[St. Mary Staining.] Aldersgate Ward. [St. John Zachary.]96

[St. Mary Staining.] Aldersgate Ward. [St. John Zachary.]

And Sir George Baron, [Barne] gave them ten Pounds by the Year, for ever.

The Parish Church of St. MARY STAINING.


Then is the small Parish Church of St. Mary, called Staining, because it standeth at the North end of Staining lane.

St, Mary Staining.

This Church was repaired and beautified at the Cost of the Parish, in the Year of our Lord 1630. August 23.



Charles Medows,
Thomas Francis

In the which, being but newly builded, there remain no Monuments worth the noting, but one lately erected, viz.



Here lieth the Body of George Smithes, Goldsmith, and Alderman of London. Who took to Wife, Sarah, the Daughter of Anthony Wolhouse, Citizen and Haberdasher of London; by whom hee had issue foure Sonnes and five Daughters. He departed this Life the eleventh day of July, Anno Domini, 1615. being 52 yeers of Age.

A goodly Monument in the South Wall of the Chancel.

To whose Memory, Sarah his Wife, being sole Executrix of his last Will and Testament, at her own proper Cost and Charges, caused this Monument to be erected.

There be also the Armorial Atchievements of Sir Arthur Savage, Kt. and this Inscription.

In the Vault underneath lyeth the Body of the Honourable Sir ARTHUR SAVAGE, Knighted at Cadiz off Spain, 1596. General of her Majesties Forces in the Kingdom of France, at the Siege of Amiens, the 39 of Queen Elizabeth: Collonel, Vice-treasurer, Receiver General, and Counsellour of Estate in Ireland. He had issue by his second Wife, Sarah, Daughter of Anthony Woolhouse, of Chapwel, in the County of Darby, (Widow of George Smithes, Sheriff and Alderman of London, 1611.) one onely Daughter, named Jane. He dyed the 13 of March, 1632.


This Parish is now united to St. Michael Woodstreet; and the Church burnt down in the great Fire, unbuilt.

There was a Parsonage House belonging to it, before the said Fire. One House is built on the Ground thereof, being leased out for Forty Years, to one Taylor, at 20s. Ground Rent.


J. S.

And no other Glebe appeared at the last Parochial Visitation. Though in the Parochial Visitation, Anno 1626. there was 8l. 10s. Glebe, per Ann.




Legacies to this Parish, are these, payable yearly.


Lady Read, and Mr. Hill, to be paid by the Goldsmiths, yearly,001506
Mr. Lawne, paid by Christschurch. - - -010400
Mrs. Dean.000106

I find a certain Tenement in the Parish of St. Mary Staining lane, pertaining to King Edward II. situate in breadth, between the Land of Rob. Burideine, on the South, and a Lane, which leads from the said Church, unto the King's Street of Woodstreet. This House, the King granted formerly to C. de Burgalia; and afterwards, in the 14th of his Reign, An. 1320. to Rafe Basset de Draiton.

A Tenement of King Edward II.

Rec. Tower.

The Parish Church of St. JOHN ZACHARY,


Then is Engaine lane, or Maiden lane, and at the North-west corner thereof, the Parish Church of St. John Zachary; a fair Church, which, within the time of Twelve Years, had these many Repairs and Charges laid out upon it. In the Year 1616. 44l. 6s. 8d. In the Year 1619. 32l. 3s. 8d. In the Year 1625. 30l. In the Year 1629. 76l. 10s. In the Year 1631. 27l. 10s. 8d. The whole Cost of these Repairs amounting to 120l. 11s.

St. John Zachary.





The Monuments in this Church are well preserved, of Thomas Litchfield, who founded a Chauntry in 14 Ed. II. of Sir Nicholas Twiford, Goldsmith, Maior 1388. and Dame Margery his Wife. Of whose Goods the Church was made and new builded; with a Tomb for them, and others of their Race, 1390.

Monuments of Benefactors, and others.

This Sir Nicholas Twyford, was buried in St. John Zacharies, between the two South Pillars next the high Altar. His last Will was proved December, 1390. wherein he bequeathed certain Legacies, to his Sword bearer, &c. in these Words. Item, Lego Armigero meo, bajulanti Gladium meum, Clerico meo de servientibus, Clavas bajulantibus, & ad Personam & Domum sive Hospitium meos attendent. sive spepectantib. tempore Majoratus mei, xiiis. ivd.]

Legacies given by this Maior.

Libr Court.

E. A.

Henry de Spondon., Rector of the Church of St. John Zachary, Lond. by his Will made 12 Dec. 1382. ordered that his Body should be buried in the middle of the Church aforesaid; and a Marble Stone laid over his Grave, with his Image thereon of Brass, from the breast upwards; and the following Inscription.

Hen. de Spondon, Rector of this Church.

J. Worthingt.

Hic jacet Henricus de Spondon, quondam Rector istius Ecclesiæ; qui plura bona contulit isti Ecclesiæ. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus. Amen.]

Drugo Barentine, Maior, 1398. He gave fair Lands to the Goldsmiths: He dwelled right against the Goldsmiths Hall. Between the which Hall, and his dwelling House, he builded a Gallery thwarting the Street, whereby he might go from the one to the other. He was buried in this Church, and Christian his Wife, 1427. John Adis, Goldsmith, 1400 *. and Margaret his Wife. John Frauncis, Goldsmith, Maior, 1400. and Elizabeth his Wife, 1450. John Sutton, Goldsmith, one of the Sheriffs, 1413. Bartholomew Seman, Goldbeater, Master of the Kings Mints, within the Tower of London, and the Town of Calice, 1430. John Hewet, Esq; 1500. William Breakspeare, Goldsmith, 1461. Christopher Eliot, Goldmsith, 1505. Bartholomew Read, Goldsmith, Maior, 1502. was buried in the Charter-house, and gave to this Parish, 100l. His Wife was buried here with a fair Monument, her Picture in habit of a Widow. Thomas Keyton, Citizen and Lorimer, 1522. William Potken, Esq; 1537. John Cornish, with an

*Al. 1470.