Coleman street Ward. [Monuments.] 60

Coleman street Ward. [Monuments.]



The Monuments are defaced: Notwithstanding, I find that William Crayhag founded a Chauntry there, in the Reign of Edward II. and was buried there. Also John Essex, the 35th of Edward the III. Adam Goodman, the 37th of Edward the III. William King, Draper, sometime Owner of Kings Alley, the 18th of Richard the IId. John Sokeling, the 10th of Henry the VIth. John Arnold, Leather-seller, the 17th of Henry the VIth.


There is one Tomb on the South side of the Quire, but without Inscription. I read, that Thomas Bradbury, Mercer, Maior, in the Year 1509. was buried there; but his Tomb is on the North side of the Quire. As also one Edmond Harlock, Currier, to be a great Benefactor. Sir John Garme, Skirringham, 1468. Richard Hamney, 1418. Richard Colsel, &c.

Thomas Eyer, by his Will made the 9th of June, 1493. bequeathed to our Ladies Altar, and to the Brotherhood of the same, holden in the Church of St. Stephen Coleman street, a Frontal for an Altar, powdered with Gold; containing about three Yards in length, and a quarter of a Yard in breadth, with a Fringe.]

Tho. Eyer. è Regro Testam.

J. Worthing.

Here lyeth in peace the body of the Right Worshipful, Sir William Glover, Knight, late Citizen and Alderman of London. Who for the many good Gifts, both in sincere Religion, Wisedome, and Gravity, wherewith he was very plentifully graced, was elected Sheriffe of London, and served the same, Anno Domini, 1601. He had lived in good name and fame fifty eight yeeres, and very blessedly departed this transitory life, the seventeenth day of Decemb. 1603. Leaving two Sonnes, (viz.) Thomas and William. And five Daughters, viz. Anne, married to Barne Roberts, of Willesden, in the County of Middelsex, Esquire; Susan, Elizabeth, Mary, and Alice, behinde him, to condole the want of so kinde and loving a Father.
To whose dearest Memory, the Lady Anne Glover, the most sorrowful Widdow of the said Sir William, lamenting his Death, and her own unrecoverable Loss; at her own Charge erected this Monument, in testification both of her Love and Duty.

A fair Monument in the Chancel.

A. M.

Here lyeth the body of Barne Roberts, eldest Son of Frances Roberts of Willesden, in the County of Middlesex, Esquire; who tooke to Wife, Anne, eldest Daughter of Sir William Glover, Knight, and Alderman of Lond. By whom he had issue three Sonnes, and five Daughters. The said Barne Roberts dyed the 30. day of January, 1610. being of the age of 34 yeeres, and five moneths. In remembrance of whom, his said Wife, (of her very kind and loving affection) at her owne proper cost and charges, hath caused this Monument to be made and erected An. Dom. 1611.

If humane worth     
could have preserv'd him still,
He had beene much     
too strong for death to kill.
Yet being conquered,     
got by the strife,
A better being,     
in a better life:
So that great Victor     
over Nature, left him
More happinesse ten fold     
than he bereft him.

Another close by the g eater.

Gulielmo Danieli, Equiti Aurato, alteri è Judicibus Communium Placitorum, qui Maii 19. Annos natus septuaginta tres, An. Do. 1610. diem ult. explevit, devotum Carmen.

Qui Patriæ Leges     
æquo moderamine flexit,
Et Judex populo     
gratus amansq; fuit,
Hoc decorat genio     
marmor placidoq; pioque,
Stabit in æternum     
quod bona fama tegit.
Gentem si quæras?     
erat ille Checestriensis,
nobilis ortus agro.
Uxores binas duxit,     
nec pignora desunt,
Connubii duplicia     
pulchræ, pudica, pia.
Filius egregii nominis,     
speciemque parentis
Qui celebrat, primi     
munus amoris erat.
Elizabetha illi soror est,     
ab utroque parente
Onsyloi vivit     
quæ sociata toro.
Conjugii sed Martha     
decus non sola secundi,
Coco Equiti nupta est,     
nec satiatur Hymen,
Nam binas expectat     
adhuc sub matre sorores,
Fælices thalamos     
utraque digna manet.
Margareta ab illis     
paulo est maturior annis,
Nomine Judithæ     
sit tibi nota minor.
Sic numero florens     
natorum, munere Judex,
Ordine Eques obiit,     
plenus honore senex.
Anna defuncti Judicis piissima vidua, in perpetuum amoris memoriæque testimonium, lugubre hoc Monumentum extrui fecit.

A fair Tomb in the East of the South Isle.

In this Isle lye the bodies of George Golding Esquire, buried the 27 day November, 1584. and of Anne Bartelet, Widdow, buried 12 day of June, 1596. and of Mary Golding, Widdow, late Wife of the said George, and Daughter of the said Anne, buried the 29 of April, 1612. by her said Husband and Mother, according to her owne desire. She lived a Widdow 28 yeeres, religiously to God, hospitably to her Friends, and charitably to all, especially to poore Widdowes: And deceased the 25 day of April, 1612. being then 79 yeeres of age.

A handsom small Monument in the Wall by the other.

An honest heart,     
religiously affected,
A zealous soule,     
a charitable mind,
True dealing conscience,     
all untruth rejected,
All these in one     
are hard and far to find:
Yet in this course,     
both time and truth have tryed,
In youth and age,     
John Taylor liv'd and dyed.

A fair Monument in the South Wall of the Quire.