughter of Nicholas Dewren, Citizen and Goldsmith of London: and had by her sundry Children, whereof eight married, and sixe of them were living at his death. He departed this life at the age of 78. yeeres, on the nineteenth day of January, Anno Domini, 1611.

Master Bartholomew Barnes, Citizen, Mercer, and Merchant-Adventurer, a worshipfull and wise Gentleman, and a worthy friend and favourer of Religion. He had fined both Sheriffe and Alderman, and at last, being 61. yeeres old, sickned, died, and was buried at Bathe, October the first, 1606. And left behind him Margaret his wife, by whom he had issue, Bartholomew, Elizabeth, Margaret and Mary.

A small Memory on a Pillar in the middle Ile.

Bartholomæus adest,     
tumulo Barnesius isti
Nomen adest, non cum     
nomine corpus inest.
Sexaginta nimis,     
quem sex donasse ministros
Constat, erat tantus     
Religionis amor.
Attigerat summos,     
quos abnuit, urbis honores,
Subcomitis fasces,     
patriciamque togam.
Jamque sui luctum     
desideriumque reliquit
Nato & natabus     
cum genetrice tribus.

In the middle Ile lyeth the body of Walter Plummer, of this Citie and Parish, Merchant- taylor, who departed this life in March, 1607. * Also of Elizabeth his Wife, daughter of Robert Delacre, who dyed in Anno 1595. * And had together five sonnes, and one daughter, and left living three sonnes, John, Edward and Thomas. John Plummer of London, Esquire, one of those sonnes, dyed in September 1608. and lyeth here buried: who * had two sonnes, and one daughter, whereof John and Elizabeth were living at his death, and his wife with child of a third sonne.

In the middle Ile upon a Pillar.

*al. 1605.

*al. 1593.

*By Andria his Wife.

Discesserunt è vita Anno ætatum suarum 78. & 58.
No living creature lives so long,     
but once must needs give place,
When doleful Death, that Champion strong,     
arrests them with his Mace.
Example take by me,     
which did my life enjoy
The space of sixty yeeres, lacke three,     
which Death did then destroy.
Like thee I was sometime,     
but now am turn'd to dust,
As thou at length (O earth and slime)     
returne to ashes must.
Of the Company of Clothworkers     
a brother I became,
A long time in the Livery,     
I lived of the same.
Then Death that deadly stroke did give,     
which now my joyes doth frame,
In Christ I dyed, by Christ to live,     
John Rogers was my name.
My loving wife and children two,     
my place behind supply,
God grant them living so to doe,     
that they in him may dye.

A fair plated Stone in the middle Ile.

Hee departed the 5. day of August, An. Dom. 1576. And she then living, did also decease the, &c.

Triste puer Carmen     
Patris posui Monumento,
Hic lapis ut possit     
Carmina scripta loqui.

This sorrowfull Verse, I silly sonne     
my Fathers Grave did give,
That it might speake now he is dead,     
as though he still did live.]

Adde, Tho. Wheatenhal, who bore quarterly 16 Shields.

J. S.

Randolph Marmiage, Merchant Taylor. His Wife Katharine Daughter of Dewren, Goldsmith.]

A very fair Monument on the South Side of the Chancel, with this Inscription.


This Monument
Was erected at the sole Cost and Charges of Joan, Lady Bolles, in memory of her late dear and worthy Husband, the Right Worshipful Sir George Bolles, Knt. sometimes Lord Maior of the City of London. A Gentleman worthily descended, of an ancient and unblamed Family, seated in Lincolnshire. Which Lady Joan was the eldest Daughter of that worthy and famous deceased Knight, Sir John Hart, sometimes likewise Lord Maior of the City of London, and both Brothers of the Right Worshipful Fraternity of the Grocers. Two Branches of that vertuous Stem now flourishing: his Son John Bolles, Esq; now living at Skampton in Lincolnshire, and his eldest Daughter Anne, the Wife of Captain Humphry Smith, of London, Grocer, who deceased the first of September 1621. being aged 83 years.

Sir Geo. Bolles, Knight.

Honour, Integrity,     
Those three fill'd up     
the life time of this Man:
Of Honour, the grave     
Prætorship he bare,
Which he discharg'd with     
Conscience, Truth, and Care.
He posses'd Earth,     
as he might Heaven possesse,
Wise to doe right,
but never to oppresse.

His Charity was better     
felt than knowne,
For when he gave,     
there was no Trumpet blown.
What more can be compriz'd     
in one Mans Fame,
To crown a Soule,     
and leave a living Name?
All his just Praise     
in her Life may read,
The true Wife of his Worth,     
as of his Bed.

Over against the other, in the same Ile, is a fair Monument, with this Inscription.

Generosi, & fummæ spei juvenis, Georgii Bolles Armigeri, Domini Johannis Bolles, Baronetti de Skampton in Comitatu Lincolniensi, & Dominæ Katharinæ Uxoris Filii primogeniti, qui cùm agerat Annum ætatis vicesimum, exiit ex hac vita, Anno Dom. 1632.