Bassings Hall Ward. [Monuments.] 67

Bassings Hall Ward. [Monuments.]

Whereto John Burton, Mercer, and Agnes his Wife, were great Benefactors; as appeareth by his Mark, placed throughout the whole Roof of the Quire, and middle Isle of the Church.

This Church was repaired and beautified at the Cost and Charge of this Parish, in the Year of our Lord God 1630.



Thomas Barnie,
Christopher Price,

This Church burnt down by the great Fire, was begun to be rebuilt, An. 1676. finished An. 1679. Repaired and beautified 1697. This Church is built with Brick rubbed.]


J. S.



The foresaid John Burton, deceased in the year 1460. and was buried in the Quire, with this Epitaph.

Monuments of Persons deceased.

John Burton lieth under here,
Sometimes of London Citizen and Mercer;
And Jenet his Wife, with their progenie,
Beene turned to Earthe, as ye may see.
Friends free, what so ye be,     
Pray for us, we you pray;
As you see us in this degree,     
So shall you be another day.

John Burton, Citizen and Mercer, buried in the Church of St. Michael in Bassingshaw, in the Chancel there. By his Will dated Oct. 14. 1459. orders, That all the Roof of the Church be ceiled, and painted according to the Chancel. Orders, upon his Grave, to be laid a Stone of Marble. Wills, that his Executors hold and keep and Day of his Anniversary, otherwise called Yearsmynd, in the said Church of St. Michael, for x Years. And that his Anniversary be kept in the Church of Wadworth in Yorkshire. And the Priest there, to pray for his Soul, and the Souls of his Father and Moder, King Henry IV. Queen Johan, and Maister Thomas Langley, late Bishop of Durham.

John Burton.

E. A.

Regist. Lond.

Orders his Executors to provide 7 Chesibles of Dymysay, or freyed with Baudekyn wrought with Gold, togeders with al the Apparel to them necessary; and to deliver them to the Church of Wadworth, in Honor of the Passion of our Lord Jesu Christ, and the Virgin Mary.

His Daughter Katharin, a Nun of Haliwel. To his Wife 500 Marks, to his Son John 500.]

Francis Cooke, John Martin, Edward Bromflit, Esq; of Warwickshire, 1460.

Richard Barnes, Sir Roger Roe, Roger Velden, 1479.

Sir James Yarforde, Mercer, Maior, deceased, 1527. buried under a fair Tomb, with his Lady, in a special Chappel by him builded, on the North side of the Quire.

Sir John Gresham, Mercer, Maior; who deceased 1554. Sir John Ailiffe, Chirurgeon, then a Grocer, one of the Sheriffs, 1548. Nicholas Bakhurst, one of the Sheriffs, 1577. Sir Wolston Dixie, Skinner, Maior, 1585. And Sir Leonard Hallyday, Maior, 1605. but no Monuments were made for them, nor so much as any Gravestone laid.]



Hereunder lieth buried the bodies of Sir James Yerforde, Knight, Mercer, and sometimes Lord Maior of this City of London; and of Dame Elizabeth his Wife. The which Sir James deceased the 22. day of June. An. Dom. 1527. And the said Elizabeth deceased the 18. day of August, An. Dom. 1548.

An ancient Monument in the North Isle of the Quire.

A. M.

In Chirurgery brought up in youth,     
a Knight here lieth dead;
A Knight, and eke a Surgeon such,     
as England seld hath bred.
For which so soveraigne gift of God,     
wherein he did excell,
King Henry VIII. call'd him to Court,     
who lov'd him dearly well.
God gave the Gift, the King gave Goods,     
the Gift of God's t'enhance;
Where God and such a Prince do joyne,     
such Man hath happy chance.
King Edward for his Service sake,     
bade him rise up a Knight;
A Name of praise, and ever since,     
he Sir John Ailife hight.
Right Worshipful, in Name and Charge,     
in London liv'd he then;
In Blackwel Hall, the Merchant chiefe,     
first Sheriffe, then Alderman.
The Hospitals bewaile his death,     
the Orphan Children mone;
Their chiefe Erector being dead,     
and Benfactor gone.
Dame Isabel, who liv'd with him,     
his faithful Wife and Make,
With him (as dearest after Death)     
doth not her Knight forsake.
The Knight, the 24. of October     
yeelded up his breath,
And she soone after followed,     
to live with him in death.

An ancient Marble Tomb in the Chancel.

Blackwel Hall was his dwelling House.


Here lyeth buried under this Tombe, the body of Sir John Gresham, Knight, sometime Alderman and Lord Maior of this City of London; who had two Wives, Dame Mary his first Wife, by whom hee had issue five Sonnes and sixe Daughters. By Dame Katherine, his last Wife, no issue. Which Sir John deceased the 23 day of October, Anno Domini, 1556. And Dame Mary died the 21 day of September, 1538. Dame Katherine died,

An ancient Marble Tomb in the South Isle of the Quire.

Hic jacet Dom. Richardus Sarich, quondam Rector istius Ecclesiæ. Qui obiit 13 Novemb. An. Dom. 1359. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.]

Under the Communion Table.



Persons of late buried in St. Michael Bassishaw Church, that have Monuments, are these that follow.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

In the Chancel. Edward Smith, A.M. late Rector of this Church; dyed 1701. Aged 58.

Elizabeth Forrester, Wife of Sir Andrew Forrester, Kt. and James Winstanley, her first Husband, 1684.

Elizabeth Sloughter, late Wife of Paris Sloughter, 1673. Also Anne his second Wife, 1692.

Susanna, eldest Daughter of Daniel Herringhook, Doctor of Physick, and late Wife of George Woodford, 1694.

Sir Rowland Ainsworth, Kt. an Hamburgh Merchant, 1704. and three of his Children.

Katherine Winstanley, Widow of James Winstanley, Esq; 1670.

Bazil Hearne, late of this Parish, Gentleman, 1692.

North Isle. Mary, late Wife of Tho. Aylward, Citizen and Founder of London, 1694.

A Monu-