Cheape Ward. [S. Lawrence Jury.] 44

Cheape Ward. [S. Lawrence Jury.]

At the West end of this Isle, a fair Window.

Glazed at the charges of William Pyot, Citizen and Grocer of London, An. Dom. 1618.

On the North side, the lowest Window.

Glazed at the charges of Henry Hopkins, Citizen and Vintner of London, An. Dom. 1618.

A faire Window next to this upward, the resemblance of a blazing Starre on it.

Glazed at the charges of Hugh Ley, Citizen and Skinner of London, and a Parishioner here, Anno Dom. 1618.

At the bottom of this Window thus.

Forget you not the Blazing Starre,     
This yeere to us is showne;
Make use thereof both neere and farre:     
The like hath nor beene knowne.
An. Dom. 1618.

The next Window upward.

Glazed at the charges of Barbara Burnell, Widow, late Wife of John Burnell, Merchant, and free of the Clothworkers, Anno Dom. 1618.

The next Window upward.

Glazed at the charges of the Lady Elizabeth Ibones, Wife to Sir Francis Ibones, Kt. and Alderman of this City; and Daughter to Master Henry Rolffe, of this Parish, deceased July 1618.

The next Window upward.

This Window was glazed at the charge of Ceilia Cleyton, Widow to Mr. Rich. Cleyton, Citizen and Salter, but free of the Worshipful Company of Dyers of London; and deceased the 23d of October, 1602. Glazed in October, 1618.

The uppermost Window on the North side.

This Window was Glazed at the charges of Edmond Wright, Grocer, 1618.]



There lie buried in this Church, Elizabeth, Wife to John Fortescue, Katharine Stoketon *, John Stratton, Philip Albert, John Fleming, Philip Agmondesham, William Skywith *, James Lialton, John Norlong, John Baker, Thomas Alleyne, William Barton, Mercer, 1410. William Melrith, Mercer, one of the Sheriffs, 1425. Simon Bartlet, Mercer, 1428. Walter Chartsey, Draper, one of the Sheriffs, 1430. Richard Rich, Esq; of London, the Father, and Richard Rich his Son, Mercer, one of the Sheriffs, 1441. deceased 1469. with this Epitaph:

Buried in this Church.



Richard Rich.

Respice quod opus est     
præsentis temporis ævum,
Omne quod est, nihil est,     
præter amare Deum.

This Richard was Father to John, buried in St. Thomas Acars; which John was Father to Thomas, Father to Richard Lord Rich, &c.

Richard Rich, Citizen and Mercer of London; by his Will (made 1463. and proved 1464.) bequeathed his Body to be buried in the Chappel of St. Mary, within the Church of St. Laurence in veteri Judaismo. He ap- pointed for Katharine his Wife, and Thomas his Son, and Robert Lone, Chaplain, and William Marewe, John Walden, and Thomas Urswick, (who had married his Daughters) to be clothed the Day of his burial, in black Cloth. And that all the Sons of his said Daughters, and one Servant of Marew, Walden, and Urswick, and all his Servants in London, be clothed in black Cloth. And that the foresaid Thomas Urswick, have for himself, and his Wife, and all his Children, to the buying of this Vesture, Forty Shillings.

Richard Rich, Mercer.

J. S.

Regist. Lond.

This Testator had Lands in Hoddesdon, Brokesborn, Stansted, and Henwel, in the County of Hertford, and in Hoxton in the Parish of Shoreditch. John Rich, Son of the Testator, and Isabel his Wife, had divers Lands in Hoddesdon for Life, as that called The George. The said Richard Rich, bequeathed to Thomas Rich, his Son, all his Lands and Tenements in Isolden [Islington] and Radcliff, in Middlesex. Of this Richard, descended Richard Lord Rich, of Lees in Essex; sometime Lord Chancellour in the Reign of King Edward VI. and was the Raiser of the Noble Family of the Earls of Warwick.]

John Pickering, honourable for Service of his Prince, and for the English Merchants beyond the Seas; who deceased 1448.

Godfrey Bollein, Mercer, Maior, 1457. but died about 1463. for that Year his Will bore date. His Christian Name is set down Godfrey by Stow, both in his Survey, and in his Chronicle, but amiss for Geffrey; for so it appears his Name was, by his last Will: Wherein he desired to be buried in the Chappel of S. John, in the Church of S. Lawrence in Jury of London. He had Sons William and Thomas; and Daughters, Isabel, Ann, and Alice. And had Lands in the Parishes of Blykling, Hotham, Stukey, Mulburton, Kemsing, and Sele, in Norfolk, and other Counties. This Note I insert of that Man, from whom descended the incomparable and fortunate Princess ELIZABETH, sometime Queen of England. Thomas Bollein, his Son, of Norfolk, Esq; 1471. He left Ann, his Mother, Executrice, willing her to sell his Place in the Manour of Ingham, in Norfolk; and that she should have the Money to dispose of for his Souls Health. He desired by his last Will to be buried in this Church, beside his Father.]

A Note of this Bolleyn.

J. S.

John Atkenson, Gentleman, Dame Mary S. Maure, John Waltham, Roger Bonifant, John Chayhee, [Chayham] John Abbot, Geffrey Feilding, Maior, 1452. and Angel his Wife, 1517. Simon Benington, Draper, and Joan his Wife; John Marshal, Mercer, Maior, 1493. William Purchat, Maior 1498. Thomas Burgoyne, Gentleman, Mercer, 1517. A Wife to a Master of Defence, Servant to the Princes of Wales. A Countess of Cornwal and Chester, but her Name and Time is not there apparent; Sir Richard Gresham, Maior, 1537.

Sir Michel Dormer, Mercer, Maior, 1541. died about the Year 1545. for in that Year he made his last Will; wherein he bequeathed his Body to be buried in the Church-yard of S. Laurence the Jury, London, where Elizabeth his Wife lay.

J. S.

In this Church also was buried (as we may conclude by his Will) Roger Thorney, Citizen and Mercer of London; who deserves here to have a Remembrance for his good Will to Learning, founding a Fellowship in Jesus College in Cambridge, by certain his Lands and Tenements in Southwark. The mannner of establishing the same, and for what superstitious Ends, according to the Devotion of those times, will appear by the Tenor of the said Will, made

Roger Thorney buried here.

Jan. 16.