Coleman street Ward. [St. Stephen Coleman street.] 59

Coleman street Ward. [St. Stephen Coleman street.]

Infra se turbam coætaneam reliquit,
Impubes Senex;
Et quod negavit Sæculo, C┼ôlo dedit,
Sic Sapere ante annos nocuit; nam maxima Virtus
Persuasit Morti, ut crederet esse Senem.

Persons of late buried, with Monumens for them, in St. Margarets Lothbury.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

John Ebsworth, 1699.

Walter Atwood, 1683.

Edward Hopegood, Merchant, dyed, 1677. and his two Daughters.

George Perier, Esq; 1678.

Henry Chapman, Citizen and Mercer, 1700.

John Palfryman, Citizen and Baker, 1692.

John Sheppard, Son of Nicolas Sheppard, Painter-Stainer, 1679.

Mr. Flower, late Minister of this Parish, was buried on the South side of the Communion Rails. On his Grave-stone this Inscriptien, made, as it seems, by himself.

I came up like a Flower, Anno, 1662. And wae cut down Anno 1698. But shall flourish again.

Nunc nil suave superest, præter Nomen.

This Decumbent, Christopher Flower, was Incumbent of this Living, Forty six Years and Nine Months.



The Charities belonging to this Parish, are as follows.


Henry VIII. King of England,
gave to the Parish, for the use
of the Poor for ever
Thomas Bramly, Citizen and
Haberdasher, to the Poor, to be
paid by the Haberdashers
Anthony Bedingfield, of Lon-
don, Mercer, gave
The Interest whereof to be paid
to the Poor once a Year for ever.
The Mercers gave in Bread to
the Poor
Mary Barnes, to the Parish
for ever, to be employed to put
such poor Children Apprentices,
as were born in the Parish.

There is a Memorial or Register kept in the Church, of the Names of the Benefactors, and the Sums by them given: Set up An. 1689.

There was a Parsonage House before the Fire, but burnt down; rebuilt and leased out for Forty Years, at 40s. per Ann. Ground Rent.


This Church, for the finishing of it, had these Benefactors.

Benefactors to the Church.

John Hanson50l.
Lady Elizab. Tulse15l.
Jane Hopegood15l.
Jeremy Elwey10l.
Rob. Whittingham10l.
Sir Edw. Foach10l.

James Boddington wainscoted the Vestry.

John Jackson gave a large rich Bible, and three Common Prayer Books.

Jane Rutter, 1694. the Brass Tipe and Font that covereth the Font.]

Throms Alley, and Borishead Alley, in the Parish of St. Margaret Lothbury, Anno 1540. Regist. Testam. Lon.]

By the West end of this Parish Church, have ye a fair Water-Conduit, builded at the Charges of the City, in the Year 1546. Sir Mar- tin Bowes being Maior. Two Fifteens were levied of the Citizens, towards the Charges thereof. This Water is conveyed, in great abundance, from divers Springs, lying between Hoxton and Islington.

Conduit in Lothbury.

Next is the Founders Hall, a proper House; and so along West, to the Southwest corner of Bassings Hall street, have ye fair and large Houses for Merchants: Namely, the corner House at the end of Bassings Hall street, an old piece of Work, builded of Stone, sometime belonging to a certain Jew, named Mansere, the Son of Aaron, the Son of Coke the Jew, the 7th of Edward the I. Since, to Rahere de Sopars lane; then, to Simon Francis. Thomas Bradbery, Mercer, kept his Maioralty there, deceased, 1509. Part of this House hath been lately imployed as a Market-house, for the Sale of Woolen Bayes, Watmoles *, Flanels, and such like Alderman Bennet now possesseth it.]

The Founders Hall.

An old Stone Building, belonging to Mansere, a Jew.

A. M.

The B y Hall.

*Wodmeles, first Edit.

On this North side against the Old Jewry, is Coleman street; so called of Coleman, the first Builder and Owner thereof: As also of Cole-church, or Coleman-Church, against the great Conduit in Cheape. This is a fair and large Street, replenished on both sides with divers fair Houses, besides Alleys; with small Tenements in great number. On the East side of this Street, almost at the North end thereof, is the Armourers Hall. Which Company of Armourers, were made a Fraternity or Guild of St. George, with a Chantry on the Chappel of St. Thomas, in Pauls Church, in the first of Henry VI. Also on the same side is Kings Alley, and Love lane, both containing many Tenements.

Coleman street.

Armourers Hall.

Kings Alley.

In the Register of old Wills and Testaments, London, you have mention of these Alleys.

Love Lane.

E. A.

Scorrerys Alley in Parochia de Colemanstreet.

Aleya vocat. Harry Barton's Alley in Coleman street.]

The Parish Church of St. STEPHEN Coleman Street.


And on the West side, towards the South end, is the Parish Church of St. Stephen. [Which Stow supposed to be a Chappel to St. Olaves; because, as above is mentioned, Forest, the Vicar, is called the Vicar of St. Olaves, and of the Chappel of St. Stephen, annexed; and this in the Year 1399. But I find it called long before, viz. 15 Ed. II. An. 1321. the Parish of St. Stephen. When a Licence was granted by that King, for five Marks Rent to be taken (for a Chauntry founded in the Chappel of St. Margarets Lothbury) of the Tenement of John Botener, in the Parish of St. Stephen Coleman street.]

St. Stephen Coleman street.

J. S.

This Church was in many parts of it, carefully repaired, and throughout, fairly and commendably beautifyed: at the proper Cost and Charge of the Parishioners, in the Year of our Lord 1622.



Francis Wheeler,
Thomas Newton,

And further enriched and beautified with a very fair Gallery in the South Isle, in the Year 1629.

Robert Kay,
Robert Daukes,