Coleman street Ward. [Monuments.] 61

Coleman street Ward. [Monuments.]

His honest heart,     
his honest Friends have found;
His zeale to God,     
God and the godly know;
His charity,     
his true reliefe may sound,
That on the poore     
his bounty did bestow:
His heavenly rest,     
upon this Point resolved,
To be with Christ,     
I wish to be dissolved.
Here lyeth buried the body of John Taylor, Esq; Citizen and Haberdasher of London, who married Berseba, Daughter of Edward Hall, late Citizen and Haberdasher of London, deceased; and had by her one only Daughter, named Elizabeth; First married to Francis Smith, Citizen and Mercer of London, deceased, by whom she had one Son, named Francis Smith. And since married to Thomas Freake, of Serne, in the County of Dorset, Esquire; by whom she hath five Sons and Daughters, now living. He hath given by his Will, 200 Pound in Money, to be delivered and lent to young Men of the Company of Haberdashers; to distribute every Sunday (weekly, for ever) two Shillings in Bread, and the Advantage, to poor Householders of this Parish. And also 20 Pound more for a Stocke, to be yeerly imployed for ever, in buying and providing of Fuell for the same Poore.

The blessed token of     
the Daughters love,
Unto the Fathers kinde     
and loving care,
May to the world     
this Monument approve,
How blessed Parents     
in their Children are:
And blessed God, that     
so his love expresseth,
Who thus both Parents     
and the Children blesseth.

Sepelitur hic corpus Philippi Paskin, qui obiit 12 Calend. Junii, Anno Dom. 1580. Anno ætat. 52. duos post se reliquit fil. Thomam & Ricardum, & unigentam filam Joannam ex charissima sibi Conjuge Anna.

A Gravesto e in the same Isle.

Here lyeth Dame Jane, Daughter and sole Heire of John White, of this Parish, Esq; First married to Samuel Thornehill, of Bromley, in the County of Kent, Esquire; by whom she had issue two Sonnes, Timothy and John, and one Daughter, named Elizabeth. Shee secondly married Sir Richard Smith, Knight, Son of Thomas Smith, of Oestenhanger, in the County of Kent, Esquire, and had issue by him but one Daughter, named Mary. The said Dame Jane died the 13. of October, 1607. being about the age of 33 yeeres. In whose remembrance, her said Husband caused this Monument to be made, 1608.

A comely Monument on a Pillar in the Quire.

On the South side of the Chancel is a fair Grave stone, with this Epitaph in Brass.

Georgius heu! quondam jacet     
hic Skeffingtonus humatus,
Mercator Stapulæ     
clarus in urbe fuit.
Quæ spes divitiis     
bona quam fallacia mundi,
Quam subito pereunt,     
quæ valuere, vide?
Ast qui terram olim     
vano fragilem pede pressit,
æterna hic petiit     
firmior astra fide.
Obiit An. Dom. 1581. die 1 Julii. Anno vero ætatis suæ 43.

On the lower end of the Chancel is a fair Grave stone, with this Epitaph in Brass.

Our life is all but death,     
time that insueth
Is but the death of time     
that went before.
Youth is the death of     
Childhood, Age of Youth;
Die once to God, and     
then thou diest no more.
Agnes the Wife of     
Leonard Darr, whose sight
By sicknesse much impair'd,     
in heavenly light
Lookt, liv'd, and died;     
As dimnesse her were given,
That her Soules Eies might     
better looke to heaven.
Leonardus Darr nuper Maior villæ de Totnes, posuit in mortem Agnetæ charissimæ conjugis suæ. Obiit 29 Januarii 1596.]

To the Memory
Of that antient Servant to the City with his Pen, in divers Employments, especially, The SURVEY of LONDON, Master Anthony Munday, Citizen and Draper of London.

He that hath many an antient Tombstone read,
(Ith' Labour seeming more among the Dead
To live, than with the Living) that survaid
Abstruse Antiquities, and ore them laid
Such vive and beauteous Colours with his Pen,
That (spite of Time) those Old are New agen.
Under this Marble lies interr'd: His Tomb
Claiming (as worthily it may) this room;
Among those many Monuments, his Quill
Has so revived, helping now to fill
A Place with this in his Survey, in which
He had a Monument more fair, more rich,
Than polisht Stones could make him, where he lyes,
Though dead still living, and in that ne'er dies.
Obiit Anno ætatis suæ 80. Domini 1633. Augusti 10.


In the Chancel lies buried the Body of Mr. Samuel Aldersey, Merchant Citizen and Haberdasher of London, July 25. 1633. His Hatchments and Ensigns proper to his Name and Estate, hang over him.

Queen Elizabeth's Monument.


ELIZABETH Queen of England, &c.
If Royal Vertues ever crown'd a Crown, &c.
I have fought a good Fight, &c.]

Monuments in the new built Church, are these.

Late Monuments.

On the South Wall a handsome Monument in memory of Henry Vernon, Esq; Son of Sir Tho. Vernon, Kt. He dyed 1684. but lyeth buried at Aleppo in Syria.

J. S.

In the North Isle, Flat Stones over

William Rawlins, Aged 81. 1674. and Joanna his Wife; and Joanna their Grandchild, and Thomas Rawlins their Son, 1694.

Frances Archer, 1702.