[S. Martins le Grand.] Aldersgate Ward. [Sanctuary.]103

[S. Martins le Grand.] Aldersgate Ward. [Sanctuary.]

was Clerk of the Privy Seal. Peter de Savoy, was Dean in the Reign of Edward I.

Among other Franchises, antiently granted by the Kings of the Realm to the City of London, one was, That all Inquisitions to be taken by Justices and Ministers of the King, of the Citizens of London, should be taken at St. Martins le Grand, or at the Guild Hall of the said City, and not elsewhere: Except Inquisitions of the Justices in Eyre, at the Tower of London. Act of Parlam. 37 H. VIII. cap. 5.

Inquisitions to be taken at St. Martins le Grand.

The 22 Ed. I. 1293. when the Custos and Sheriffs had removed a Cause from the Court Christian. about a Will, to their Court of Hustings; that King apopointed Gilbert de Thornton, his Chief Justice, and others, to come at a certain Day, for that purpose appointed, unto St. Martins the Great, London; and there diligently to examine that Record and Process, in the presence of the foresaid Custos and Sheriff. And signifying withal, that he had likewise commanded the said Custos and Sheriffs, on a certain Day, which they, the Judges, should certify them of, to bring before them that Record and Process, withh all Things pertaining to it, at St. Martins the Great, London.

A Case removed from the Hustings to St. Martins.

Antiently, the Kings of England have sometimes lodged here. A Writ of King Edward I. was dated hence. Thomas de Clirowe de Blechweth captus & detent. in prisona North. pro Transgr. Forrest. habet Litteras Rogero de Clifford, Justio. Forrest. citra Trentam, quod ponatur per Ballium. Dat. apud S. Martinum Magnum, London. 20. die Octobris.

Kings have sometimes held their Courts there.

Ex Rot. Claus. An. 1. Ed. I.

Rex [Edw. I.] granted the Deanery of St. Martins the Great, Lond. Galfrido de Newband, by the resignation of Lodowic de Sabaudia, 20 Jan. 8 Edw. I.

Rot. Ed. I. in Turr. Matt. Hutton.

I meet with one Petrus de Sabaudia, Dean of St. Martins London, in the beginning of King Edward II. Who was, in the 2d of that King, preferred to the Archbishoprick of Lions, in France. As appears in a Patent of that King. Rex Edw. II. 2do regni sui cepit Decanatum S. Martini Lond. in manum suam per presentation. Petri de Sabaudia nuper Decanum in Archie'pum Lugduni. Oct. 21.

Peter of Savoy, Dean of St. Martins.

MSS. W. Kennet, S. T. P.

This Church of St. Martins, antiently was free from Episcopal Visitation; nay, and from Papal Exactions: And peculiarly belonged to the King, as appears by the Record. Eccl'iæ S. Martins le Grand, Lond. libera ab inspectione Epali; Spectat Regni; & de jurisdictione papali ib'm amovend. Pro qua Rex appellat papam dicto Exactionis. Exiguntur ab Eccl'ia Newport comitat. S quæ pars ejusdem Decanatus, &c. And King Henry III. brought the Pope into Suit, for taking some Payments from the Church of Newprt, that belonged to this Deanery.

The Exemption of this Church. Pet. le Neve. Nor. Claus. 9. H. 3. m. 8. dorso.

In the Bishop of London's Register of old Wills, it is stiled a Parish.

Arthur Capel. late of the parish of St. Martins le Grand. The Administration of his Goods granted to his brother William Capel, Anno 1542.

Martins le Grand, Regist. Lond.

Nicolas Young, of the said Parish of St. Martins le Grand, Anno 1542.]

This College claimed great privileges of Sanctuary, and otherwise, as appeareth in a Book written by a Notary of that House, about the Year 1442. the 10th of Henry VI. Wherein, amongst other things, is set down and declared: That on the 1st of September, in the Year aforesaid, a Soldier, Prisoner in Newgate, as he was led by an Officer towards the Guildhall of London; there came out of Panyer Alley, five of his Fellowship, and took him from the Officer; brought him into Sanctuary at the West Door of St. Martins Church, and took grithe of that place. But the same Day Philip Malpas, and Robert Marshall, then Sheriffs of London, with many others, entred the said Church, and forcibly took out with them the said five Men, thither fled; led them fettered to the Compter, and from thence, chained by the Necks, to Newgate. Of which violent taking, the Dean and Chapter in large manner complained to the King; and required him, as their Patron, to defend their Privileges, like as his Predecessors had done, &c. All which Complaint and Suit, the Citizens by their Councel, Markam, Serjeant at the Law, John Carpenter, late Common Clark of the City, and others, learnedly answered; offering to prove, that the said place of St. Martin had no such Immunity or Liberty as was pretended: Namely, Carpenter offered to loose his Lifelode, if that Church had more Immunity than the least Church in London. Notwithstanding, after long debating of this Controversy, by the King's Commandment, and assent of his Councel in the Star Chamber, the Chancellour and Treasurer sent a Writ unto the Sheriffs of London, charging them to bring the said five Persons, with the cause of their taking and withholding, afore the the King in his Chancery, on the Vigil of Allhallowes. On which Day, the said Sheriffs, with the Recorder, and Council of the City, brought and delivered them accordingly, afore the said Lords; whereas the Chancellour, after he had declared the King's Commandment, sent them to St. Martins, there to abide freely, as in a place having Franchises, whiles them liked, &c.

Lib. S. Martin.

Privilege of Sanctuary here.

Argument against Privilege challenged by the Dean of St. Martins.

Thus much out of that Book have I noted, concerning the Privilege of that Place, challenged in those Days; since the which time, to wit, in the Year 1457. the 36th of the said Henry VI. an Ordinance was made by the King and his Council, concerning the said Sanctuary Men in St. Martins le Graund; whereof the Articles are set down in the Book of K. within the Chamber of the Guild hall, in the Leaf 299.

Henricus Dei gratia, Rex Angliæ & Franciæ, & Dominus Hyberniæ: Omnibus ad quos præsentes literæ perveniunt, salutem. Inspeximus tenorem quendam ordinationis, concessionis, & stabilimenti certorum Articulorum infra Sanctuarium liberæ Capellæ nostræ, S. Martini infra Civitatem nostram London. observandum & custodiendum, coram Nobis, & Concilio nostro, 5. die Februarii ultimo præterito, apud Westmon. in Camera Stellata, ordinatorum & stabiliorum, Nobis in Cancellar. nostram de mandato nostro missum factum, in hæc verba.

A. M.

"THE fifth of Feverer, the yeere of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Lord, King Henry the 6. thirty fifth: At Westminster, in the Sterred Chamber, our said Soveraigne Lord, calling to his high remembrance, the good and blessed entent that his full Noble Pregenitours have at all times had, to the Honour, Worship, Conservation and Wele of the Free Chappell of Saint Martins, within the Citie of London; of the which, the King our said Soveraign Lord, is Founder and Patron: Desiring to doe all that may serve to "

Set down according to the English then used, and as it standeth in the Record.