[Monuments.] Aldersgate Ward. [St. Martins le Grand.]102

[Monuments.] Aldersgate Ward. [St. Martins le Grand.]

renden, of West Farleige, in the County of Kent, Esq; An. 1572.
Memorare novissima, & in æternum non peccabis.
Eccles. 7.

Here lieth the Bodies of Edmund Herenden, Gentleman, Sonne and Heyre of Edward Herenden, Esquire, whose Monument next adjoineth. Which Edmund had to his first Wife, Helen, Daughter of William Dunkeyn, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London. And he had issue by her nine Sonnes and foure Daughters. Hee had to his second Wife, Helen, Daughter of John Bird, Citizen and Draper of London. Obiit 10 Aprilis, 1590.

A smaller Monument by the other.

Here under this Stone lieth the Body of Stephen Brakynbury, Gent. Usher to King Henry the 8. K. Edward the 6. Queene Mary, and Queen Elizabeth. And Joan his Wife. Which Stephen died the 2. day of February, An. 1563. and Joane died, &c.

A fair plated Stone under the Communion Table.

Orate devotè pro anima Magistri Joannis Pemberton, utriusque Juris Baccalaurii, quond. Residentiarii Ecclesiæ Cathedralis de Rippon, Eboracensis Diocesis, hujusq; alius Eccelsiæ Rectoris. Qui obiit 12. die Septemb. An. Dom. 1499. Cujus, &c.

Another Stone by the Communion Table.

William Gregory, Skinner, Maior of London in the Year 1451. was there buried, and founded a Chauntrey; but no Monument of him remaineth.]

Here lyeth the Body of Francis Spenser, eldest Son of Richard Spenser, Esquire. Who departed this Life the 20. of June, 1629.
Mortis memor sis. Me ridebat Horula Natum, Renatum, Mortuum.]

In the Chancel.




In the late built Church, is one flat Stone in the Chancel, laid over Peter Heiwood, that deceased Nov. 2. 1701. Younger Son of Peter Heiwood, one of the Counsellours of Jamaica, by Grace, Daughter of Sir John Muddeford, Kt. and Bar. great Grandson to Peter Heiwood, of Heywood, in the County Palatine of Lancaster; who apprehended Guy Faux with his dark Lanthorn. And for his zealous Prosecution of Papists, as Justice of Peace, was stabbed in Westminsterhall, by John James a Dominican Frier, An. Dom. 1640.

Late Monuments.

J. S.

Reader, if not a Papist bred,
Upon such Ashes gently tread.

Upon a Grave stone in the North Isle of the Chancel, this Inscription for Mr. Morer, late Minister there.

In expectation of a joyful Resurrection, Here lies all that was mortal of the Rev. Mr. Thomas Morer, Rector of this Church for near Twenty Years. He was a tender and loving Husband, a kind and indulgent Father, a sincere and hearty Friend, a learned Divine, a constant Preacher, a thorough honest Man, and a true Christian. Who after a religious Life spent in the performance of his Duty, resigned his Soul into the Hands of his Redeemeer; and hastened to the Reward of his Labours, Dec. 22. 1715. Aged 64.
Let me dy the Death of the Righteous, and let my last end be like his.

Mr. Morer, Rector.

J. Worthing.

Under a Grave stone on the South side of the Pulpit, lies John Loveday. ob. February 25. 1693. Aged 43.

Other Grave stones upon Mr. Stephen Hamms, Haberdasher of London. October 18. 1690. Aged 69. And Thomasin his Wife, May 25. 1596. And Mr. Thomas Gouge, Merchant, and Citizen of London; an antient and worthy Inhabitant of this Parish. February 5. 1705. Aged 59.

Also Anne, the Relict of the said Thomas Gouge, and Daughter of the abovesaid Stephen Hamms. Died 30 July, 1709. Aged 59.

In the middle Isle, a Stone upon Thomas Huckel, Son of Thomas Huckel, of this Parish. Novemb. 19. 1714. and Elizabeth Huckel, being young Children.

BEQUESTS to the Parish of St. Anne and Agnes, are these.


Yearly, from the Company of Ironmongers000304
From the Company of Goldsmiths, being the Gift of the Lady Read and Mrs. Hill,001500
The Gift of Mr. Peacock021200
The Gift of Mr. Cheyney000600


Benefits to the Rector. Two little Houses in St. Annes Lane; the Rent reserv'd, is 10l. per Ann. All heretofore leased out.

In the Visitation, An. 1636. there was presented a Parsonage House, let for 14l. per ann. And Glebe, 8l. 8d. per ann.


Mr. Minge giveth 10s. for ever, for a Sermon to be preached on Newyears day.]



Then in St. Martins lane, was (of old time) a fair and large College, of a Dean and secular Canons or Priests; which have had great Privilege, both of Sanctuary, and otherwise; and was called St. Martins le graund, founded by Ingelricus, and Edwardus * his Brother, in the Year of Christ, 1056. and confirmed by William the Conquerour; as appeareth by his Charter, dated 1068.

College of St. Martins le Graund.

*Giraldus Monastic. Anglican.

That Endowment this House enjoyed, with all the Lands the Founders gave, was confirmed to it by William the Conquerour. Who, himself, also gave all the Moor Land without Cripplegate; and freed this Church, and the Canons, from all Disturbance and Exaction of any Bishops, Archdeacons, or their Ministers; and from all Regal Services. And granted them Soc and Sac, Tol and Theam, with all those antient Liberties, in the fullest manner that any Church in England had. That Charter bears date, 1068. the second of his Reign. Confirmed by John and Peter, Cardinals of Rome, and Legats of Pope Alexander.

Endowments and Liberties thereof.

J. S.

Monastic. Anglic. Vol. 3.

In former times, the Deans and Canons of St. Martins were great Men. One William Mulse, in the Reign (I think) of Edward III. was Dean of St. Martins; who was chief Chamberlain of the Exchequer, Receiver and Keeper of the Kings Treasure and Jewels. Then William Dighton, a Prebendary of St. Martins,

Great Men belonging to this College.