Coleman street Ward. [Benefactors.] 62

Coleman street Ward. [Benefactors.]

Hester Chamberlain, Daughter of Sir Tho. Chamberlain, Kt. and Mary Burlamachi his Wife, by whom he had 17 Children. She was born at Putney, and dyed 1691/2.

This Church was consumed by the late dreadful Fire, 1666. begun to be rebuilt 1674. and finished 1676. and was raised. The two great Vaults at the West end new built, and the Gallery erected: Chiefly by the procurement of Mr. William Fazackerly, an useful Member, and one of the Common Council of this Parish, An. 1691.]

This Church rebuilt.

Dr. Richard Lucas, Vic.
Common Councilmen.
Tho. Wattes, Deputy.
Sir Rich. Vernon, Kt.
Arthur Baron, Esq



Lady Bradbury gave 30s. per ann in Charcoal, to the Poor of this Parish for ever; from the Worshipful Company of Mercers.

Benefactors to this Parish.

A. M.

John White, Citizen and Haberdasher, 1585. gave 12d. weekly in Bread, to the Poor of this Parish for ever.

William Man, Citizen and Merchant-Taylor, 1585. gave the remainder of a Lease of Years to come, in a Lease of Tenements in Swan Alley, to the Poor of this Parish, and the Town of Buckingham, 2l. 10s.

Stephen Scudamore, Citizen and Vintner, 1585. gave weekly 12d. in Bread., to the Poor of this Parish for ever.

John Taylor, Citizen and Haberdasher, gave in Stock, 20l. for Billets, Fagots, or Coals, for provision fo the Poor of this Parish for ever; and 2s. weekly in Bread, for ever, to the poor Householders, An. 1600.

Dame Anne Glover, gave a Stock of 10l. for provision for the Poor of this Parish, for Wood or Coal for ever, An. 1612.

Mrs. Dane, Widdow, gave to the Poor 10s. per annum for ever, from the Company of Ironmongers, An. 1614.

Henry Gibs, sometimes Servant to Sir Maurice Abbot, Knight and Alderman of London, gave to the Poor of this Parish 50l.

Dame Daniel, sometimes Wife to Sir William Daniel, gave a Stock for the Poor of this Parish for ever, 30l. An. 1616.

Hugh Cap, Citizen and Plasterer of London, gave 100l. to purchase Lands for the Poor of this Parish for ever, An. 1616.

John Terry, Stranger, gave in Stock to the Poor of this Parish, 10l. for ever, An. 1617.

Christopher Ayer, Merchant, Citizen, and Leatherseller of London, gave 240l. for the building of six Alms-houses, and 400l. to purchase Lands, towards the maintenance of six poor Couple of this Parish for ever, An. 1624.

Sir Richard Smith. Kt. gave in stock for provision of Sea-coals for the Poor of this Parish, 100l. every Year, to be returned for the use of the Poor for ever, An. 1627. And another 100l. afterward, for relief of the Poor also.

I obtained these Instructions, by the help and assistance of my loving Friend and Brother Thomas Price, Parish Clerk there.]

The modern Account brought in concerning the charitable Donations to this Parish, is as followeth.


J. S.

John White, Citizen and Ha-
berdasher of London, An. 1585.
gave per Week, to the Poor for
Stephen Scudamore, Citizen and
Vintner, An. 1585. gave week-
ly to the Poor for
John Taylor, gave in Stock200000
and weekly in Bread000200
Mrs. Dane, to the Poor per
Hugh Capp, to purchase Lands
for the Poor
Christopher Ayre, Merchant,
for building six Alms-houses.
Bernard Hyde, Esq; An. 1630.
gave at the end of every ten Years
And to purchase Land for six
poor People for ever
Dame Margaret Wroth, An. 1665.020000
yearly to preach a Sermon on
her Funeral Day, being Nov. 11.
And after each Sermon, to be
paid to the Poor
She gave also yearly010000
for a Sermon to be preached on
the Funeral Day of her Daugh-
ter of Mrs. Anne Dewdley. And
after each Sermon, to the Poor
Walter Woodward left Mainte-
nance for three poor Children of
the Parish, to be educated in
Christs Hospital.
Tho. Barnes, Esq; per Ann. to
40 poor Housekeepers
Richard Winn, Esq; to the
Poor for ever
Dr Nathan. Paget, per Ann.
for 30 odd Years
Tho. Muffet, Deputy, per Ann.030000
to be dispos'd of in Bread; and
for a Sermon upon his Birth day,
Octob. 9.

There were two Guilds founded in this Parish Church: One of our Lady, called, The Little Fraternity of our Lady, in the Church of St. Stephen in Coleman street, London. Founded 43 Ed. III. An. 1368. by William Molton, Mason, John Lenham, Brewer, John Mushach, Smith, John Smith, Currier, Thomas Belchamber, Letherdigher, and other good People of the said Parish; of their great Devotion, and in Honour of our Lady, to find five Wax Candles upon one Branch, of 31 pound of Wax, hanging before an Image of our Lady, in the said Church, upon the Beam: Each Brother and Sister paying 12 Pence per Ann. The Form of it ran in this Tenor; the Original whereof is still preserved in the Tower.

Guilds in St. Stephens Coleman street, of our Lady.

"In the Name of the hali Trinite, Fader and Sone, and Holigost, Amen. In the feste of Seint John the porte Latyn, that is to witen, the Seven day of the moneth of Mey, &t. "

" Fyrst, Alle the Bretheren and Sustren everich yer, ayenes the self Feste of the Assumption of our Ladi Seint Mary, shul ben clothed of one Sute of covenable clothings that falleth to her astat. But yif ony shal be of the Compaignee because of poortee, ne mey noyht make gree; yet he shal have atte lest a hode of the Suyte, in token that he is a Broder of the Fraternite. So that he be be holden Broder of Suster of gode condicion and honeste. The which day of the Assumption, the foresaid Bretheren and Sustren shul have a solempne Messe, in the honour of the foreseid Mary, songen in the "