[St. Martins le Grand.] Aldersgate Ward. [Sanctuary there.]104

[St. Martins le Grand.] Aldersgate Ward. [Sanctuary there.]

"th' ease and restful Roule of the same; and conservation of the Sanctuary, Immunity, Privileges and Liberties, as appertaine to the said Chappell and Place; willing, that hereafter none occasion be yeven to the breach or hurting them: Remembring also, the great complaints, grudging, and displeasure, that his Subjects have taken, and specially the Citizens and Commonalty of the said City of London; of the demeaning of misruled Persons comming and abiding in the said Place, under umbre and colour of the Sancuary there; the which have, at divers times, issued out of the Sanctuary, and committed many Ryots, Robberies, Manslaughters, and other Mischiefes; where-through the said Sanctuary hath be greatly dislaundered, and (over that) great inconvenience like to ensue:"

Offence taken by the City, against the indirect Courses used in the Sanctuary.

"After great deliberation and communication had, as well with Doctors of Divinty, as of Law, Civill and Canonicall; called also thereto the Judges of this our Land, and their Advices had in that behalfe; other Men also of great Wisedome and Experience, for the weale and conservation of the said Sanctuary, and to eschew the said misgovernance and mischiefe, called also before our said Soveraigne Lord and his Counsell, the Maior and the Aldermen of the said City, and Master Richard Cawdre, Dean of the said place of St. Martins: Our said Soveraigne Lord (by the Advice of his Councell abovesaid) ordained, granted, and established certain Articles under written, to bee kept and observed within the said Sanctuary, from this time forth, without any interruption of them. Willing and ordaining, that the said Deane that now is, promit by his Oath the observance of the same, for the time that hee shall bee Deane there. And that every Deane after him, in his admission to the said Deanary, be sworne to keepe the said Articles in semblable wise, and make him to bee kept within the said Sanctuary: The which Articles beene such as follow."

Order from the King and his Councel to the Dean of the Sanctuary.

" 1. First, That every Person Fugitive comming unto the said Sanctuary for tuition, and challenge to enjoy the Immunities and Privileges thereof; at his entrie, as soone as hee commodiously and reasonably may, shall now present himselfe unto the said Deane, his Commissarie, or Depute in that behalfe; and before him declare the cause of the feare moving him to come to the said Sanctuary; be it for Treason, Felony surmised upon him, or for other Causes. And that the said Declaration and Cause bee registred in the common Register, ordained therefore in the said Sanctuary, and the Name of the said Fugitive."

For Fugitives claiming benefit of the Sanctuary, and the causes moving them thereto.

" 2. Item, That hee at his first entree, present and deliver unto the said Deane, Commissary, or Depute, all manner of Weapon and Armour that hee bringeth with him, as well invasive as defensive; and that he be not suffered to weare or use any such Weapon or Armour, or it to have in his keeping within the Sanctuary in any wise, except a reasonable Knife, to kerve withall his Meate, and that the said Knife be pointlesse."

Against Armour and Weapons in the Sanctuary.

" 3. Item, That every Erraunt and open Theefe, Robber, Murderer, and Felon, notoriously noised by the common Fame of the People; or if the said Deane, Commissary, or Depute, be credibly informed, or due proofe be yoven or made, that he is such one, repairing to the said Sanctuary, to the intent that hee shall not (under colour of the said Sanctuary) intend to doe further Mischiefe; finde sufficient seurte to bee made unto the King, as well by his own Obligation, as by the Obligations of other, of his good bearing, for the time of his abode within the said Sanctuary, and for a quarter of a yeere after his departing out of the same. And that hee bee kept in ward into the time hee have found and made the said Seurte: And if it so bee, that it bee complained or shewed unto the Kings Highnesse, that the said Seurte bee not sufficient, that then, at the commandment of the said Councell, (if it bee thought necessary) the said Deane, Commissary, or Depute, shall take other and better securte; or else commit them to ward, unto the time better securte bee found. Fore-seene alway, that if the said Fugitive will depart out of the said Sanctuary, that hee may so doe when hee will."

For Thieves, Felons, Murderers, and infamous Persons.

Concerning Security for good Behaviour to be given.

" 4. Item, That all the out-gates, as well Posternes, Doores, as all other issues outward whatsoever they be, of the said Sanctuary, bee surely closed and shut nightly at nine of the Clocke. And so remaine shut from the same houre, unto sixe of the Clocke in the Morning, from the Feast of Alhallowes, unto the Feast of Candlemasse. And the remanent of the yeere, nightly, from the said houre of Nine, unto Four of the Clocke in the Morning, or unto the time that the first Masse beginneth within the said place. And that all those that been fled to the said Sanctuary, for Treason or Felony, be within the closure on Nights time."

For close keeping the Gates and Posterns of the Sanctuary nightly.

" 5. Item, If any such Theefe, Murderer, or Felon, resort to the said Sanctuary for tuition of the same, with any manner robbery, or stollen Goods, if the party robbed make fresh sute therefore, and prove by open Evidence, that the same Felon hath brought into the said Sanctuary the said Goods so stolen thence, the said Deane, Commissary, or Depute, shall put in true devoire, withouten any dissimulation, fraud, or malengyne, to make full restitution unto the Party so grieved, of the said stolen Goods, if they can bee had. And semblaby, if any Fugitive come to the said Sanctuary with other Mens Goods, Merchandize, or Things, intending there to live with the same; and the Owner of the said Goods, Merchandize, or Things, make proofe that they bee his, and verifie that they bee brought into the said Sanctuary, the said Deane, Commissary, or Depute, shall put him in full devoire, to make resititution to the Party so proving that the same Goods, Merchandizes, or Things were his. And no Fugitive, nor none dwelling within the said Sanctuary, shall receive, conceale, nor buy any such Goods; but that they bee brought to the said Deane, Commissary, or Depute, to the intent the Owners may have the sooner knowledge of them. And if the said Goods, so stolne and brought to the said Sanctuary, be concealed from the said Deane, Commissary, or Depute, and brought by any dwelling in the said Sanctuary; that then the Buyer (abiding there) make restitution or satisfaction to the Party grieved, proving the said Goods so stolne to bee his, and so sold in the same Sanctuary."

For bringing stoln Goods into the Sanctuary.

For restitution or amends making to the Owners.

" 6. Item, If any Person having tuition of the said Sanctuary, from thence issue out by Day or by Night, and commit or doe any Robbery, Murder, Treason, Felony, or Bat-"

For Offences committed by Sanctuary Persons.