[St. Martin Vintry.] Vintrie Ward. 9

[St. Martin Vintry.] Vintrie Ward.

the Vintrie, some time called S. Martin de Beremand Church.

St. Martin in the Vintrie.

John Edrop, Citizen and Vintner of London, in his Testament made the 9. Aug. 1385. willed his Body to be buried in this Church. To which Church he bequeathed 100sh. Item, Lego ad opus Campanarum in dict: Ecclesia faciend. 20 Marcas.

John Edrop Benefactor to this Church.

J. Worthingt.

This Church was new builded about the year 1399. by the Executors of Mathew Columbars, a stranger born, a Burdeaux Merchant of Gacoine and French Wines: His Arms yet remain in the East Window, and is a Cheveron, between three Columbins.

Li. Trinitat. London.

This Church was in part re-edified, and in many parts repaired and beautified at the Cost and Charges of the Parishioners, in the second year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King James, King of Great Britain, France and Ireland.



John Woodbridge
William Barnaby

The Charge then amounting to the Sum of four hundred sixty odd pounds.

It was again repaired, richly and very worthily beautified in the year of our Lord 1632. as before, at the Cost of the Parish.

John Norton
Richard Travers



There lye buried in this Church, Sir John Gisors, Mayor, 1311. Henry Gisors, his Son 1343. and John Gisors, his brother, 1350. He gave to his Son Thomas his great Mansion called Gisors Hall, in the Parish of St. Mildreds in Bredstreet. This Thomas had issue, John and Thomas: John made a Feoffement, and sold Gisors Hall, and other his Lands in London, about the year 1386. Thomas deceas'd, 1395. John Nicholls, Henry Venner, [Sir Rafe Astry and Margaret and Margery his Wives. Bartholomew de la Vauch, Thomas Cornwalleys, one of the Sheriffs, 1384. John Cornwalleys, Esq; 1436. John Mustrel *, Vintner, 1424. William Hodson. William Castleton. John Gray. Robert Dalusse, Barber, in the Reign of Edward IV. with this Epitaph.

Monuments of the Dead.

Gisors Hall, corruptly called Gerards Hall.


As flowers in field,     
Thus passeth life,
Naked, then clothed,     
feeble in the end.
It sheweth by Robert Dalusse,     
and Alison his Wife:
Christ them save     
from power of the Fiend.


Hic jacet Petrus de la Genebra, filius & heres Joannis de la Genebra, quondam Burgensis, & Mercatoris de Civitate Burdegalia. Qui obiit 27. die Martii, An. Dom. 1439. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

A fair Stone beyond the Pulpit.

A. M.

Hic jacet Willielmus Stokesby, quondam Civis & Vinetarius London, & Juliana uxor ejus. Qui obiit 25. Die Decemb. 1381. Cujus animæ propicientur Deus. Amen.

A very fair plated Stone under the Communion Table.

Hic jacet Thomas Cornwaleis, quondam Civis London. Qui obiit quarto die Januarii, Anno Domini 1384. Cujus, &c.

Another close by it.

Honorabilis viri Radulphi Astri Militis nuper Majoris ac Aldermanni & Piscenarii Civitatis London. & præcarissimarum Dominæ Margeriæ, ac Margaretæ uxorum ejus. Qui quidem Radulphus obiit 18. die Novembris, An. Dom. 1494. Et dicta Domina Margareta obiit, die Ac prædicta Margeria ab hoc sæculo migravit 10. die Martii. An. Dom. 1492. Cujus, &c.

A very goodly plated Stone at the entrance into the Quire.

Micolt, quondam Civis & vinitarius, London, & Joanna uxor ejus, ac pueri eorundem. Qui quidem Johannes obiit 17 die Aprilis, An. Dom. 1424. Quorum animæ per Dei immensam misericordiam in pace perpetua permaneant, ac requiem possideant.
Et testis, Christe,     
quod non jacet hic lapis iste,
Corpus ut ornetur,     
sed spiritus ut memoretur.
Hunc tu qui tum sis     
magnus, parvus puer an sis,
Pro me funde preces     
Quod sic mihi fit veniæ spes.

An ancient Marble Tomb in the Chancel.

Radulphus Astry, Generos. unus filiorum Rad. Astry, Militis, quondam Maioris Civitatis London. Qui quidem Rad. filius in sua florida juventute, ab hoc sæculo migravit, 19. die mense. Septembris, Anno Domini, 1501.

Another fair stone close by the other.

Henry Gisors gist yci, Dieu de sa Ame tieĊ„ è pittie, John le filx à mercy. Qui morust le veille de S. Katharine, En l'An de Grace, 1343.

Martis Pasca tenes,     
Edward Rex luce tiburci
Hunc del Foorll. Dominum,     
strage ruisse dolet.
Is dabat Gascon †,     
Anglus sum corde Joannes,
In campis Barnet     
mortis amara tulit.
Bis septingeno,     
decies sept. & simul uno,
Mane resurgente     
obviat iste Jesu.
Anglicus hæc relegens,     
miserere tui Peregrini,
Et pro te moriens,     
te sciat esse pium.

All these stones, fairly plated, are in the body of the Church.

†Gnasco. Former Edition.

Hæc petra substrati     
Kirkman tegit ossa Roberti,
Qui rector fuerat     
Istius Ecclesiæ.
M.D. deme quater     
septem Christi cadet Anno,
Aprilis terna     
raptus ab orbe die.
Artibus ille Magister     
erat, Ecclesia * tandem,
Tristia post fati     
gaudia dentur ei.]


Sir Ralph Austrie, or Astry, Fishmonger, Maior, new roofed this Church with Timber, covered with Lead, and beautifully glased it. He deceased 1494. and was there buried, with his two Wives. Ralph Austrie his son, Gent. William Austrie, and other of that Name. Bertrand, Wife to Grimond Descure *, Esq; a Gascoine and Merchant of Wines, 1494. Thomas Batson *, Alice Fowler, Daughter and heir to John Howton, Wife to John Hulton *. James Bartlet * and Alice his Wife, William Fennor, Roger Cotton, Robert Stocker, John † Pemberton, Philip de Plasse, John Stapleton, John Mortimer, William Lee, William Hamsted, &c. William Stokesbie, and Gilbert March, had Chantries there.