Cheape Ward. [Guild-hall Chappel.] 42

Cheape Ward. [Guild-hall Chappel.]

each Windnw. William Hariot, Draper, Maior, 1481. gave 40l. to the making of two Loovers in the said Guild-hall, and toward the glazing thereof. The Kitchens, and other Houses of Office adjoyning to this Guildhall, were builded of later time; to wit, about the Year 1501. by procurement of Sir John * Shaw, Goldsmith, Maior; who was the first that kept his Feast there.


Kitchens, a d other Offices built.

*Edmund, first Edit.

[Since which time, the Maior's Feasts have been yearly kept there; which beore time were kept in the Taylors Hall, or the Grocers Hall.]

First Edi .

Towards the Charges of which Work, the Maior had of the Fellowships of the City (by their own agreement) certain Sums of Money; as, of the Mercers, 40l. the Grocers, 20l. the Drapers, 30l. and so of the other Fellowships through the City, as they were of power.

Also Widows, and other well-disposed Persons, gave certain Sums of Money; as, the Lady Hill, 10l. the Lady Austrie, 10l. and so of many other, till the Work was finished.

Nicholas Alwin, Grocer, Maior, 1499. deceased 1505. gave by his Testament, for a Hanging of Tapestry, to serve for principal Days in the Guild-hall, 73l. 6s. 8d. How this Gift was performed, I have not heard; for Executors of our time, having no Conscience, (I speak of my own knowledge) prove more Testaments than they perform.

Executors reproved.

Guild-hall was again repaired and beautified, An. 1706. And over the great Porch is written, Reparata & Ornata, THO. RAWLINSON Mil. Maiore, Ann. Dom. 1706.

Guild-hall repaired 17 6.

J. S.

Soon after the beautifying and reparation of this Hall, together with the Maior's Court, and the Council Chamber, at a great Expence; as part of its Ornament, were fixed up on high, upon Irons, the Standards and Colours taken that Summer from the French and the Bavarians, at the Victory of Rameleis, the Duke of Marlborough General. They were set up the 19th of December, on which Day they were brought from Westminster in great State; And the said Victorious Duke, upon a grateful Invitation, dined with the City at Vintners Hall; Sir Rob. Bedingfield then keeping his Maioralty there.]

Duke of Marlborough dines with the Maior as was shewn before.

The Chappel of St. MARY MAGDALENE, by Guild-hall.


Now for the Chappel or College of our Lady Mary Magdalen, and of All Saints, by the Guild-hall, called London College; I read, that the same was builded about the Year 1299. and that Peter Fanelore, Adam Frauncis, and Henry Frowicke, Citizens, gave one Messuage, with the Appurtenances, in the Parish of St. Foster, to William Brampton, Custos of the Chauntry, by them founded in the said Chappel, with four Chaplains; and one other House in the Parish of St. Giles without Cripplegate, in the 27 of Edward the Third, was given to them; which was about the Year 1353.

Chappel or Colledge at Guild-hall.



Moreover I find, that Richard II. in the 20th of his Reign, granted to Steven Spilman, Mercer, Licence to give one Messuage, three Shops, and one Garden, with the Appurtenances, being in the Parish of St. Andrew Hubberd, to the Custos and Chaplains of the said Chappel, and to their Successors, for their better Relief and Maintenance for ever.

King Henry VI. in the 8th of his Reign, gave Licence to John Barnard, Custos, and the Chaplains, to build of new the said Chappel or College of Guild-hall. And the same Henry the VIth, in the 27th of his Reign, granted to the Parish-Clerks in London, a Guild of St. Nicolas, for two Chaplains, by them to be kept in the said Chappel of St. Mary Magdalen, near unto the Guild-hall, and to keep Seven Alms-people. Henry Barton, Skinner, Maior, founded a Chaplain there. Roger Depham, Mercer, and Sir William Langford, Kt. had also Chaplains there. This Chappel or College had a Custos, seven Chaplains, three Clerks, and four Quiresters.

Chappel or College at Guild hall new builded.

Guild of St. Nicolas for Parish Clerks.



Monuments there have been sundry, as appeareth by the Tombs of Marble yet remaining, seven in Number, but all defaced. The uppermost in the Quire, on the South side thereof, above the Revestry Door, was the Tomb of John Welles, Grocer, Maior, 1431. The likeness of Wells are graven on the Tomb, on the Revestry Door, and other places on that side the Quire. Also in the Glass Window over this Tomb, and in the East Window, is the likeness of Wells, with Hands elevated out of the same Wells, holding Scrowls, wherein is written, Mercy: The Writing in the East Window being broken, yet remaineth Wells. I found his Arms also in the South Glass Window. All which do shew, that the East end, and the South side of the Quire of this Chappel, and the Revestry, were by him both builded and glazed.

Monuments in this Chappel.

Wells's Tomb.

John Wells, a principal Benefactor to Guild hall College.

Here seems to have been buried Thomas Rich, Citizen and Mercer of London. For by his Will dated July 2. 1471. he bequeathed his Body to be buried in the Chappel of Guild-hall, London. In which Will, he appointed Sir Relone Priest, by the Advice of his Father-in- Law, to pray for his Soul, &c. And that all such Sums as he owed unto his Father, Richard Ryche, should be delivered unto his Executrice Elizabeth his Wife. He bequeathed also to the Lady his Sister, Dame Margaret Walden, (a Lady Abbess as it seems) to pray for his Soul, a gilt Cup covered, called The Tubbe, &c. To the poor People of Hoxton, the Day of his Burial, 100 Shillings, to pray for his Soul. To the Nieces of John Ryche, his Son, 40 Shillings, &c.]

Thomas Rich, Son of Rich. Rich.

J. S.

Regist. Lond.

On the North side of the Quire, the Tomb of Thomas Knesworth, Fishmonger, Maior, 1505. who deceased 1515. was defaced: and within these 44 Years again renewed by the Fishmongers. Two other Tombs lower there are, the one of a Draper, the other of a Haberdasher; their Names not known: Richard Stomine (is written in the Window by) the Haberdasher. Under flat Stones do lie divers Custos's of the Chappel, Chaplains and Officers to the Chamber.

Amongst others, John Clipstone, Priest, sometime Custos of the Library of the Guild-hall, 1457. Another, of Edmond Alison, Priest, one of the Custos's of the Library, 1510, &c. Sir John Langley, Goldsmith, Maior, 1576. lyeth buried in the Vault, under the Tomb of John Welles before named.

Of later times, these following have been buried in Guild-hall Chappel, under flat Stones.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

Gulielmus Avery, dum vixit celeberrimæ huic Civitati a Commentariis. Ob. 1671.

William Fluellin, Esq; late Alderman of this City, 1675.

William Lightfoot, one of the four Attorneys of the Lord Maior's Court, and Register of Sutton's Hospital, 1699.

Against the South Wall of the Cloister, a Monument for Catharine Lightfoot, Daughter of Rob. Abbot, Wife of the said Will. Lightfoot; dyed in Childbed, 1673.]